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Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

Posted on: December 13, 2011 1:53 pm
Edited on: December 13, 2011 2:59 pm

By Matt Moore

Back on Dec. 10th, the Chicago Tribune reported that Dwight Howard was not considering the Bulls. Chicago has not been on the list of teams Ken Berger has reported since February under consideration by Howard and his management. And Tuesday, ESPN reported that Howard's list has been narrowed to four teams, the New Jersey Nets, the Dallas Mavericks, the L.A. Lakers, and the Orlando Magic

So the question now is "Why won't Howard consider the Bulls?"

For starters, it would make a huge amount of sense for both parties in terms of basketball. For the Magic, they'd be able to get back a decent return on Howard, something that not many other teams will offer. Joakim Noah as a centerpiece, with Omer Asik, Ronnie Brewer, potentially Luol Deng, and a salary dump of Hedo Turkoglu along with picks could probably be had. That's a fine haul for the Magic. But maybe Howard simply doesn't care about what his team gets back and in fact wants to make sure they don't give up too much so that he can have a good group behind him wherever he lands. 

The bigger upside is for Howard. He would no longer have to be the sole source of offense and would have the pressure to be "the man" split between he and Rose. Howard wants help? How about the MVP point guard who can create offense for himself as well as anyone in the league? He'd be set with a young player just starting his rise to greatness and already established. Rose isn't an alpha dog and wouldn't have problems with Howard, Rose has good enough vision even as a score-first guard to create oop after oop for Howard on the pick and roll. Throw in Carlos Boozer as now a much-better-fitting third option (unless they unloaded Boozer which they may have to for salary purposes), and some combination of the Chicago shooters and you have all the help Howard's been asking for. 

Furthermore, how about the best defensive player in the league playing under the best defensive coach in the league? Tom Thibodeau could get the absolute most out of Howard's considerable abilities (not that Stan Van Gundy hasn't already done a stellar job and in fact in large part helped make Howard into the defensive presence he is), and would let him dictate what he wants on offense instead of forcing perimeter shots like SVG. 

The only conclusion is that it's some combination of weather and style that Howard balks at in regards to Chicago. Howard is rumored to prefer warm-weather destinations, coming from the south and having played there for his career. Chicago isn't exactly balmy. Then again, not like Brooklyn is all palm trees and sun tan lotion. The bigger question may be from a marketing perspective. New York or L.A. provide him with media opportunities galore, and for a guy who loves the camera as much as Howard does, that might be the kicker. 

One entity sad about this development? Adidas, who have both Howard and Rose under their label. The two teaming up under the colors of Nike's icon Michael Jordan's former team? Priceless. The money would be there for Howard in Chicago, but maybe not the level of fame he wants.

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 9:56 am

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

Is this comment a joke? Isn't that exactly what LeBron did by joining Miami? People call him an ego-maniac, yet he went somewhere where he'd have to share the spotlight.  He's greedy, yet he signed for less money than he could've made anywhere else.

I will say it again, my problem with LeBron had way less to do with his decision to join Miami as it did with "the decisision".  The way he conducted himself was terrible.  The fact that he went to Miami, in and of itself was not a problem, but having a championship celebration and talking about 7 rings before they even stepped on the court together is why I would call him an ego-maniac.

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 8:18 am

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

Don't worry about a potential Dwight Howard trade.  He won't sign a long-term deal in Chicago because he thinks star athletes get treated badly by the organization, so the Bulls won't trade for him.

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 2:13 am

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

It really is all about the weather and marketing opportunities.  The Chicago Bulls as constructed are a humble, hard working, over achieving bunch.  They have a play all out for every second of the game mentality which reflects their coach Thibs.  Howard is all style and no substance.  Yes he's an athletic freak and yes he puts up ridiculous numbers, but for all his defensive prowess Orlando wasn't really that good of a defensive team last year.  Howard is certainly a rebounding and shot blocking threat but doesn't really play great team defense.  Also, while Howard has developed some jump hooks and drop step moves from several feet away from the basket he really can't shoot a jump shot, which means he clogs up the lane.  The Bulls pass and slash.  Howard is a give me the ball and let me take it in kind of guy, which isn't who the Bulls are.  He doesn't have a ton of great post moves, like a Pau Gasol.  He's a horrible free throw shooter.  He's also an egomaniac who gets pissed off the second he's not the center of attention.  I don't think he'd fit in chemistry wise with the Bulls.  I understand he's so talented you make him fit, but that would require kissing his ass and I don't see D. Rose doing that.  Because while D. Rose doesn't flash ego he also doesn't back down and wouldn't do so for Howard.  D. Rose is tougher mentally and a much better clutch player.  What do you do down the stretch when Howard demands the ball and can't hit the free throws.  Then when Rose gets it in the 4th quarter Howard pouts like a child.  That is how I see it happening.  Also, Howard only wants to go to warm destination or New York or LA.  Remember, NJ is owned by a weathy Russian who is rumored to be running for Russian President.  He wants to spend money on Howard.  Also, NJ is partially owned by Jay Z and is moving to Brooklyn in 2 years so he will be in New York.  The only reason he considers NJ is because they will be in Brooklyn and the Jay Z connection, guaranteed.  Otherwise, he wouldn't touch it just like he isn't touching the Knicks.  

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 1:16 am

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

lebron is a selfish,egomaniac not because he left cleveland,but the way he left them.he has all these teams come to him and beg him to play in there city to feed his ego.then he had a show called the "decision"to announce his plans then lied when he said he made the decision that morning.if that was the case then why was it reported correctly he was going to miami the night before?lebron knew the whole time he and bosh were joining wade but jerked everyone oround to feed his selfish ego.

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 1:15 am

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

While seeing Dwight Howard team up with Derrick Rose gives me chills I can't help but wonder at what price is he worth it? At very least from a business standpoint Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, Asik and Brewer are fan favorites. All of them are relatively ego free hard working players that create a nice contrast from many other players in the league. When coupled with the ultimate fan favorite, home grown Derrick Rose who does nothing but thank his mother from the MVP podium and voices no public opinion about roster or business decisions, these players conjure up images of a team that is connected by a committment to hard work that will lead to wins. 
From a strictly basketball standpoint, I am still uneasy about this trade. Howard's greatest asset is that he is a defensive game changer as  evidenced by the fact that he is the reigning defensive player of the year. It would seem that adding him to the team that already lead the team in defense would create even more of a defensive juggernaut, but the Bull's problems against the heat in the playoffs were not on defense. The problem was that the Heat could alternate matching Lebron James and Dwayne Wade on Derrick Rose leaving one to concentrate on offense. Sure, the Bulls gave up more than 100 points once in that series. That was an overtime game. Three of the other four games were played with the both teams under 100 points, the exception being the Bulls Game 1 rout. The Bulls relied on tough team defense for an entire season, with Tom Thibodeau preaching rotations. Those pieces being traded away, those players were the keys to making that system work. Joakim could be an all NBA defender, who while not as dynamic as Howard, can be trusted to guard most power forwards and centers in the league so while Howard would be an upgrade the piece that is already in place is much more than competent. The Bull's interior defense was noticeably better after Noah's return. Both Brewer and Deng provide reasonable offensive contributions, but their real value comes on defense where both provide above average man coverage abilities and fit Thibodeau's system. Asik is an above average second unit center who again provides a modest offensive contribution and improved exponentially on the defensive end over the course of the season.
So the question is what does Howard provide? A superb defensive presence to the league's best defense? He is a dynamic offensive player but cannot create by himself for the most part. The Bulls need an offensive player who can create for himself to take the pressure off of Derrick Rose without having to part with too many of the assets that made them  the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. A player who can create his own shot at the two but can still play defense would be ideal and preferably one that would not command a max salary. Restricted free agent Aaron Afflalo and Derrick Rose's former teammate at Memphis Chris Douglas Roberts come to mind, either that or not wasting a draft pick on the likes of Nikola Mirotic who will not come over for this season. The shooting guard position is the weakness for the Bulls seeing as Keith Bogans is an above average defender is little more than a spot up shooter and game manager offensively. The next best options on the roster are Kyle Korver, who is really just a very good spot up shooter who can play defense as a role player or Brewer who is a great energy man off of the bench but not a force at shooting guard. The upgrade is needed at the 2 not at the 5.

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 1:03 am


Dhow may be the best free agent since Shaq. He is very young, big, and defensive minded. People think that Lebron is the most athletic freak in the world, but Dhow is even freakier. He is easily the best defensive center in the league. He is easily the best rebounding center in the league. He will average 23ppg 15 rebounds and 3 bpg over the next decade. The next team he goes to will win multiple championships. The magic lineup with him has sucked so badly and he still takes them deep.

Keep Lebron. Keep DWade. Keep Carmelo. Keep CP3. Give me some Dwight Howard. DHow will win more championships than them all combined.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 11:48 pm

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

Can Howard just make up his freaking mind. First he requested a trade, then he said he is staying with the Magic.
Finally he limits to only four teams, New Jersey Nets, Dallas Mavericks, LA Lakers, and his own team the Magic.
Just get this over with please, Dwight Howard. Go for the team with talent, notMoney mouth please.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 11:09 pm

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

It's pretty obvious that he wants to be the "main attraction" and he wont get that in Chicago.  yes i know dirk is in Dallas and Kobe in LA but not for much longer and once they are gone he will be the center of attention.  It is sad to see such talented players waste a great opportunity to have a long run at multiple championships due to their egos getting in the way of that.
Is this comment a joke? Isn't that exactly what LeBron did by joining Miami? People call him an ego-maniac, yet he went somewhere where he'd have to share the spotlight.  He's greedy, yet he signed for less money than he could've made anywhere else.

So which is it? Is LeBron a cowardly, selfish ego-maniac trying to ride coattails to an NBA championship, or is he just a talented player that didn't want to waste a great opportunity to have a long run at multiple championships by not letting his ego get in the way?

It sounds like Lebron is everything you wish Dwight Howard was.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 10:52 pm

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

I do not even watch BB till the playoffs and would have thought the Mavs, Heat and Lakers would probably make the "Final Four". How do I apply for this kind of job?

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 10:44 pm

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

Could there still be a hangover from how the ex-players from the Bulls Championship era badmouthed the team once they left?  For years the Bulls have struggled to attract any top free agent.  MJ, Scottie Pippen, and Phil Jackson have talked openly and published in books how badly they were treated in Chicago.  Jerry Krause told Phil Jackson in his last year, "I don't care if it's 82-0, at the end of the year you are gone!"  The continued success of Phil Jackson in LA, and MJ's eventual return to playing in the NBA, but not in a Bulls uniform has given the Bulls a reputation as being a bad team to play for.

If cold weather was a deterrant to Howard, he wouldn't want to play in New Jersey.  He already plays for a team that treats him badly.  Truth or Myth, the perception is what matters.

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