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NBA player explains how to get into Harvard video

Posted on: November 4, 2011 8:07 pm
Edited on: November 4, 2011 8:12 pm
Posted by Ben Golliver

This NBA lockout, class warfare, millionaires and billionaires, common man getting screwed thing is just so freaking depressing. Have no fear: We've found the one person involved who can put aside all the Basketball-Related Income, caving and folding, and secret meeting, side deal mumbo jumbo to make a genuinely light-hearted video.

That person is Jeremy Lin, whose story is well-known. Lin, the first Taiwanese-American to get signed to an NBA roster, was a basketball standout at at Harvard who ultimately went undrafted. An impressive Summer League showing earned him a contract with the Golden State Warriors, essentially his hometown team.

Lin played sparingly as a rookie but his improbably NBA journey has earned him a cult following of fans.

As the first NBA player to attend Harvard since 1953, his perspective, by definition, is unique. And he puts that perspective to good use in the following video, titled "How to get into Harvard," where he lists his five tips for gaining admission into America's most prestigious university.

"A lot of you asked me how I got into Harvard," Lin deadpans, "and since I have no life and no job I decided to make a short video with five basic steps."

Lin's five steps: 1) get glasses; 2) play an instrument; 3) improve test taking skills; 4) practice while you study and study while you practice; and 5) be up to date with the news. He hilariously demonstates each step, including doing math problems while shooting practice jumpers and playing iPad video games while filling out scantron tests.

He wraps the video by offering some heart-to-heart advice to his fans.

"If I could go back to high school," Lin says, "I would only change one thing. I'd still make sure I give my best effort but I would worry a lot less and I would enjoy that experience -- those four years in high school -- because they really do fly by."
Video courtesy of YouTube user TheJlin7

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NBA player explains how to get into Harvard video

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