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David Stern cancels all NBA games in November

Posted on: October 28, 2011 6:41 pm
Edited on: October 28, 2011 7:10 pm
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NBA commissioner David Stern cancelled two more weeks of the 2011-2012 regular season after labor negotiations with the National Basketball Players Association broke down on Friday afternoon in New York City.

"Right now, our games are cancelled through Nov. 30," Stern said. "To the end of the month of November."

Stern also ruled out the possibility of salvaging an 82-game schedule by squeezing in extra games after a postponed start.

"It's not practical, possible or prudent to have a full season now. We held out that joint hope together, but in light of the breakdown of talks there will not be a full NBA season under any circumstances."

With that, Stern then issued a quick apology to those directly affected by the cancellations.

"I say that with apologies to the municipalities in which we play our games, to the workers who earn their living in our buildings and from businesses around the buildings."

Shortly after Stern's statement, the NBA also issued a press release formally announcing the decision. 

"The NBA announced today that it has canceled all games through November 30," the release read, "because a new collective bargaining agreement has not been reached with the National Basketball Players Association."

"We share the frustrations of our fans, partners, and those who rely on our game for their livelihoods,” NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver said. “We remain committed to reaching an agreement that's fair for both the teams and the players and allows for the long-term growth of our game.”

On Oct. 10, Stern cancelled the first two weeks of the NBA regular season. On Oct. 4, Stern cancelled the preseason. In total, 221 NBA games have now been cancelled.

Here's video of NBA commissioner David Stern cancelling all NBA games through the end of November.

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David Stern cancels all NBA games in November

This was clearly foreseeable even with all the hype about being 'close'. The owners started by offering 44% last winter. The players countered by wanting 57% and another mid-level exception for all teams. The owners came up to 47% last summer. The players countered with 53%. Finally the owners this fall have offered 50%. The players countered with 52.5%. Now you see the time line and understand the past what will be the future? It has become clear that the owners were never going to go above 50%. a fact communicated to players months ago. That is breakeven for owners (and even that requires hard cuts to other areas than player salaries to achieve breakeven) and the owners who lost $1.8B in the last CBA are not going to start this one in the red.

The players, represented by Billy Hunter who has stepped into control after two years of depending on Derek Fisher to lead, are unwilling to budge. Is that because of the powerful agents who threaten to decertify the union against Hunter? Perhaps. Why else, when a good deal is on the table, would you not take what you can get and live to fight another battle in six or ten years? The players are not being abused to earn an average of $4.2M per year. Their claims that the owners get rich on franchise asset appreciation apparently come from those who do not hold homes with mortgages. How else do they not get what the rest of America has gotten since 2007? It is not about franchise value at all unless you sell. It is about having to pay out of your pocket to cover losses. It is about wanting a return on your investment.  So the cancellation has been foreseen all along. The only unanswered question is: will the players wise up before January and the season is lost? Forseeably, no chance.

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