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Report: Teams inquiring about Paul Pierce?

Posted on: January 17, 2012 11:05 pm
By Matt Moore

The Celtics are in a free fall. They're not concerned, but maybe they should be. They have four wins against the following teams: Washingtong, Detroit, and New Jersey, teams which are a combined 7-33. Their eight losses encapsulate dominant playoff teams, solid middle-seed playoff teams, a struggling Dallas team, and the New Orleans Hornets. In short, the captain's saying not to panic, but he's also putting all his silverware in a bag. 

And the vultures are circling. Yahoo reports that teams have begun calling to inquire about the captain, the franchise, Paul Pierce:  
As Kevin Garnett and Allen become free agents this summer, money will peel away from the salary cap. Between then and now, the bigger question promises to be: Does ownership and general manager Danny Ainge go for the complete rebuild and trade Pierce before the March 15 deadline? Several contending teams have inquired about Pierce’s availability. As one Eastern Conference official said, there are “lots of calls asking if [Boston] will blow it up.”
via Celtics headed for rebuild, maybe sooner than later - NBA - Yahoo! Sports.

Trade Paul Pierce? Paul Pierce? The Paul Pierce? The Captain? The man that's been with the franchise since he was drafted, the icon of the team since the turn of the century? It seems incomprehensible. But of the players the Celtics have left, Pierce may have the best overall value. He has two more years left instead of the expiring contracts for the other members of the Big 3, but his game is also less effected by age. 

But what teams would be interested in Pierce? You're clearly looking for contenders, both because of his age and because you need a team he'll want to play for. These are hypothetical, but surveying the list of possible teams leaves few real possibilities. The Bulls have Luol Deng. The Heat have LeBron James. The Sixers wouldn't want to move anyone they have for Pierce who couldn't get them to the next level. The Pacers have Danny Granger. The Hawks don't need more salary. The Clippers have Caron Butler. The Spurs will get Manu Ginobili back. The Lakers... no. Don't even think about it. Too weird.

So it's unlikely Pierce goes anywhere. The Celtics can either amnesty Pierce this summer or just live with him on the books. They're clearing enough space to pull in a marquee free agent. They have room to rebuild. And you can't trade Pierce. You just don't do that.

Do you? 

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 6:49 pm

Report: Teams inquiring about Paul Pierce?

no way ! :

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 6:30 pm

Report: Teams inquiring about Paul Pierce?

That is the key.. the Celts can't trade for any contracts that don't expire as well.   If a team has cap space, the Cs can always just eat part of KG's or Rays contract for this year.

What would I want back .... well, if any of em are sent to a contender, picks would be useless UNLESS the Celts got a #1 pick in say, 2016 or later ... so by that time, that team's pick may be much better.   Getting a late first round pick does nothing.

Other than that .... if there is a promision player in the D-League, that could be worth a look ... or someone low on the depth chart that shows future promise.  ANYTHING but more aging players or players with contracts longer than this year.

Worse comes to worse ... we trade Pierce this summer and ride out Allen's and KG's contract and just start over after the season anyway.

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 6:15 pm

Report: Teams inquiring about Paul Pierce?

I agree with SoxCeltsPatsBs

I think, unless a miracle occurs and the Celtics begin playing well (starting in the First Quarter would be nice) and beat some playoff-bound teams, then its time to blow it up in TOTAL, not in part.  Garnett and Allen are off the books after this season, so if a team wants either of them as the first big off the bench or as a sharp shooter, then move them for a pick or a young player that is not in that teams rotation.  Many of you will laugh, but no one can acuse Garnett or Allen of not being hard workers and competitive, and just about any playoff team would love to have either of them to bolster their depth, skills and experience, even if both are a step slower now than 5 years ago.  That said, I doubt the C's would get anything super back, maybe a lottery-protected first round pick...maybe.  Plus to make the $$$ work for the cap, the C' would need to take back a large contract (in Garnetts case), which is fine so long as it isn't multi-year (unless its a good player that isn't old).

Pierce could bring in more provided over the next month he shakes off that heel injury and gets into solid game shape.  He seems to be improving.  Many say Pierce deserves to retire a Celtic.  I won't disagree, but maybe the man doesn't WANT to stay around for a full rebuild, did anyone think of that?  I am not sure anyone in hid mid 30s would want would be tough having a .500 or worse record each of you last few years and it seems that the Celtic's, even with Rondo, would struggle to quickly build a playoff bound team, unless they can bring in two free agents together and pair them with Rondo (another big three).  That could be possible, but not necessarily probable.

Move any player that another team wants and is willing to part with a rebuilding friendly asset (in Pierce case, merely freeing up cap space the final two years of his deal would be an asset).  A few decent picks would be nice though I am sure any would be lotter protected, but since only playoff teams would likely inquire, it probably wouldn't matter anyway, unless it was a pick in the future.

As a C's fan, unless a miracle occurs in February, I am perfectly fine with a full on rebuild and mass trade exodus.  The class thing to do though would be for Ainge and Rivers to meet with Pierce, Garnett and Allen, tell them their plans and ask them if they have concerns, or would prefer to stay...if the trade return isn't great and a Ray Allen wants to stay (moving family not always fun or wanted), and is willing to sign on for the rebuild at an affordable rate, then you yield to this want and keep him.  If they all want to play for a chance at a championship elsewhere, then by all means, move them for a decent asset and free up cap space in case a free agent can be enticed to play in Beantown with Rondo and the other youngsters.  Most players like Doc Rivers, so that will be a plus in recruiting free agents.

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Report: Teams inquiring about Paul Pierce?

Paul 'The Truth' Pierce is one of my all time favorite Celtics ... the guy played through the horrid years and didn't complain once.  He brought a championship to Boston against the hated Lakers.  He's done it all like a true warrior and I would love to see him retire as a Celtic one day ... but ....

That said .. he's making $15.33 this year .. $16.79 next and $15.33 mill the year after.  The Celts are clearly not going anywhere this year and will most definitely go into full rebuild after this season.

So .. regardless of my undying appreciation of what Pierce has meant and done for the Celtics ... Boston would be CRAZY not to trade him if they have interested parties with something decent to give back.  Start the rebuilld NOW ... and in the process, give Paul another chance to win with another contender.  It would be very good for both parties, as much as I'd hate for him to go.

In addition ... Ray Allen and KG should also be available.  And trust me, teams would be lining up for their services as well. 

The Celts are already lined up to have mega cap space this summer at around $34 mill committed.  Trading Pierce would take em down to $18 million or so ... and they would be rid of all major contracts and older players.  Rondo's very reasonable contract would be the only significant figure and he's only making 11,12, and 13 mill over the next three seasons.

Bass would go to PF .. and the Celts could resign Green (assuming he's recovered) to a reasonable deal (with the health risk) and he could play SF.  After that ... C's can fill out the roster from scratch with solid young players ... and they don't have to do it all at once.  Take 2-3 years if you have to .. no need to rebuild overnight as Chicago will be a force for the next few years.    Endure a couple of building years and in 4 years they could be very compeititive again.  

As much as I don't want Pierce to go .. this makes all the sense in the world.   And he'll still get his number retired in Boston when he retires from the NBA .. you can bank on that.


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Posted on: January 18, 2012 2:47 pm

Report: Teams inquiring about Paul Pierce?

Take it easy everyone. They have done nothing but win the last few years. They will bounce back. Philly is not that good and the rest of the division is crap

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 2:47 pm

Report: Teams inquiring about Paul Pierce?

Are we really talking about the Celtics, they are an afterthought. 

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 1:12 pm

Report: Teams inquiring about Paul Pierce?

No he doesn't have a no trade clause, do your research.

Ainge is unpredictable so anything can happen for the right price.  I doubt anything would happen until the trade deadline approaches, they don't have to, so knowing Ainge they won't.

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 1:00 pm

Report: Teams inquiring about Paul Pierce?

they wont even make playoffs so ur right they're not going anywhere

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