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Bonner on Stern: He's lying about certain things

Posted on: October 26, 2011 1:51 pm
Posted by Royce Young

The tone coming from the players' side of things changed drastically when last week's talks with the federal mediator fizzled out. Derek Fisher did his best to start that by announcing the media was lied to by Adam Silver and Peter Holt following negotiations.

Both sides though are proliferating their own "truths" that the other quickly disputes. Most recently, after Billy Hunter talked about a proposal made by Mark Cuban, the league refuted that saying it was actually something presented by the union.

Keep up with this crap is kind of hard to do. And I thought politics were bad.

Joining in on that was Spurs' forward Matt Bonner who was on TSN Radio. When asked if David Stern's lying, Bonner danced and jumped all around calling the commish a liar without actually doing it.
“About certain things, yes. Lying is a strong word, mis-characterizing for sure. He talks about the owners, that he’s proud of the owners for the sacrifices they’ve made and the concessions they’ve made. They haven’t made a single concession. We haven’t asked for one thing more than what we had at the expiration of our last CBA. In fact, we haven’t even asked for any thing the same as the last CBA. We’ve made concessions on basically every front. … Despite that, they’re still anchored in at this extreme positions at both their split of the revenue and system issues.”
Lying is indeed a strong word, so as Bonner altered that to, mis-representing and mis-characterizing probably fits better. But that's just the nature of the game. The owners probably don't even see it as lying when the players do. They're entrenched in their positions and as Hunter said recently, it's almost a principle thing for players. Which means they're going to be even more passionate about every little thing.

Bonner went on to speak so much sense that I don't think it actually made any:
“From my position, you’re going to start to ask yourself, ‘Why are we not getting this ball rolling?’ It’s kind of  a philosophical paradox in that you know eventually, at some point, a deal is going to be made. It’s not like there’s never going to be the NBA ever again. So for simplicity’s sake, why not let’s get a deal now? … We had a 15-hour meeting and it’s like pulling teeth trying to get anywhere with these guys. It’s just frustrating and leads you to question, they must not be ready to make a deal.”
Writers and fans have been saying the same thing since July. A deal WILL be made. It HAS to happen. So why not start moving past this negotiation bullcrap and get to your bottom-dollar best offer? We're already missing games. Before further damage is done, let's actually, as Bonner says, get the ball rolling.

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Posted on: October 26, 2011 2:27 pm

Bonner on Stern: He's lying about certain things

Typical Stern being a spin doctor.  He takes over the league in the early 80's and rides the coattails of magic and bird, then rides the coattails of Jordan.  Those guys made the NBA successful, not Stern.  Then Stern decides it's time to start expanding into new cities.   Bascially, short term profit for long term diminished quality.  In turn, obviously the league talent gets dispersed/watered down, and over the years the quality of the product goes down.  While it's easy to say the 80's Celtics and Lakers would run the table against any of today's teams, the reality is it's only because talent can't consolidate anymore.  Now, the product has become too ubiquotous and is not special.  Attendance and viewers are down because fans are not idiots.  Stern screwed this whole thing up, now he wants to use the players to fix it.  Why nobody has called for Sterns firing is beyond me, but they must be afraid to.  Shame on the owners, and shame on Stern.  They are 100% responsible for the lockout and 90% responsible for the fact a deal isn't done yet.

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