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NBA Lockout Ends: What comes next

Posted on: November 26, 2011 4:56 am
Edited on: November 26, 2011 5:28 am
By Matt Moore 

Now that the NBA and the players have reached a "tentative agreement" to end the NBA lockout and beging the 2011-2012 season starting on Christmas, the focus now shifts to what happens next. While discussions are clearly fluid at this moment in time, here's what we know, assuming that the tentative agreement is agreed upon by both sides.

Saturday, November 27th - Friday, December 9th: Attorneys on both sides will have to agree to the langauge of the new CBA, which will take some time. Chris Mannix of reports that process will take until December 9th, which will mean both training camp and free agency will start on Friday, December 9th.

The NBA and players' representatives will bring the deal to the players for their approval during this time. The NBPA will have to reform, which shouldn't take hardly any time at all given their disclaimer of interest vs. involuntary decertification. The NBA owners will have to approve, but it will only need a majority vote. The same vote is needed from the full membership of the NBPA. Pending approval from both parties, the NBA will officially open for business whatever day that can be approved.

During this time, players playing abroad will exercise their NBA opt-outs to return home.

December 9th: The most furious free agency period in NBA history begins as teams rush to get their additional players into camp as quickly as possible. Players will likely be out of shape due to the extended time off. Conditioning will be difficult, and will likely affect the season. Teams will have to balance a competitive environment with avoiding rushing players into injury.

It's assumed there will not be an exhibition season.

December 25th: The NBA season will open. Ken Berger of as well as reports that the original Christmas lineup of Heat at Mavericks, Bulls-Lakers, and Knicks-Celtics will lead off the season. That's right. The Heat will open their season with the Mavericks' ring ceremony.


From there, a 66-game season will take place. It's assumed that the end of the NBA regular season and playoffs will be pushed back upwards of two weeks to accomodate for more games. There will be a greater density still in game frequency, which can impact both injuries and fatigue. Get ready for more blowouts and a lower quality of play.

But that's still better than no play at all. Our long, National Basketball Association nightmare is over. Looking like a season. How u.

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Posted on: November 26, 2011 9:55 am

NBA Lockout Ends: What comes next

Have not watched the NBA since Jordan, so I am unaffected if they had a season or not.  However, it is horrifying to me the way in which wealth is distributed in this world.  Players and owners disputing over millions of dollars when there are people in this country scared for when their next meal will be.  These high echelon members of our community even think donating millions of dollars can fix this.  To me donating one percent of your wealth to an "organization" is nothing but an insult and only serves as a way for them to sleep at night in their multi-million dollar homes.  God help our society.

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Posted on: November 26, 2011 9:48 am

NBA Lockout Ends: What comes next

I too could care less whether the NBA returned, but for the opposite reason an envious looter like yourself does pennstater-666.  The owners spend the money to put the product on the court, they take the risks and the losses when their team fails to perform, they pay the leases, the transport, the food and a bunch of other things to give a state/city a team to watch and when their team succeeds then THEY deserve the lions-share of the oh so evil profit.  I hope writing the word "profit" didn't hurt your left-wing socialist sensibilities.

The players provide the talent, but they play a GAME for which they are hansomely paid and most of them would still continue to play that game on public playgrounds even if they were not employed by one of those evil one-percenter owners so they should thank their lucky stars that they are grossly over-paid to do something most people do for fun and for free.  I wish the NBA folded then your precious victim players could go back to their hoods and their gang life-styles instead of being the same one-percenters that you are clearly envious of.  Now crawl back to your Wall Street tent loser, it appears you are on the schedule to get pepper sprayed and arrested today and I'd hate to see you be late for your "job" as a law breaking socialist leach.

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Posted on: November 26, 2011 9:22 am

NBA Lockout Ends: What comes next

The hell with the NBA.  Berger and the other writers have been begging and pleading for the NBA to return for obvious reasons -- without the NBA they have no job.  But for the rest of us, we don't need the NBA.  I feel sorry for the players, but these owners and Stern are disgusting.  They pretended they were concerned about "competitive balance" when in fact they were just worried about lining their pockets, like most one percenters.  So, here's hoping the players get paid their salaries but that nobody shows up at the arenas.

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