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Ben Wallace pleads guilty to DUI, weapons charges

Posted on: November 1, 2011 10:32 am
By Matt Moore

From the Detroit News:
Detroit Pistons star Ben Wallace pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges Tuesday morning stemming from a Sept. 24 drunken driving arrest.

Wallace, 37, faces a Dec. 13 sentencing in Oakland Circuit Court on one count each of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and possessing a firearm while operating a vehicle while intoxicating. Both charges carry a maximum sentence of 93 days in jail.

It was revealed in court Tuesday that the Detroit Piston's blood alcohol level was .14, nearly double the .08 considered intoxicated under Michigan law.
via Detroit Pistons - NBA | Ben Wallace pleads guilty to misdemeanors in drunken driving arrest | The Detroit News.

As we discussed at the time of his arrest, Wallace, head been pursuing a dream of becoming a lawyer. And then got hit by this. It continuously amazes fans and media how you can get popped for DUI. You have unlimited resources in pursuit of a ride home. Limo. Taxi. Friends. Other ballplayers. Personal pedi-cycle. But then, so do most people, and that doesn't keep the DUI rates in this country from dropping. 

It's unlikely Wallace will be sentenced the maximum sentence. Prosecutors already dropped a charge on carrying a concealed weapon. The gun Wallace was carrying in a backpack was registered to his wife. 


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Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:50 pm

Ben Wallace pleads guilty to DUI, weapons charges

Sorry, Joe, but Teres Minor's comments are not racist.  Some police clearly still engage in racial profiling.  Oftentimes officers pull over people because they look suspicious and then find something wrong (such as alcohol on their breath, unsecured or unregistered weapons, drugs, etc.).  MANY people drive with blood alcohol above 0.08%.  Most make it home without incident.  If you were pulled over because of the car you were driving or your skin color and had alcohol on your breath, you may get the breathalyzer test.  Clearly those that get pulled over more frequently are more likely to get arrested for DWI or DUI than those that don't.

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:28 pm

Ben Wallace pleads guilty to DUI, weapons charges

Who still calls Ben Wallace a star?

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:25 pm

Ben Wallace pleads guilty to DUI, weapons charges

Being stupid and smashed while driving isn't BLACK thing..Dumbass..when ya gonna let the crutch go. Ben Wallace is a certifiable d-bag.  You sir need counseling. Racist POS

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 12:17 pm

Ben Wallace pleads guilty to DUI, weapons charges

Wallace's main "crime" was DWB: "driving while black."  It is pathetic, but racial profiling still exists among the police in the Detroit area, especially at night.  As for that .14, it didn't even used to be considered DUI until the MADD lobby became one of the most powerful in the country: .15 used to be the limit in Michigan.  
Scapegoating alcohol hasn't resulted in less "accidents" or deaths on the road. Many drivers who are idiots simply find some other way to kill themselves and others that doesn't involve a blood alcohol level, while those who have serious problems manage to find their way through the cracks until they kill somebody anyway.  All MADD has reallly done is trivialize genuine cases of drunken driving by calling everyone who has three beers "drunk."  
Hopefully, Wallace's two "crimes" of being African-American and being a celebrity don't get him a more harsh sentence than a the normal drunk driver would get, but if he was an average Caucasian who pled guilty, this would have been pled down to impaired driving and the weapons charge would have been lessened.  Wallace is already a victim of de facto Jim Crow "justice;" I am not optimistic that his sentencing will be the least bit fair. 

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