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Kevin Garnett interview: 'It was a bar fight'

Posted on: January 27, 2012 1:01 am
Edited on: January 27, 2012 1:10 am
Posted by Ben Golliver

Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett once told us that "anything is possible," and "anything" certainly includes mounting a comeback from 27 points down to defeat the Orlando Magic on the road without Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen.

That's what Garnett's Celtics did on Thursday night and you can probably imagine that he was pumped up about it afterwards.

In what will go down as one of his most memorable post-game interviews, Garnett got emotional with TNT's Craig Sager immediately following Boston's 91-83 victory.

"Goddamn bar fight! Goddamn bar fight, man! It's a bar fight, Craig," Garnett shouted, shifting his weight back and forth as he often does when the adrenaline is flowing. "Bar fight! Tonight was a bar fight, man! We knew they were going to come in with a lot of energy, tonight was a bar fight. Have you ever been in a bar fight? Ask Charles [Barkley], he's been in a bar fight. This is what it was tonight." 

In case you weren't counting, that was eight "bar fights" in less than 20 seconds.

"We won in the second half," Garnett continued. "In the first half, they came out with a lot of energy, put ourselves in a hole, then we simplified our offense, came out... I forgot you were doing the interview. Go ahead."

He then paused to catch his breath. "Woo man."

Sager then asked if he believed Celtics coach Doc Rivers, who said earlier in the game that a comeback was possible.

"Absolutely. Since I've been here in Boston, Doc has never told me nothing that wasn't true.  We were in the Finals one time, we were down whatever it was, he told me we could come back, I believed it and we did. Tonight was no different. Woo."

Sager attempted another question but Garnett started to veer into incomprehensible statements, shouting out to Ray "Ray Ray" Allen to congratulate him on the birth of his child and then telling Sager, "you look good tonight, dog." 

Before saying "go to bed, boo boo," and simply leaving the interview to go to the locker room, Garnett admitted: "I'm all over the place."

No doubt about that. Good times.

Here's the video courtesy of YouTube user The Ultimate Jordan.

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Posted on: January 27, 2012 8:30 am

Kevin Garnett interview: 'It was a bar fight'

I know he can be a complete tool at times but interviews like this just make me love the guy. 

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