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Theory and Proof: LeBron blows it again

Posted on: January 12, 2012 1:59 am
Edited on: January 12, 2012 2:04 am

By Matt Moore

Los Angeles 95 Miami 89

Theory: LeBron James cost the Heat a winnable game on the road against a playoff team by missing free throws. 

Proof: Eventually you reach a point where these things cross the line of believablility. One missed clutch free throw by an 80 percent free throw shooter, one of the best basketball players on the planet, OK. Sure. Weird, but it happens.

But the sheer volume of missed free throws from LeBron James against the Clippers on Wednesday is purely staggering.

And more so, James was clearly, visibly shook by the misses. He didn't settle for long jumpers, though he did brick a face-up J with Billups defending him in the fourth. He did what everyone asks. He posted, he drove, he got to the rim, and he drew the foul.

And he bricked. Over and over and over again.

It was comical. It was absurd. Some people will say they aren't surprised, that James has already shown himself to be that kind of player. But there's a reason so many people react the way they do. There's a reason James is regarded in such lofty compliments. He really is that good... provided it's not a crucial game since the Eastern Conference Finals ended last June.

The Heat missed 14 free throws against the Clippers. Hit half of those misses, they win the game. Any better than that and it's a walk. The game never goes to OT. The Heat absolutely melted down on multiple levels. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade were equally as terrible in the fourth quarter and overtime as James. But it was James who had the opportunity, yet again, to step up and lead, to end it, to be the player that gets it done.

And again, he failed. Shrunk. Choked. Whatever cliche you want to rip out there. He finished 9-17 from the line. Eight missed chances, any pair of which in regulation would have ended it. Torching LeBron for his late game failures has become more boring and drawn out than players complaining about calls (which there was also a lot of in this game, and rightfully so). And yet it's based in reality. No one remembers him crushing the Celtics down the stretch in a dominant series. No one remembers him erasing the MVP Derrick Rose. And rightfully so. These performances aren't just questionable or soft. They're bad. He's played badly.

And Wednesday night, those failures cost the Heat a game they should have won.

It's not even funny at this point, but that's hard to tell over the sound of the world's laughter.
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Theory and Proof: LeBron blows it again

Jordan after losing to the pistons in 1990: this feels terrible, I never want to lose another playoff series

Lebron after quitting in game 5 in 2010: i've had 3 bad games in 7 years, and i spoil you guys with my play.

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Theory and Proof: LeBron blows it again

He had an awful game at the line.  Have you seen what he's done the rest of the year?   If a sports journalist's job security was measured by how many bad articles they write the same way we judge "on a day to day basis" a players' performance on the field or court, we wouldn't have trashed up websites like CBS to read from in the first place.

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 10:49 am

Theory and Proof: LeBron blows it again

So people just want some "aw shucks" guy, even if he can't play the game? Seems kind of odd. As for post-career, I don't know, I don't see Lebron getting suckered into giving all his money to some church.

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 10:46 am

Theory and Proof: LeBron blows it again

It's pretty simple. LeBron is egotistical, Tebow is humble. LeBron might be a winner talent-wise, but he's a loser as a person. Tebow is the opposite. When LeBron's playing days are over, he'll likely crash and burn. When Tebow calls it a career, he'll be just fine.

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Theory and Proof: LeBron blows it again

Bron Bron....Least clutch in NBA. Jess Sayin' Kobe doesnt miss those.

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Theory and Proof: LeBron blows it again

I find the contrast between Lebron and Tebow to be interesting. Here we have Lebron, one of the best players of his generation, maybe an all-timer when all is said and done, and this guy gets killed by the media and fans every day. For what? Losing some games? Not being Michael Jordan? I certainly understand criticizing him about his ridiculous "Decision" affair, but outside of that, I don't get it. On the other hand, you have Tebow, who isn't close to being a top player, and basically sucks. But he gets a "winner" label, while Lebron gets a "loser" label? Lebron has played in the finals twice already!

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 10:36 am

Theory and Proof: LeBron blows it again

I am not a fan of LeBron simply for the "taking my talents" garbage but no one can deny his ability as a player. Yeah, he's been a choker of sorts but that happens all of time in sports, big time players under performing when it counts or in big games.

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Theory and Proof: LeBron blows it again

For all you people defending LeFraud, and saying "he never said he was Jordan".  No you're right about that, what he did say:

1. Self annointed moniker of "King James"; YES he and his buddies in Akron came up with this name for him, NOT the media, it was LeFraud who called himself "the King"

2. He tattooed "The Chosen One" across his back; what did the media or ESPN tie him down and do this to him??

3. Said he was "taking his talents to South Beach" and it was "going to be easy" to run over the rest of the NBA in a 90 minute ego filled puke fest on ESPN

4. Said he would win "not five, not six, not seven..." championships.&
nbsp; The REAL arrogance here is that he started with FIVE!!!  How bout win ONE first your highness

5. Said after his mighty Heat were dismantled in the finals (with five of the WORST 4th quarter performances by an alleged superstar in NBA history no less!!) that "everyone can go back to their miserable lives now" and "I'll still be LeBron" (yes and you'll still be a loser!!)

6. But most appalling of all, said his "teammates weren't good enough to win" in Cleveland.  Thats really the funny one there.  Let's see Cleveland wins 120+ games over a two year period with BY FAR the best record in the NBA.  they were the #1 seed BOTH years.  Buys like Verajago, Delonte West, Moe Williams, Wally Sczerbiak, etc did exactly the SAME thing they had done all year long in the playoffs.  In fact, guys like Moe Williams and Varejago stepped up and their numbers went up.  You know what was different....oh yeah YOU WERE KING!!!  Yes you stood around like a wooden cigar store indian over in the corner, not wanting the ball in the 4th quarter.  YOU missed big shot after big shot.  YOU were the reason Cleveland lost...not the rest of the team!!

So you're right LeFraud lovers, he never said he was fact if you read into it he said he was the NBA's messiah and better than Jordan!!  What an egotistical loser!!  Cant wait to see this guy fail in May/June again!

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