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Rajon Rondo involved in 'scuffle'

Posted on: November 21, 2011 10:14 am
By Matt Moore 

Rajon Rondo held a charity basketball game on Saturday night, the first time he and Kendrick Perkins had shared a floor since Perkins' trade. Then that night, they went out to have a good time. But the night ended with someone taking a swing at Rondo. From the Lowell Sun:
Officers working details and patrolmen assigned downtown were already at Brian's Ivy Hall, 74 Merrimack St., yesterday about 1:45 a.m., as a packed event featuring Rondo began to empty out.

Officer Michael Kandrotas noticed a scuffle, and learned that someone "took a fighting stance and threw a punch" at the Celtics all-star and his entourage, which included fellow NBA players Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks, former Celtic Nate Robinson and Rudy Gay of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Police and Kevin Hayhurst, co-owner of Brian's Ivy Hall, said members of Rondo's entourage wrestled Valarezo to the ground.

A police report indicates Valarezo continued to resist when officers arrived, but was soon arrested and led from the building.

Hayhurst was unsure what prompted the scuffle. But he said Rondo was "unpersonable" and "disrespectful toward patrons."
via Man arrested after scuffle with C's star - Lowell Sun Online.

Rondo? Unpersonable? Surely you jest! He's such a happy-go-lucky guy! He's like a rainbow of marshmallows whenever you see him! It couldn't have been him that unpersonable. 

Maybe the best part about this story is that the man who was charged with misdemeanor assault for the thrown punch said he didn't even know who Rondo was, that he's "not an NBA fan." So some random dude just threw a punch at some guy he felt disrespected him, and it turned out to be Rajon Rondo. 

Small world. 

Also, speaking of small, please tell me it was Nate Robinson that wrestled him to the ground. Please, please, please. 

Luckily no one was seriously injured in the incident.


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Rajon Rondo involved in 'scuffle'


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Rajon Rondo involved in 'scuffle'

Wow...are you having a good day?you sound so overjoyed with your compliments

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Rajon Rondo involved in 'scuffle'

Technically these guys are in season. Their minds are poised and bodies ready for playing the game they love. I know these tools, i.e. the players, are not the sharpest bunch, how could they be, coddled since 8th grade and having their homework, i.e. coloring books, done for them. Nonetheless, they are prepared for the season whether it starts or not and one of the most important criteria for a player is to get involved with the community. Unfortunately for Rambo, Punkins, The One Season Wonder, Rude E Gay, and the Half-Pint Sidekick their only obligation to the community is how many hours of service they could recieve. You see, the players are doing exactly what they should be doing had the season started on time, getting into TROUBLE to futher the image of the NBA, because we all know that the NBA is where caring happens!

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Rajon Rondo involved in 'scuffle'

Ray Lewis said it best during the NFL lockout-- "watch how much evil, which we call crime, watch how much crime picks up, if you take away our game."

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Rajon Rondo involved in 'scuffle'

Whether he's black, white, pink or purple, Rondo has one of those faces you just want to slap.

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Rajon Rondo involved in 'scuffle'

No. That post was not racist. Not at all (sarcasm), It is a good thing that no white guys abandon their kids or fail to support them (further sarcasm). Blacks did not historically abandon their families this is a biproduct of a post slavery culture created when white slave owners seperated black families when selling slaves to other plantation owners. If you disagree look at the number of africans, haitians, and jamaicans that are in child support court. Almost zero. ditto for college education, teen pregnancy, drug use and crime in general. There is a reason that black people from countries are much more successful than native american blacks and that is the post slavery culture. I have never liked the term african american it suggests that the person is a foreign born citizen rather than a native.

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Rajon Rondo involved in 'scuffle'

Craziness. We will just see more of this until the season starts

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Rajon Rondo involved in 'scuffle'

If being "Impersonable" is a justification for physical violence, I can't believe this guy hasn't been put in prison.  I'd hate to see what happened if he got cut off in traffic.  Obviously booze played a part, but what an idiot.  Pro athletes get mobbed everywhere they go, so what are they supposed to do, shake hands and tell everybody they never met how nice it is to meet them?   Fans need to understand that while meeting a celebrity might be a huge moment for them, the celebrity has no idea who you are and it's not a big moment in their eyes.  I don't blame them for being "impersonable". 

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Rajon Rondo involved in 'scuffle'

throwing a punch dat didnt connected whats the charge attemped assault lol but then again outtering threat is illegal so is jaywalkin, pissing in public, farting on police lol north american as become a police state where ne1 can go to jail for almost neting imaginable..and for all u redneck poster hating on rondo when he probably didnt do anyting illegal but i bet you thought so judging by misleading title lol

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Rajon Rondo involved in 'scuffle'

People also need to ease up on the pc bull crap

albeenmacaw...I don't believe anybody got to the point of being out of control with the political correctness "crap".  I simply stated blacks are black....not necessarily African American and one other poster responded politetly to it in agreement.  I agree with what you say as well...and unfortunately we are asked to put on applications.  I personally would like to skip that box and hire the qualified no matter race, color, or gender.  This Country talks of putting up physical borders to keep others out....when it fails to realize we continue to put up borders, physical or not when we have to tippy toe around and think we have to say African-American instead of black and colored.  We have to Tippy toe around the homosexual topic....if they are gay...then they are gay....not that I support it and I should  be able to gently say...I don't agree with it.

Back to the reason for the response...I don't think anyone was carried away on this site whith thread with the "PC" stuff...BUT I agree we are trying to be WAY tOO PC in society...A spade is a spade........just as an apple is an it like it is brother.


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