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Shaq describes Cavaliers pampering LeBron

Posted on: November 2, 2011 11:17 am
Edited on: November 2, 2011 2:02 pm
By Matt Moore

Shaquille O'Neal's biography may wind up being the best-selling basketball biography of all time, simply because he tells enough dirt to get sales to an obscene level. After describing in detail his feud with Kobe Bryant (including saying he was going to "kill him") the latest excerpt leaked talks about another of the three superstars Shaq played with since 2000. This time, it's LeBron James. HoopsWorld has the excerpt: 
LeBron was a huge star. He was as big as I was in 2000 in L.A. when I was dominating the league. … Our coach, Mike Brown, was a nice guy, but he had to live on edge because nobody was supposed to be confrontational with LeBron. Nobody wanted him to leave Cleveland, so he was allowed to do whatever he wanted to do.

I remember one day in a film session LeBron didn’t get back on defense after a missed shot. Mike Brown didn’t say anything about it. He went to the next clip and it was Mo Williams not getting back and Mike was saying, “Yo, Mo, we can’t have that. You’ve got to hustle a little more.” So Delonte West is sitting there and he’s seen enough and he stands up and says, “Hold up, now. You can’t be pussyfooting around like that. Everyone has to be accountable for what they do, not just some us.” Mike Brown said, “I know, Delonte. I know.” Mike knew Delonte was right. …

I’m not sure if Kobe is going to listen to Mike Brown. LeBron never really did. Here’s what we do know: Kobe will definitely be in charge.
via NBA AM: Shaq Dishes on Kobe, LeBron | HOOPSWORLD | Basketball News & NBA Rumors.

This isn't a huge shocker, it was well known that Cleveland had let James do what he wanted in Cleveland prior to "The Decision" making the choice to leave in the manner he did all the more infuriating. But Mike Brown being rendered incompetent by management or ownership is a disturbing sign. Shaq's assertion that Bryant will run things in L.A. does overlook a pretty significant element, which is Jerry Buss' son Jim Buss being in charge, and looking to move away from the Phil Jackson era, which was Kobe-centric, as much as possible. Brown has said that the new offense will be focused on post play, which means Andrew Bynum, Jim Buss' favorite. Of course, that could just mean that the same problem Brown faced with LeBron in Cleveland could come into play with Bynum in L.A.

O'Neal also touches on Dwight Howard, bringing up the Superman thing again, and simultaneously insulting, challening, and sympathizing with Howard. Let me be yet another in a long line of people to wish O'Neal would drop the Superman thing. The iconic character has been around for over 60 years, Howard's physical makeup and personal ethos are much more in line with the alien superhero, and Howard's "Superman" dunk was a pretty iconic representation. The war is over, sir, you ar the Hall of Famer. Move on.


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Posted on: November 2, 2011 3:02 pm

Shaq describes Cavaliers pampering LeBron

LeBron may enjoy the benefits his talents bring, but he will never reach the potential they bring until he learns to be coached.  Like any star, they need to be pushed.  Jackson did not tolerate talent alone with Jordan, Shaq, or Kobe.  If he did not like what he saw, he addressed it. 

Winning is a salve on the wound of a bruised ego.  A player can learn to be coached up if they want to win bad enough.  In LeBron's case, he wanted it all, and nobody can get that without taking a few bumps on the way. 

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Posted on: November 2, 2011 2:54 pm

Shaq describes Cavaliers pampering LeBron

In what chapter does he discuss Delonte West banging LeDouche's mom? 

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Posted on: November 2, 2011 2:32 pm

Shaq describes Cavaliers pampering LeBron

Well said . As I've said before, these guys are entertainers. Shaq has exited one form of entertainment (NBA) and entered another - writing a book people want to read - for entertainment value. I'm not a big NBA fan, but Shaq is one of those guys, that when he talks, most of the time you want to stop what you're doing and listen (for various reasons). Kobe Bryant - great player but doesn't grab my attention in an interview. Dwayne Howard - same thing. LeBron James - peaks my interest, but nothing like Shaq, Charles Barkley or Michael Jordan - all 3 for different reasons.

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Posted on: November 2, 2011 2:26 pm

Shaq describes Cavaliers pampering LeBron

As if Shaq didn't try and run things when he was in L.A. He was more of a prima dona than anyone in the league. He was the one who chose free agents signing with the Lakers. One thing's for sure, Mitch and the Buss' don't sign the guys Kobe wants to come in as free agents. They learned from that expeience with Shaq. And, rightly so. All I know is Shaq has always wanted too much of the credit when teams won. And, never was willing to accept any of the blame when his teams lost. Shaq can never fade quietly into the background in his retirement. It's not in his make-up. He continues to try and create controversy amongst those who far and away supassed him with their basketball skills. Geez, it's time to start giving credit where credit is due. Instead, he comes across as an angry man who refuses to accept what life has in store for all of us as we age. That's too bad for a guy who was given so much talent, size, and athletism but left so much potential on the table due to his work ethic. 

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Posted on: November 2, 2011 2:19 pm

Shaq describes Cavaliers pampering LeBron

What do you mean Lebron doesn't need someone to tell him to get back on defense?  They are ALL pros, none of them should need to be told.   If Lebron isn't holding up what he needs to do, he needs to be held accountable.  If you don't you lose the respect of the locker room.  They all get pampered and that's fine, but when you do something wrong it needs to be pointed out.  The superstars are not ready for constructive critisism.  They have been pampered to the point that they are sensitive babies.

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Posted on: November 2, 2011 1:56 pm

Shaq describes Cavaliers pampering LeBron

The big thing is though....many times the pampering is warranted.  Why?  Cause Lebron doesn't need Coach Brown to tell him in a game to play D.  He doesn't need to tell him how to play.  Lebron is a star; he knows how.
So he just chooses not to? Yeah, that's really so much better.

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Posted on: November 2, 2011 1:39 pm

Shaq describes Cavaliers pampering LeBron

Every star gets pampering.  Why do you all act like it was only Lebron?  Of course you pamper them.  Of course they have different rules.  As Shaq says:  Lebron was a huge star (just like he was).

The big thing is though....many times the pampering is warranted.  Why?  Cause Lebron doesn't need Coach Brown to tell him in a game to play D.  He doesn't need to tell him how to play.  Lebron is a star; he knows how.  Delonte may not like it...Mo may not like it...but it is true.  When you looked at the Cavs; esp the year that Lebron left...they gave up MANY times.  Now I hear folks say Lebron gave up...but I never saw it.  I did see fatigue.  I did see frustration.  But his numbers and his play never said; I'm done.  Just, I'm tired.  The Cavs without him....gave up.  That is the difference between stars and other players like Mo.  Delonte is an exception as he is as gritty as they come.  And although I understand his sentiment, I think West has been in league long enough to understand how it works.

And Brown also handled it wrong.  He could have had seperate film sessions with the players for individual discussion.  Then have a team discussion about other concepts.  He could have said that Lebron didn't get back on D and that Mo didn't get back on D...and said; we as a team can't take breaks.  The key is not to single the one guy out that is doing more than everyone else. But to do that; you can single out what the other players are not doing that Lebron is.  If Brown thinks he had it tough with Lebron; imagine his life with Kobe.  LOL  This is just funny.

This happens everywhere.  Even at work, if one co-workers is better than most or gets more work done; you won't see the boss harping on him/her.  Why would you do that?  It is counter-productive.  Even if he takes a longer break or shows up late; he is still doing more than anyone else.  You let it slide.  And if others want that; be more productive.  Some folks are simply more motivated than others.

This is life...move on and quit crying.

As for Shaq; he is simply telling his side of the story.  Kobe fued; is his opinion.  The DH Superman thing; is his opinion.  And I for one feel he has a right to them and I for one agree with most of them.  And Shaq UNLIKE others; heeds his own advice.  Shaq repects other players; past and present.  But he also expects the same in return.  That is more than I can say for most.   And he is one of the best; so who better to judge others?

And for the record, Howard's superman "DUNK" wasn't even a dunk.  Remember.  He didn't touch the rim.  It was a throw-in.  Howard is one of the main reasons the slam dunk contest is BORING....and Nate.  They forgot what it is all about.  Griffin showed the way; as well as many other guys in that contest.  Screw the outfits; it ain't halloween.  Just show me some air and some thunder.  Thank you very much.

Howard may have a great physique...but that won't make him Superman.  It only makes him trimmed.  Superman fit Shaq.  It doesn't fit Howard....Howard can't even fill Superman's big toe; let alone his shoes.  Stat monster...yes.  But where did it ever get him or his team??????

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Posted on: November 2, 2011 1:38 pm

Shaq describes Cavaliers pampering LeBron

Well said Shadow Boxer. Shaq can not be trusted at all.....doubt everything about the guy.

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Posted on: November 2, 2011 1:34 pm

Shaq describes Cavaliers pampering LeBron

I agree but am sickened by athletes that are trusted in the locker room by team mates and then tells all later on. Shaq is such a shame in my opinion. Just shut up and move on Shaq.....he cant....its always all about Shaq. He speaks of others when he was the biggest ego in the far !! go away you big phony

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Posted on: November 2, 2011 1:29 pm

Shaq describes Cavaliers pampering LeBron

As much as I dislike Shaq dissing other players, he's probably right about how Lebron was treated in Cleveland...

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