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Billups: Most wouldn't be willing to lose season

Posted on: November 4, 2011 1:06 pm
Posted by Royce Young

There hasn't really been a time in this NBA labor impasse where it genuinely looked like the league could lose an entire season. It's all been a lot of talk and posturing, but when things got down to it, just like in 1999, a deal was going to be made. It's been more about "when" and not "if". There hasn't been a worry yet.

Until now.

With some 50 players talking decertification, that route could derail the season easily. But in order for it to happen, 60 percent of the union would have to vote for it. And by voting for it they'd basically be saying they're fine missing one, maybe two, seasons of basketball. Are 60 percent of players really willing to do that?

Chauncey Billups says no, as he told ESPN New York Thursday:

“I’ve spoken to a lot of players and I could see a lot of players wanting to do that. If you’re asking me if the general body of the NBA is willing to do that, willing to lose a year’s salary, I don’t think guys would be willing to do that. That’s going to be a position and a bridge that we’re going to have to cross when we come that.”

Before now, players probably hadn't entirely considered whether or not they'd be willing to miss a season. A lot of the high profile guys have said it they'll do what it takes to get a fair deal. But now, they're going to have a chance to put their money (or lack thereof) where their mouth is.

If a decertification vote actually happens, will the general body, as Billups says, want to forego a court battle and get back to basketball? Or will they dig in and fight for what they think is right?

It's getting down to it. That decision doesn't have to be made yet, but the clock is ticking for the players. The offers are probably going to start getting worse pretty soon and with this thing getting messy, that "general body" better speak up.

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Posted on: November 6, 2011 5:51 pm

Billups: Most wouldn't be willing to lose season

A month ago billups was saying he will never get paid 14 million a year again and that he wants to start the season asap cause hes at the end of his career and he wants his money, then a week ago he says he would be willing to pass on this season for betterment of the union and the players that are coming into the league, this guy is all over the place stop reporting what he says.

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Billups: Most wouldn't be willing to lose season

The answer to this question should be a no brainer, do 60% of the NBA players think they are guaranteed to have a job playing NBA basketball two years from now.  Basketball is very deep sport.  Two years of new players trying to take your job. 
Two year of lost pay for for cause that you may never see a dime.  It is about money.  Money you mostly likely will never see. 

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Billups: Most wouldn't be willing to lose season

Actually it takes 50% +1 player to decertify, not 60%.  It takes a Petition signed by 30% of the players to bring the issue of decertification up for a vote and a vote of 50% of the players +1 (a simple majority) to decertify the union.

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Posted on: November 4, 2011 2:18 pm

Billups: Most wouldn't be willing to lose season

Great guy, biggest mistake in Joe D's tenure as GM was trading him. He should have been a Piston for life.

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