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Beasley hires PR firm to help his image

Posted on: October 21, 2011 12:59 pm
Posted by Royce Young

When I say, "Michael Beasley," what do you think of? Wasted talent? Pot smoking? Pickup ball streetfights? Really dumb things in general?

That's why you hire a PR firm. To re-shape that image. Via the Star-Tribune:

He has also taken up ballet to transform his body and hired a public- relations agency to improve his image.

“I want everyone to know that I’m not this monster that they perceive,” he said. “I’m a really nice guy….”

He has played with childhood pal Durant and Wall in exhibition games across the country and also has incorporated elements of yoga, karate and, yes, ballet into summer workouts intended to make his body stronger, more limber and help ensure a long, productive career. He has dropped about 15 pounds after playing last season at 240 pounds.

(Wait, rewind to that first part -- ballet? Michael Beasley is doing ballet? Talk about the black swan.)

Beasley is far from a "monster" though. He hasn't done anything over-the-top horrible. He got caught with some weed. He got in a scuffle. He's just kind of an immature idiot that can absolutely get everything straightened out. Compared to other "monsters" out there, Beasley's a pretty good guy. Relatively speaking, of course.

The biggest issue for Beasley has just been that he's wasting an extreme amount of talent. We're talking a No. 2 overall pick that averaged 25-10 as a freshman at Kansas State. He's easily a top tier NBA talent if he could keep his focus and continue to work. Beasley had nights for Minnesota where he scored at will. Remember the first month last season? He was a top five scorer. Then he started to tune out and didn't bring it every night.

A PR firm isn't going to turn him into the basketball player he should be. Which is really all the PR he needs. Once he starts putting it together on the court, all that other noise will fade away. Or at the least, fans will ignore it because he's scoring. Sad, but that's kind of the way it is.
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Beasley hires PR firm to help his image

Want to change your image and be a role model ?

Stay out of trouble, donate time and money. Go back and LIVE in the neighborhood you grew up in, instead of just going back to hang with the old homies for a day....Tell kids there an education will take them farther than $5000 worth of tatoos and a crossover move will. Tell them the truth about your mistakes.

or...just to hire a PR firm.     

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Beasley hires PR firm to help his image

I give Beasley a lot of credit.......he has changed his workout routine, if he is lucky he'll get to play this season and show it pay off for him.  As for the PR thing, okay, so his game could do the talking for him, but let's give him some credit.  How many of the other perceived thugs care enough to not want to be seen that way?  Beasley seems to be showing he cares about how he is viewed, maybe he becomes a role model.  Kids look up to NBA players no matter what, I for one would like to see more of them be concerned about how they are viewed.......
The last thing I want is one more thug on the streets.

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