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Kobe: CP3 and Rose only guys that have his edge

Posted on: January 15, 2012 3:22 pm
Posted by Royce Young

Kobe Bryant has never been shy. Not with the ball in his hands and not with his words. He tells it like it is, says what he means and is often a bit braggadocios with it, which obviously, he has reason to be.

Following the Lakers loss to the Clippers Saturday, Kobe paid Chris Paul, and Derrick Rose, about as high a compliment there is from the Black Mamba.

"He's a dog," Kobe told reporters. "He's going to fight to win, and not too many teams can deal with him.

"Chris Paul is really the only other guy in the league, other than Derrick Rose, who has also that competitive edge," he continued.

Notice the names missing from Kobe's list there. No LeBron James. No Dwyane Wade. No Kevin Durant. No Dirk Nowitzki. No Kevin Garnett. Nope, on Kobe's personal power rankings of players that possess the same competitive edge as him, it goes Kobe and then CP3 and Rose in some order.

That's just Kobe talking, which he likes to do. It's not a slight to the other players but more just something that shows the respect Kobe has for Rose and Paul. Still, it seems like quite an oversight to leave out players like Wade, Durant and Dirk. 

And really, what exactly is that "competitive edge" that Kobe speaks of? What tells him that CP3 and Rose have it? What makes him think that those guys are on another level when it comes to wanting to win? It's just Kobe's opinion and he's more than entitled to that, but still, it's quite a thing to only put two players in your category in terms of competitiveness. Kobe wants to be Michael Jordan, who had a legendary amount of it. And only a couple others are in that territory, evidently.

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Posted on: January 15, 2012 11:17 pm

Kobe: CP3 and Rose only guys that have his edge

Kobe left out a few names that have that edge as much or more than he does: Tom Brady, Mariano Rivera and a coach in New England named Bill Belichick.  Belichick is a 24/7/365 football machine.  He will study every opponent with forceps and a magnifying glass to find any edge to beat him.  Players want to win for him.  Brady hates to lose.  Brady and his teammates will do anything to win for Belichick.  I can't say with clarity that each Laker has that same type of respect that Brady commands of the other 52 Patriots.

You could see that Jordan's and Magic's teammates would rather die than disappoint the two MJs.  There is a difference in having that unquenchable will to win than being able to instill that same leadership to get the rest of the guys to feel the same way.

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Posted on: January 15, 2012 11:11 pm

Kobe: CP3 and Rose only guys that have his edge

Lot of venom towards Kobe...don't think he deserves it...I'm not a Laker fan but I think he is one of the most clutch players of all time.  To say he wouldn't win titles without Shaq or Gasol is ridiculous.  Everybody has to have teammates...and they have to be good.
As great as MJ was, he doesn't win 6 titles without Scottie...who are both on the top 50 list of greatest NBA is Magic, Kareem and are McHale, Parish and Bird...Bird and Archibald...Cousy, Russell, Sharman and Jones...Malone and Erving...Havlicek and Cowens...Frazier, Monroe, Reed & DeBusschere...West and Chamberlain...Unseld and Hayes...Drexler and Olajuwon...Chamberlain, Cunningham and Greer...and on and on it goes.

Take a look at that top 50 list...of the players on that list that have won NBA championships, only a couple don't have a teammate on the top 50 list (Isiah Thomas and Rick Barry are 2 that I know of).  And if that list was redone today, Kobe would surely make that list.

Some of those NBA championship teams had up to 4 guys that made the top 50 list...and people want to ridicule Kobe for having help??? Kobe may have had Shaq and Gasol, but with Gasol, Kobe was clearly option #1.

Look, the only players that should be ridiculed for having help to win an NBA title are James, Bosh and Wade...if they ever win one...cause this is the only instance where the players talked for years of joining forces on the same team after they all become free agents after the 2010 season and they made it happen. 

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Posted on: January 15, 2012 11:00 pm

Kobe: CP3 and Rose only guys that have his edge

Kobe who? Whatever. We'll see if these other two "fire" guys ever win a championship.

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Posted on: January 15, 2012 10:56 pm

Kobe: CP3 and Rose only guys that have his edge

If ever an NBA player had a competitive edge, it would be Greg Oden, or Steve Kerr.  End of story.

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Posted on: January 15, 2012 10:50 pm

Kobe: CP3 and Rose only guys that have his edge

It is true.  Kobe would never have won without gasol and shaq.  Just like jordan wouldn't have won without pippen, magic wouldn't have won without kareem and worthy, bird wouldn't have won without mchale and dj, etc, the player, no matter how good, has ever won alone.  Ever.

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Posted on: January 15, 2012 10:48 pm

Kobe: CP3 and Rose only guys that have his edge

I understand exactly what Kobe means.  Its the Killer Instinct.  I personally don't think CP3 has it, but apparently Kobe does.  I think that the only other current NBA player that has the Killer Instinct is D. Rose.  Of course, I also think that the player who had it the most was Michael Jordan.  Although both Bird and Magic had it as well.  Reggie Miller had it also.  Not many, even the most, talented NBA players have.  They just don't.  Its a special quality that some would call arrogance, but its not that.  There are many arrogant athletes, like Barry Bonds, who don't have it and you know they don't have it because they don't win championships.  Its a combination of skill and pure will and people that really have it will do anything to win.  Usually that means they will themselves to be better than anyone but it also can result in them making their teamates better.  In the NFL, I think Brady has it, Manning too, but not Brees.  I also don't think A. Rodgers has it either.  In any event, I'm sure many disagree with Kobe and my comments, but then again who cares.

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Posted on: January 15, 2012 10:43 pm

Kobe: CP3 and Rose only guys that have his edge

You very clearly missed the message here. They have the killer instinct, and the winners mentality. It has nothing to do with playoff runs or woulda-coulda's from a washed up Carmelo and another past-his-prime Pierce or Billups. It's about seeing into a players eyes and fearing the look he has. Knowing that he will do whatever it takes to win.

Running his mouth or not, to even try to put those 3 in the same category with the list of Kobe, Paul and Rose is just nonsense.

You must be a Clippers fan to hate on Kobe like that.  

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Posted on: January 15, 2012 10:40 pm

Kobe: CP3 and Rose only guys that have his edge

Holy crap.. Are you seriously trying to argue that Kobe relies on his teammates too much? Gasol a monster bigman? Granted he is one of the top forwards in the league he is no monster and Bynum is impressive.. When he plays that is. People taking kobes spot at the top? Who's leading the league in scoring?.. Oh that's right lebron and Durant are.. People that are far less physically advantageous on the floor..

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Posted on: January 15, 2012 10:40 pm

Kobe: CP3 and Rose only guys that have his edge

I don't like Kobe.  And I could easily picture him saying something pretty lofty about himself.  However, I don't see where in this article Kobe is saying that he puts himself on the list.  All I see is that he's saying D Rose and CP3 have a competitive edge.  Kinda makes this look like a weak article, since it's built around something Kobe doesn't seem to have said. 

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Posted on: January 15, 2012 10:33 pm

Kobe: CP3 and Rose only guys that have his edge

Funny how players start saying things like that when he is past his prime.  Notice he didn't mention any of his peers and notice he chose two point guards.  Did he forget about Chauncey Billups sending him home one year in the playoffs?  Did he forget when Carmelo had them on the ropes before injuries got the best of him?  Lastly but not least....did he forget that Paul Pierce shut him down in the finals?  This guys career is coming to a close and he has to do more talking than playing to feel better. 

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