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Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

Posted on: December 13, 2011 1:53 pm
Edited on: December 13, 2011 2:59 pm

By Matt Moore

Back on Dec. 10th, the Chicago Tribune reported that Dwight Howard was not considering the Bulls. Chicago has not been on the list of teams Ken Berger has reported since February under consideration by Howard and his management. And Tuesday, ESPN reported that Howard's list has been narrowed to four teams, the New Jersey Nets, the Dallas Mavericks, the L.A. Lakers, and the Orlando Magic

So the question now is "Why won't Howard consider the Bulls?"

For starters, it would make a huge amount of sense for both parties in terms of basketball. For the Magic, they'd be able to get back a decent return on Howard, something that not many other teams will offer. Joakim Noah as a centerpiece, with Omer Asik, Ronnie Brewer, potentially Luol Deng, and a salary dump of Hedo Turkoglu along with picks could probably be had. That's a fine haul for the Magic. But maybe Howard simply doesn't care about what his team gets back and in fact wants to make sure they don't give up too much so that he can have a good group behind him wherever he lands. 

The bigger upside is for Howard. He would no longer have to be the sole source of offense and would have the pressure to be "the man" split between he and Rose. Howard wants help? How about the MVP point guard who can create offense for himself as well as anyone in the league? He'd be set with a young player just starting his rise to greatness and already established. Rose isn't an alpha dog and wouldn't have problems with Howard, Rose has good enough vision even as a score-first guard to create oop after oop for Howard on the pick and roll. Throw in Carlos Boozer as now a much-better-fitting third option (unless they unloaded Boozer which they may have to for salary purposes), and some combination of the Chicago shooters and you have all the help Howard's been asking for. 

Furthermore, how about the best defensive player in the league playing under the best defensive coach in the league? Tom Thibodeau could get the absolute most out of Howard's considerable abilities (not that Stan Van Gundy hasn't already done a stellar job and in fact in large part helped make Howard into the defensive presence he is), and would let him dictate what he wants on offense instead of forcing perimeter shots like SVG. 

The only conclusion is that it's some combination of weather and style that Howard balks at in regards to Chicago. Howard is rumored to prefer warm-weather destinations, coming from the south and having played there for his career. Chicago isn't exactly balmy. Then again, not like Brooklyn is all palm trees and sun tan lotion. The bigger question may be from a marketing perspective. New York or L.A. provide him with media opportunities galore, and for a guy who loves the camera as much as Howard does, that might be the kicker. 

One entity sad about this development? Adidas, who have both Howard and Rose under their label. The two teaming up under the colors of Nike's icon Michael Jordan's former team? Priceless. The money would be there for Howard in Chicago, but maybe not the level of fame he wants.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 7:28 pm

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

Because Chicago and the Bulls suck?

Makes sense to me.  I don't know why others don't understand.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 7:16 pm

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

What's the difference between NY and Chicago weather?

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 7:08 pm

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

Cuase he doesn't like cold weather cities guys...ORL, LA, DAL & NJ, well...he just thew that one out there, he isnt going there

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 7:03 pm

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

i totally agree and remember the bulls did make to the eastern conference finals and could've beat miami if they had all little more scoring and with their defense i believe could've beat the mavs so i think it would a great move and dwight would have no problem fitting into coach tibs system since he is such a defensive minded coach if they add a few more pieces they could have best all around team

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 7:01 pm

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

Only viable reason he doesn't want to go to Chi-Town is if he doesn't like D-Rose for some reason, end of story, big market, great team, weather in NY compared to Chicago is about the same, nothing else makes sense.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 6:04 pm

MJ did ok

Seems like MJ did ok from a marketing standpoint in Chicago.  Dwight could be marquee anywhere if he makes free throws and scores winning baskets at the end of games.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 5:56 pm

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

Howard is from the SOUTH. AS in, NO SNOW OR ICE. Windy city or half-naked BABES with SUNTANS. C'MON. He wants MOVIE DEALS. Commercials. Modeling gigs. All the arguments for Chicago are 100% right on. BUT!!!!  He wants year round warm weather and beach scene parties. He might rub elbows with some music execs and do a rap album like shaq. The opportunities he is yearning for, are in the state of MEX- excuse me, California. He can even watch Albert Pujols in Anaheim. That's closer than driving to Miami. Maybe he likes Mexican food and dosen't want to eat at Taco Bell anymore. Maybe he prefers concrete over grass and trees. He is convinced of a quick title shot with Kobe & crew. Then, CP3 could join next year. Or any other A-list talent. Perhaps Derron Williams even. Winners attract options. All-stars will take pay cuts for 1 or 2 years in exchange for a title shot. Like Karl ( THE MAILMAN ) Malone and Gary ( the GLOVE ) Payton did with the Lakers some years ago. Detroit screwed that up though. With the Bulls talent, personally speaking of course, I would go after Marc Gasol for your center. Slide Noah over to the #2 SF position. Noah would think he was playing with Al Horford again. Twin Towers of PAIN. It would work. Just a thought for your GM to consider. Look at Gasol & Bynum at the Lakers. OR, Robinson & Duncan at the Spurs. Life becomes easier with a 7 footer playing aside another 7 footer. Especially if they both have skill. Noah and Gasol both do. Take the sure thing over what if. Howard would probably just end up pissing you off.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 5:51 pm

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

The money would be there for Howard in Chicago, but maybe not the level of fame he wants.

I don't think Berger is wrong in bringing this up, but I think the premise is wrong itself.  Chicago is a much bigger market than Dallas, for instance, and is a bigger market than Miami, where the "Big 3" have as much fame as they could possibly want.  Championships get you fame.  Do you really think Jordan would have been more famous if he was in NY?  In the NBA, a combination of great stats, a highlight reel, and some rings make you famous.  Chicago may not have quite the media of NY or LA, but it is the 3rd biggest city in the US.  You would really rather play for the Clippers?

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 4:56 pm

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

Everything Ravens1113 said is correct. Chicago would actually make the best fit long term. The only other option that would have made sense is Los Angeles. But thanks to David Stern and the league the Lakers probably won't be pairing Howard with Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant. That's a shame, because I think that they actually screwed New Orleans over in the name of "parity" by blocking the Lakers. LA was the only team that Paul wanted to play for, AND could afford to acquire him by sending back high upside players like Andrew Bynum. Stupid, stupid, stupid NBA leadership these days.

This talk about the Nets is pure foolishness. New Jersey is not going to get Deron Williams to sign an extension. The only asset of real value that they still have is Brook Lopez. And of course the asking price from the Magic for Dwight Howard is going to include Brook Lopez. So at the end of the day the Nets would have Deron Williams, a pretty good shooting guard in Morrow, and Dwight Howard. Instant title? Hardly. Unless you think that Kris Humphries is as good at basketball as he was at getting a Kardashian to marry him for a few weeks.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 4:25 pm

Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

Sox Bears2001, Correction the most successful player in NBA history played in Chicago. No L.A. Errr, NOT. He played in Boston , that would be Bill Russell. 11 world championships in 13 years and 2 as a player coach. 5 MVP trophies , gold medal 12 time all star , the only year he didn't make it was because his rookie year he didn't join the team til December because of the time spent with the Olympic team and many more awards ...

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