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Report: NBPA asking for team reps at meeting

Posted on: November 7, 2011 9:34 am
By Matt Moore 

The players have a lot to talk about Monday, and they want a full house for it. 

Ken Berger of has confirmed an ESPN report that the NBPA has asked representatives from all 30 teams to attend their meeting in New York on Monday. The range of topics on the table will include the NBA's latest offer, though union leadership is firmly against bringing the offer to a vote as it deems it "unacceptable." On the extreme opposite end of the spectrum is the issue of decertification, and whether or not the NBPA should break apart its union in order to pursue antitrust suits against the league as individuals. So there's kind of a wide gap in how the union might go. Accept the unacceptable and get a deal in the face of the league's strongest bullying tactic yet, or decertify and commit professional suicide in order to gamble on a miracle favorable ruling on three different levels. 

Who's bringing punch and pie?

As we outlined here on Friday, decertification is certainly an option, but the odds of its success are extremely limited. It's best used as a negotiating threat, a threat which of course is wasted if you actually, you know, use it.  But there are players for whom this has become as personal as it seems to be to the league. The league wants to prove a point to the players, and the players are responding the same way most anyone would if you pushed them around enough. They want to fight back. Behind that is a group of agents who have larger investments long-term in the league beyond just the players playing now and want to make sure they fight for every dollar they can get over the next 20 years, not five or ten. 

But as Berger pointed out on Sunday, there are a number of agents who don't support decertification and understand what it means financially. Perhaps in July it could have been used as a viable weapon, but Billy Hunter understood the risks involved in taking this to court and putting this conflict into a trench-warfare-type environment. He gambled on being out in the open, able to maneuver and possibly regain some ground. His gamble didn't work, as the owners' onslaught pressed on. So now the union is torn apart, with some players just wanting to go back to work, some players needing to go back to work, some players wanting to talk more, and a number of players and several All-Stars (with the bank accounts to back it) wanting to blow everything up and commit to a full-on battle.

Might want to order the butter knives and not the steak knives for lunch today. That meeting's going to get really serious very quickly.  

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Posted on: November 8, 2011 3:27 pm

Report: NBPA asking for team reps at meeting

Bar none the single most interesting NBA season in 20 years.  Very casual NBA fan but this circus has me drawn in like it's March Madness.  Please keep the debacle going so I can continue to enjoy something the league has to offer.

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Posted on: November 7, 2011 8:41 pm

Report: NBPA asking for team reps at meeting

So the superstars with the huge bank accounts want to blow everything up and commit to a full on battle. You know why this is? With less salary to go around and more punitive approaches to teams that go over the cap, the superstars know they will no longer be able to stack 4-5 teams with all the best players and leave the rest of the NBA looking like a D league. So the only way they can all get the max contracts will be to go to Cleveland, Milwaukee and other less appealing destinations. Heaven forbid if superstars have to play somewhere other than LaLA Land, NYC, Miami and Boston. Shockers if each team only has room for two max contracts. Can you imagine 30 teams all with a few impact players? Can you imagine a league where a superstar stands up at a wedding a toasts to playing in NYC with two other superstars and everyone laughs because they know the collective agreement will only allow it if each star is willing to play for 12 million per year? This certainly is the "me" generation.

Most players only survive in the league for 4-6 years. So the superstars are willing to hang their "brothers" out to dry by denying them 20 or 30 percent of their total life earnings as a pro just so they can hang out with their superstar brotheren in select locations. Talk about greedy and selfish!

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Posted on: November 7, 2011 11:35 am

Report: NBPA asking for team reps at meeting


Looks like the players better Occupy the NBA.  I cannot believe the unaware people on here that do not own anything even close to a business and are actually rooting against the players (fellow employees).  Their fight is your fight but on a larger scale.  Like you the majority of the players will fold when their security is taken away. The players salaries are an operating expense.  You are paying more because the owners want a bigger cash profit.  The salaries are a loss on paper only.  Can we say tax deductible?

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Posted on: November 7, 2011 10:59 am
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Report: NBPA asking for team reps at meeting

".. as the owners' onslaught pressed on".  

This is the true indicator as to why the nbpa is in the position they are in right now.  They did not realize that the owners
were serious about negotiations and were truly losing money.   Apparently, the players did not see we are in a recession
and there are losses in revenue that need to be addressed.   They seem to think it is 1999 and that this is all just
posturing and ego.  Now they know it isn't.  So, will they wake up and accept the deal, or continue to be stupid enough
to think there is more money to be had if they just wait long enough?

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