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Ron Artest says Michael Jordan betrayed players

Posted on: November 13, 2011 10:14 am
Posted by Royce Young

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Michael Jordan has always been every players' hero. But right now, he's every players' enemy. He's the bad guy. He's the owner that's reportedly pushing hardline to a new level and trying to crush the players in every way possible.

Players that have revered him for years are now turning their backs on him. Why? Because Jordan once toed the line for the union famously standing up to Washington owner Abe Pollin during the 1998 negotiations.

And now Jordan's throwing that owner-speak back at the players. Which is why many have spoken out against His Airness. Stephon Marbury went so far as to call M.J. a "sellout." The latest to do it? Metta World Peace. Via

"We're the same guys that looked up to Michael Jordan when we were kids," he said. "Same guys that wanted to fly like Mike and be like Mike. Even though guys are with different companies, they still love Mike. Love his sneakers and everything. Guys just felt like he didn't support us when we most needed him. He's an owner now, so I guess he's just on the other side."

Artest, who often says wild, nonsensical things, really broke down this Jordan thing better than any player has. It was honest, and true. Jordan has meant everything to so many current players and for him to now toe the line with the owners is really hurtful. They feel like he's betrayed them. It's understandable why Jordan has done it though, like Artest said. He's an owner now so he's going to do owner things.

Some players have called M.J. a hypocrite, but the truth is, he's just an owner. I don't know what's worse right now though.

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Posted on: November 13, 2011 1:20 pm

Ron Artest says Michael Jordan betrayed players

 Redsfan, eventhough my Cardinals won the World Series and I cant stand your Reds, you could not have put it any better. I have read many blogs that you write and almost always agree with what u have to say. I never post blogs just read alot, but could not pass this one up. I thought the reason I lost interest in the NBA was because of Jordan's retirement but I have realized it is the players of today. Immature young men that started life and grew up with very little and now have more than they could ever imagine as children. They should just play the game and let the NBA make lots of money so future players can keep getting what they need. I absolutely love watching college basketball. No matter the teams playing in college I watch because I know Im going to watch them kids put every effort into every play. The NBA has lost this and many fans because of their greed which has resulted in their laziness. I strongly feel that if they get what they want in this deal it will only make the game worse. I could go on forever but gonna finish with JUST TAKE THE DEAL AND PLAY DEFENSE! Good luck with your Reds hope its and exciting race next year.

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Posted on: November 13, 2011 11:55 am

Ron Artest says Michael Jordan betrayed players

I've never been a bigger fan of Jordan than I am now, because he's right....Also 1998 was a different time...Remeber all those fake-ecomony bubbles hadn't burst yet, so everyone was racking up debt and not paying any attention..

Jordan also knows if this isn't fixed the NBA will become irrelevent quickly in half the country....You can't half 2/3 of your teams with sub par records and expect fans to show up.....

Give the Minnesotas and Clevelands and Los Angeles Clippers a TRULY FAIR system and watch the NBA get better...

This 'thug' stuff just turns more and more fans away..

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Posted on: November 13, 2011 11:48 am
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Posted on: November 13, 2011 11:00 am

Ron Artest says Michael Jordan betrayed players

Maybe Jordan should have shown his solidarity with players by taking some guns into the locker room, threatening to shoot players, and changing his name to Metta ParoleOfficer.

Jordan is a businessman in an indusrty that paid it's employees $2.2 Billion , while the business lost $300 million. It doesn't help that the employees have an IQ that places them just a fraction higher than Labrador Rerievers on the intelligence scale, and trying to make them understand that if the employer doesn't make a profit, the employees are back in the hood living on their investments, and their skills off the basketball court...for most, neither will get them in a strip club without being employed as a bouncer.  

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