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NBPA blasts back at owners over breakdown

Posted on: October 20, 2011 8:33 pm
Edited on: October 20, 2011 11:04 pm
By Matt Moore

The NBPA fired back aggressively at the NBA following the breakdown of negotiations Thursday. To put it in perspective, here's how things started, via Ken Berger of


And things only got rougher from there.

Fisher began by stating that the implication that the players were not willing to stay and talk is patently false, that they were willing to continue negotiations for as long as it takes. Fisher said that at the impasse in regards to BRI, the players suggested tabling the issue again and moving back to the systemic issues. The owners refused, Fisher said.

Then Hunter took to the podium, and things only got more serious from there.


Hunter came out firing, claiming that the union offered a "band" BRI offer similar to the 49-51 offer from the owners described by Ken Berger of earlier this week. The band? 50-53, effectively providing the league with the revenue split it desires, should revenues not reach a certain point. Hunter said that the owners would not even listen to any proposal unless the precondition was that of a 50/50 split. "Take it or leave it" was the phrase used. 

Then he started naming names. Hunter revealed that the owners were speaking directly, claiming that Dan Gilbert told Hunter to "trust his gut" and that Paul Allen was a new participant. Hunter said decertification is on the table, along with "everything," an option that seems more likely with every breakdown in talks. Hunter reiterated that the union remains open to any and all negotiations and they "want to talk." 

Here's video of Hunter going off about Gilber telling him to "trust his gut" on the revenue split.

Perhaps of most interest, Hunter and union attorney Jeffrey Kessler both claimed that something occurred at the Board of Governors meeting on Wednesday night and Thursday morning to change the tone of the owners' approach.  Hunter stated that there was a feeling from the owners that they had surrendered too much in previous meeetings. 

David Stern did not attend Thursdays meetings, due to what Adam Silver described as the flu.

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Posted on: October 21, 2011 1:40 pm

NBPA blasts back at owners over breakdown

This is not something we did not see comeing Stern wanted to break the NBPA  and this is how he is going todo it.So all of us fans and players take our blow like a man and tell Stern and the owners thatthe NBA is thiers and start a new league with out them.And if the players do give in to the owners us as fans say we dont go or watch any games and mean it this time see how the onwers like that.

Since: Sep 19, 2011
Posted on: October 21, 2011 10:20 am

NBPA blasts back at owners over breakdown

And if David Stern holds pat to his statement that decertification will cause all contracts to be cancelled, that will essentially  make everyone a free agent to go wherever they want.  Miami, NY(both teams), LA(both teams), Chicago, and Boston(Stricly because players want to play for Doc Rivers) will all have powerhouses leaving the rest of the league to scraps.  Great competitive balance!

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Posted on: October 21, 2011 10:16 am

NBPA blasts back at owners over breakdown

The owners want competitive balance and a lower payroll.  The two cannot exist in the same league!  What comes from a lower payroll as far as the players are concerned? EASY ANSWER, the creation of super teams in BIG markets.  Its no secret cities like NY, LA, Miami, etc are major hubs for endorsements, hence the reason that no matter how bad the teams are year in and year out, these cities are seriously considered in free agency.  The new system the owners are asking for would actually push that further! The players will make up the money they lose in the contracts somewhere so if that means signing smaller contracts to make more money overall in major markets then so be it. Lebron(as much as people dont like him) took a few million paycut on his contract(which actually wasnt that bad, florida has no state taxes) but his endorsement money went up!  Cripple the teams by placing a hard cap in place and watch how many high level athletes get together at a wedding and decide their career course(CP3, Melo, STAT) or watch how easy it becomes for a player to be "pushed out of a city like shaq"(D Howard in NY with D Williams and David West/Gerald Wallace).  You want a system change, stop spending on Danny Granger and Joe Johnson to be your stars!  Lower salaries and thats who you'll end up with and we see how well that works for every small market team outside of Texas(another state with no tax) and OKC(Lucky that Portland drafted Oden)!

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Posted on: October 21, 2011 12:29 am

NBPA has overstepped its capability

Frankly, the threatened decertification would more likely work for the owners than the players. The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals found that the NFLPA decertification was a sham. This time the court is not a Minnesota judge but a New York City judge who has seen plenty of business issues and will close the  threatened sham down much quicker. The one thing that seems clear is filing a decertification will end any chance of having an NBA season.

Hunter has stayed in the background and left Fisher to run these negotiations. However the players have been highly influenced by stars 'dropping by' who demand no decrease in BRI split (since their agents have been waiting for this moment to pounce and derail the talks.) Now Hunter wants to act like he is the decision maker. He has been exposed as a figure head for the big-time agents. Hunter's time has come and gone and once decertification has occurred the agents will replace him with a new figurehead. Small wonder he is whinning so loud.

The league is fighting for survival and the players are determined to force a CBA that guarantees losses every year. No businessman wll agree to that. Break-even for the owners is calculated at 49%. Return on investment at 50% is terrible (not even 1%.) So we will watch college basketball and football this year and let the NBPA stew in a pot of its own making. Sad.

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Posted on: October 20, 2011 10:10 pm

NBPA blasts back at owners over breakdown

What would Billy Hunter think that threatening decertification do?  Didn't he watch the NFLPA decertification sham unfold with the rest of us?  The courts that were supposed to favor the Union backed the owners and told the NFLPA their decertification was a fraud.

The other problem that Hunter and the NBPA have going on is they believe that going public about what the owners are saying and offering will embarrass the owners into folding.  Nowadays, as soon as one side of a contentious labor dispute goes public in a load way, the public is getting smart enough to question why one side is so vocal when the other isn't -- consider it a conditioned cynicism.  Compared to the players, the owners have all the money in the world and more than enough patience to ride it out.  Additionally, if the owners are losing only half as much as they claim, it's actually saving them money to have the season delayed or cancelled -- so why shouldn't they play hardball with the NBPA?

I'd like to hear anybody explain to me why every sports league shouldn't divide it's revenues 50/50.  Yes, the players are the ones the fans pay to see, but it's also the owners who foot the bill upfront on a regular basis.

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Posted on: October 20, 2011 9:50 pm

NBPA blasts back at owners over breakdown

let them get real jobs

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Posted on: October 20, 2011 9:50 pm

NBPA blasts back at owners over breakdown

time to break up the nba

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