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LeBron: I understand fan anger, miss the boos

Posted on: November 21, 2011 8:45 pm
Edited on: November 22, 2011 10:46 am
Posted by Ben Golliver


How long has the NBA lockout lasted? The NBA lockout has gone on so long that Miami Heat All-Star forward LeBron James has finally realized that "The Decision" wasn't the best idea.

Less than six months ago, the 2011 NBA Finals just lost, James took a hard line against those who criticized him in the aftermath of the television special in which he announced his intention to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat during the summer of 2010.

"At the end of the day," James said, "all the people that were rooting for me to fail, they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal problems they had today. I'm going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that... They can get a few days, or a few months, or whatever the case may be on being happy about not only myself, but the Miami Heat not accomplishing their goal. But they have to get back to the real world at some point."

That was June. Now it's November, and James has criss-crossed the country and traveled the world, bringing basketball to all sorts of far reaches and raising loads of money for charity, all while spending the longest amount of time away from the court since he entered the NBA in 2003. All that time off has him singing a different tune.

In an interview with The Guardian, James says he totally understands why people would have been upset by the decision and goes so far as to apologize for hurting people.
Was James taken aback by the ferocious criticism of his screening of "The Decision"? "Um, yeah. I was surprised by it because I was making a decision for myself. I was doing something that I believed was going to make me happy and freshen me up. But looking back I can understand why a lot of people were upset. That definitely wasn't my intention: to upset people."

Does he wish he could change what he did in the summer of 2010? "I can't say I would change anything – because it would change so much that is leading to the future. But, yeah, there is definitely a better way I could have handled it, as far as the whole TV thing is concerned, and the same goes for the build-up to the announcement. A lot of people were hurt by it – and I definitely apologise to them. At the same time, you should never be afraid to do what you believe in."
What's more, absent the postseason pressure and with some time and space to reflect, James even says he misses the negativity that followed him from arena to arena during the 2010-2011 season.
James even claims to miss the booing that usually trails him. "I miss it right now with the lockout, feeding off the opposing crowd and them booing you – in a good way. Some of 'em, they boo you because they don't like you personally – but they don't know you personally. They haven't had the opportunity to sit next to you. If they did, they might have a totally different idea about you."
Just to recap: Five months ago, James encouraged his haters to enjoy their pointless lives because he wasn't going to change. In November, James misses their criticism, realizes those critical of him aren't doing so blindly, and says that he's sorry if people were hurt by his actions. He refuses to directly express regret, but all the ingredients are there. This isn't a total personality transplant, but it's definitely a makeover.

It's always been said that absence makes the hard grow fonder. Who would have guessed that phrase applied to superstars and their haters too?

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Posted on: November 23, 2011 9:43 pm

LeBron: I understand fan anger, miss the boos

Are you serious, no one cares in northeast Ohio about Lebron's stupid inflated ass!. He was a criminal in high school, and he's a criminal now(YES I SAID CRIMINAL). He stole all these fans hard earned money in northeast Ohio. Now, he is one of these assclowns who is cryin about millions, what a joke professional sports is? As far as I am concerned I hope the owners lock the players out not only this year but next year, then we will truly see some change in sports, finally. STAND STRONG OWNERS IT IS TIME TO SCREW THE PLAYERS OVER, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!!!!

Since: Apr 22, 2009
Posted on: November 23, 2011 12:26 pm

LeBron: I understand fan anger, miss the boos

LeBum does NOTHING without receiving a check.  I bet LeBum made 3-4 million of his TV show and only gave Boys/Girls Club a million.  LeBum is a quitter!

Since: Aug 1, 2010
Posted on: November 23, 2011 11:56 am

LeBron: I understand fan anger, miss the boos

James is an exceptional athlete. He strives to be the best in his respective profession. However, he is unfortunately a product of our society that believe's in the "me" concept first. That statement is based on HIS on words and actions. Our country is about being the best, finishing first, we are told as children that we must win and settle for nothing short of being number one. We see it all through our short history as a country that we as Americans are the best. And that mindset trancends into the sports we both watch and play. And when James is showered with unimaginable financial wealth that the majority of us will never see it creates a sense of status to James that he perceives to believe that he IS a king. No one would ever say they would not want the life he worked hard to obtain. Yet James and many of us do not realize that being second, or third or even last is acceptable. Michael Jordan argueably the best player to ever play the game once said: “There are plenty of teams in every sport that have great players and never win titles. Most of the time, those players aren't willing to sacrifice for the greater good of the team. The funny thing is, in the end, their unwillingness to sacrifice only makes individual goals more difficult to achieve. One thing I believe to the fullest is that if you think and achieve as a team, the individual accolades will take care of themselves. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

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Posted on: November 23, 2011 10:56 am

LeBron: I understand fan anger, miss the boos

But to say you "get it" when it comes to fans reactions and still think the boos are personal...I think the king needs to get back to the real world and quit pumping up the hate factory he created.

If you look at the all the people hoping and wishing for bad things to happen to someone they do not know personally you have to examine that statement.  True he probably will never "get it" when it comes to the fans.  How can he?  The last time he was in our world he was probaly 12 or 13.  However, I beg to differ with the fact that the boos are not personal.  Read some of the spiteful, hateful comments on here and repeat that with all sincerity.

Since: Sep 4, 2007
Posted on: November 23, 2011 10:48 am

LeBron: I understand fan anger, miss the boos

Isn't "haterade"?
Could be.  Are you a spelling teacher?

That is gay.

You would know better than me.  So now your a gay spelling teacher? 

Since: Mar 6, 2010
Posted on: November 23, 2011 10:09 am

LeBron: I understand fan anger, miss the boos

LeQuit and his half-a$$ed apologies. He left Cleveland. Lots of players have left Cleveland. Had he done it the right way, people would have gotten over it without the venom. But he is still an egotistical SOB who deserves everything bad that comes his way. Even his feigned attempt at apologizing becomes all about him. He's a turd, and represents everything that is wrong with the NBA, and why I'm rooting for this lockout to last 5-6 years.

Since: Oct 10, 2006
Posted on: November 23, 2011 10:00 am

LeBron: I understand fan anger, miss the boos

Hey LeBron, when the NBA finals ended last year I did go back to my miserable world. Since then I have realized in my miserable, low life world that I don't need the NBA, its players, its games, its merchandise, nothing. As it turns out my miserable world is far better without the NBA than with it! I don't miss one minute of NBA games so far during this non-season. I suggest the next time you decide to open your big immature mouth you should realize where your money actually comes from. I can tell you where it doesn't come from anymore, my wallet! Good bye NBA....I enjoyed it in 60's, 70', 80's, not so much in the 90's and beyond. Your ilk have ruined the game with your immaturity and greed. In my book you are toast!

Since: Sep 14, 2006
Posted on: November 23, 2011 8:40 am

LeBron: I understand fan anger, miss the boos

Man, LeBron James must REALLY like Vitamin Water.

Since: Jan 13, 2007
Posted on: November 23, 2011 7:45 am

LeBron: I understand fan anger, miss the boos

This guy understands the fans as well as most of us understand what it's like to be the international superstar he is. LeBron is still young, I'm about his age and I can look back at a lot of the things I have said or done and know there was a more mature way to handle it. Cool he can, too. But to say you "get it" when it comes to fans reactions and still think the boos are personal...I think the king needs to get back to the real world and quit pumping up the hate factory he created.

Since: Mar 15, 2008
Posted on: November 23, 2011 6:24 am

LeBron: I understand fan anger, miss the boos

The rise of the internet is what helped LeBron become an icon straight out of high school. It will only get more out of touch from here.

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