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Report: Lakers want Chris Paul AND Dwight Howard

Posted on: November 29, 2011 9:31 am
Edited on: November 29, 2011 10:46 am

By Matt Moore

The Los Angeles Lakers have a championship core. This same group of players were responsible for two out of the past three titles, and even without the services of Phil Jackson, there's every reason to believe that this team as-is can win another title with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum as its engine. But what comes after? The Lakers have begun looking to the future. They don't just want to stay competitive towards the end of Kobe Bryant's career, they want to transition seamlessly into their next phase of dominance.

And that means acquiring one of the big free agents in 2012, Dwight Howard or Chris Paul. Except they don't want one of those two. They reportedly want both.

From Mark Heisler, who covered the Lakers as a beat writer before taking up with
When the NBA couldn’t get a full ban on sign-and-trades, it left his Lakers in position to pull off a coup they’re dreaming of, which would make signing LeBron James pale by comparison.

If Dwight Howard and Chris Paul wind up on the market — a safe assumption as far as I’m concerned — the Lakers could offer Andrew Bynum for Dwight and Pau Gasol for CP3, or vice versa.

Nothing says that they will be enough to land either player, but it should put the Lakers in the running for both.

Oh, and Dwight likes the Lakers. Asked which All-Star he would most like to play with last season, he answered “Kobe Bryant.”
via Lakers will look to acquire Dwight Howard and Chris Paul.

Just to review. We just had a five-month lockout because teams were upset about large market teams acquiring multiple stars, scavenging small markets and leaving them with nothing. And the Los Angeles Lakers and their 17 professional basketball championships are aiming for both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. Glad we lost those 16 games over this.

There are a large numbrer of reasons why this is unlikely to happen. For starters, Chris Paul reportedly has New York as his first choice. Secondly, the biggest advantage the Lakers have is the assets to trade for Paul which the Knicks don't have. But the new CBA does have one new stipulation to prevent such dealings, the extend-and-trade adjustments. While sign-and-trade restrictions don't take effect until 2013, early reports indicate that extend-and-trade restrictions are immediate. The changes say that the same setup that Carmelo Anthony used to get his way to New York and get the extra year on his deal via Bird Rights is different.

The changes to the CBA suggest that teams that extend-and-trade a player can only extend him for three, versus the maximum four-year extension or five year re-sign he gets for staying with the home team. The only way around that is a six-month waiting period. The Hornets could re-sign Paul to the full Bird rights extension and then trade him, but they would have to wait six months. But a more likely scenario would see the following scenario: the Lakers can trade for Paul in the final year of his contract and then extend him, but that must be done after six months. Which means, they have to acquire him six months prior to his free agency beginning on July 1. Which means they have to acquire him by... January 1. With a season starting on the 25th. Not exactly a lot of time to pull that off.

All of these elements are in place for Dwight Howard, and Deron Williams (should the Nets just give up for some reason) as well.

The most likely scenario involves Paul entering free agency, and then signing a four year contract with Los Angeles or New York. But if the Lakers were to acquire Paul prior to free agency, it would give them an extra year to offer Paul, and it's hard to imagine him passing that up. Max contracts with bird-rights are five years, as opposed to the four-year counting option-year of an extension.

But if the Lakers want to acquire either player (or both, if we like fantasies), then they're going to need to trade some of that core. Specifically, Jim Buss would have to give up on his pet project, Andrew Bynum. Lamar Odom and pieces might be able to acquire Chris Paul, but there's no sense in bringing in Howard and pairing him with Bynum. Either playing power forward would be clunky and awkward. Where this leaves Pau Gasol is yet to be seen.

Hornets fans have to love all this. LOVE IT.

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Posted on: November 29, 2011 3:02 pm
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Posted on: November 29, 2011 2:46 pm

Report: Lakers want Chris Paul AND Dwight Howard

Moore very briefly pointed out the owners' flawed logic before and throughout the lockout. There is no tax structure, limitiation on MLEs, penalty system or collectively bargained for legislation that will ever mitigate a player's desire to play in LA, NY, Chicago, Miami, Dallas or Boston (to a lesser extent). The league's biggest problem is overexpansion. They can never make someone want to play in or stay in Sacramento, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Charlotte, Cleveland, Toronto (even though it's a fantastic city) or Memphis. I apologize if I missed someone in my list of awful NBA cities, but that goes to show you how many of them there are. You can also probably include Denver and Orlando in that group as well, although both are wonderful places. NBA players just don't seem to want to stay there. The lockout isn't even officially over yet and the rumors of star players fleeing to major markets are already starting. In fact, I wonder if this might sway the owners vote and get us right back to square one. Don't rule it out.

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Posted on: November 29, 2011 2:26 pm

Report: Lakers want Chris Paul AND Dwight Howard

What you fail to acknowledge is that Derron Williams is a free agent after this season and there is no chance he will return to New Jersery.  Why would they not take either Bynum or Gasol rather than let him leave and get nothing for him.  Plus, what would be a better deal than one of those two options?  More that likely, Bynum will go to Orlando for Howard.  You have to agree that he wants to leave the Magic and has repeatedly expressed strong interest in LA.  The Nets are in a terrible position and have to get what they can.  They can turn around and trade what they got from the Lakers.  You seem to be the clueless one.  I'm sorry if you're a Nets fan.  Tough position to be in.  

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Report: Lakers want Chris Paul AND Dwight Howard

Andrew Bynum sucks.  Why would the NETS trade Williams for Bynum?  The NETS don't need a big man, they need backcourt help.  Getting Bynum would just make them crowded in the front court with no one to get their big men the ball.  All the fans of teams think that another team will trade their great players for mediocre assets like Odom or Bynum - they won't.  You are clueless if you think that they will.

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Posted on: November 29, 2011 1:48 pm

Report: Lakers want Chris Paul AND Dwight Howard

The Lakers would be better served to trade Bynum for Williams.  This dumps Bynum and his injuries for a legit point guard, something the Lakers desperately need.  Howard in LA would be great, but I don't know what you package to get him......Gasol and ?? or Odom and ??

I could not care less about the NBA, where the players go, what cities have the superstars......I am not watching.  Living in LA I used to enjoy the Lakers when they had players like Magic, Worthy, Cooper, etc......that was a great group of players who played the game with integrity.

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Report: Lakers want Chris Paul AND Dwight Howard

I see Howard coming to LA but Paul will head to NY. D-Will might be a better fit anyway. Gonna be interesting to see how these rumors play out!

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Posted on: November 29, 2011 1:36 pm

Report: Lakers want Chris Paul AND Dwight Howard

So much for "competitive balance", huh ?

Besides...Kobe didn't want to share the ball with Malone and Shaq...think Kobe (or Paul, Gasol and/or Howard) will be ok with just 12-15 touches a game ? Not for long...

Most NBA players can't organize their azz into a cab before the police arrives at a strip club frecas...allowing these guys to "organize" themsleves into a defacto 6 team league, is REALLY bad science. The new CBA needs some language that prevents these overgrown eggplants from being able to have enough "control" to harm their ability to draw a paycheck.

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Posted on: November 29, 2011 12:42 pm

Report: Lakers want Chris Paul AND Dwight Howard

No thanks of Bynum for Deron Williams.  The Nets won't win with just Bynum.  Get real.
Tired of all these phony Fakers fans wanting to steal all the top players simply because they live in Hollywood.

Lakers want Paul and Howard?  hahahaha   Who doesn't?

Unfortuneatly odds are stronly in favor of them getting Howard but Paul will most likely
try to catch on with Carmelo and Amare in NY.

This lockout and new CBA will be the same exact thing if both those teams get who they want.

Tired of the Lakers stealing all the players simply because Stern wants the Lakers to remain relevant for TV ratings.



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Report: Lakers want Chris Paul AND Dwight Howard

nobody is talkin about this one but here it is,the lakers should trade bynum for deron williams,he didnt resign and he he would rather be in LA, BYNUM IS FROM JERSEY and would love to be in the brooklyn jersey area,i know the nets would do the deal ther goin to lose him anyway it give the lakers a point guard for 10years   do the deal

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Posted on: November 29, 2011 11:39 am

Report: Lakers want Chris Paul AND Dwight Howard

I would like to see JASON RICHARDSON at the 3 instead of the player formerly known as Ron Artest.

Leandro Barbosa as a backup guard for Kobe

Mo Williams (knows MIKE BROWNS offense/defensive plays) as our starting point guard and Ramon Sessions as a backup for Mo


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