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Jennings already discussing leaving Milwaukee

Posted on: February 10, 2012 9:36 am
Edited on: February 10, 2012 9:41 am
Brandon Jennings is already thinking about leaving Milwaukee as a free agent. (Getty Images)
Brandon Jennings is not saying, he's just saying. In other words, he's getting a head start on creating his own version of the Melo Drama in Milwaukee, and he's not even off his rookie contract yet.

A collection of quotes from an overly chatty Jennings from

"I am going to keep my options open, knowing that the time is coming up,'' Jennings said in an email interview. "I'm doing my homework on big market teams.''

I am going to keep my options open, knowing that the time is coming up. I'm doing my homework on big market teams.”

"I'm not saying I won't (sign an extension with the Bucks) and I'm not saying I will,'' he said. "I'm just keeping my options open.''

"When you start seeing other players like Dwight Howard or CP3, you start thinking,'' said Jennings, who is averaging 18.9 points and 5.3 assists for the Bucks.

"It has nothing to do with the city of Milwaukee or anything like that because that's where I started my career,'' Jennings said. "They've been nothing but good to me. (Coach) Scott Skiles and (general manager) John Hammond have been good to me. It's just that I'm understanding the business of basketball now.''
via Milwaukee Bucks' Brandon Jennings doing 'homework' on big market teams - ESPN.

Oh, good grief.

Now we're doing this off rookie contracts? That's where this is starting, now?

The common rule is that you take the rookie extension. Kevin Love may not be thrilled with how the Timberwolves have treated him and has a much bigger complaint and desire to get out than Jennings, but Love took the rookie extension (though he did ask for the three-year opt-out since the Wolves didn't want to sign him to the max, which we still can't believe). LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, every single one of them signed the rookie extension. That's how this works, supposedly. You ensure those first six to seven years before moving on.

But Jennings has never been one to go the normal route. He headed off to Europe when he was unsure of his eligibility and wanted to get started making money right out of high school. He famously essentially lobbied for the Knicks to take him. He's spoken about playing in New York on a regular basis. And now we're here.

Let's put it simply. If this isn't just a negotiating tactic by his management team, if this is really how Jennings feels, the Bucks are doomed. Completely ruined. They've built everything around Jennings and Andrew Bogut (who can't stay healthy to save his life). The Bucks have been unable to build off their momentum of their playoff run. Meanwhile, as BrewHoop notes, the Bucks brought in a player to mentor Jennings, and it hasn't exactly worked out great.
We've also made note of how much Jennings is hanging out with Stephen Jackson, who has had some run-ins with Milwaukee management of his own.

But here's the heart of the issue: John Hammond brought in Stephen Jackson to help mentor Brandon Jennings. It was a calculated risk, bringing in someone with as volatile a personality as Cap'n Jack (especially in the same locker room as Scott Skiles). And lo and behold, mentor is exactly what Jackson has done.

Jackson wants out of Milwaukee, that much is clear. He simply doesn't like it here. But with Jennings under his wing, not to mention their lockers side-by-side, can we really say that we expected this to end well?
via Everybody Panic! Brandon Jennings "Keeping His Options Open" - Brew Hoop.

So here we are, and it could be the start of a downward spiral. Jennings wants to skip the natural process and go right to "holding your team hostage to go to the team you want." Bucks fans in denial regarding him saying he's not ruling out Milwaukee, I direct you to comments from any player above and the fact that not a single one outside of Wade has re-signed. Once a player gets in his head this is the way, that's how it goes down.

Can the Bucks match any offer in restricted free agency? Sure. Unless Jennings refuses to sign an offer sheet, then takes the qualifying offer for his fourth year with the Bucks, then becomes an unrestricted free agent the following summer. It's difficult to get out of a rookie extension. It's not impossible. The fact that Jennings is starting this conversation now, in the middle of a season, with the Bucks the eighth seed if the playoffs started today, is not a good sign for Milwaukee. 

Bucks GM John Hammond is officially in the weeds. Defusing this situation would be a smart approach. These aren't quotes from sources close to Jennings. This is straight from the horse's mouth.

It's danger time in Milwaukee.

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Posted on: February 13, 2012 3:26 am

Jennings already discussing leaving Milwaukee

Don't any of these guys agents advise them not to go public with their unhappiness?  Guys like Dwight Howard and Jennings could care less about their team.  Yes, guys, you are on a team right now.  Your agents can talk to the team in private and twist their arms any way you choose.  But to be so disrespectful to the fans and your teammates is unacceptable.  Howard is such a low life that he lectures his teammates about playing hard at half time.  Hey guys, just hold out until you get your way and stop crying in the press.  Then end up like Deron Williams who is already talking about another trade if they don't get Howard.  Take your selfish butts to a team and ruin it like Mello and Amare did the Knicks.  The Knicks won five games in a row without them.

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Posted on: February 11, 2012 10:27 am
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Jennings already discussing leaving Milwaukee

wow, the NBA is soooooo appealing to the average working man.

hahahahahahahahaha - what a joke

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Jennings already discussing leaving Milwaukee

  as a mentor? queue the laughing gas ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Jennings already discussing leaving Milwaukee

I'm a Bucks fan and I'm not too broken up about this (you had to see it coming), but seriously, this general attitude is pathetic. Why don't any of these guys have a shred of pride? Do you think Reggie Miller was staring longingly at Chicago and New York thinking how awesome it would be to play with Michael or Patrick. No F'n way. He wanted to beat them and embarass them and make them suffer because he was proud and he cared about being the best.

And by the way, Jennings name belongs nowhere near any of the other guys on that list. He's a combo guard. He's Jason Terry with a glitchy jump shot. Peace BJ, it's been real.

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Posted on: February 10, 2012 1:30 pm

Jennings already discussing leaving Milwaukee

Jumping ship is not all about greed.  It's become "How can I get paid AND win?"  IMO it's equally the players and managements fault.  Back in the day, when a GM or owner told a star player he will stay with a franchise, that's exactly what happened.  Now, a player is told that they are not going to get traded, and the next day they're in another city.  There's no loyalty either way.  I agree the Buck should trade him now while he has value.  But, what happens when the player(s) that you trade for don't want to be in Milwaukee?

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Posted on: February 10, 2012 12:02 pm

Jennings already discussing leaving Milwaukee

Its a very sad thing to see where this league is headed, whatever happened to loyalty or establishing yourself and getting your own thing going? Now everyone looks around to see what others are doing, jumping ship is now the hip thing. Team has turned to individual and winning to greed, once he starts talking big market the Bucks are doomed and hes talking blindly cause he has no idea of any offer from any team. Its ignorance on his part and maybe the Bucks should ship him now (to a horrible smaller market team) while they can get a return for his value. I sure would!! The NBA is a joke, why spend money supporting teams that you arent assured their players will be there tomorrow......

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Jennings already discussing leaving Milwaukee

The NBA is a players leage bub, just cause you don't want to believe that does not make it false.  Players run the NBA, just cause they lose some money signing with some other team does not make the lost money so bad.

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Posted on: February 10, 2012 10:14 am

Jennings already discussing leaving Milwaukee

  he hasn't accomplished squat in the NBA, what makes him think he can dictate where he goes?  he takes 18 shots a game, as a point guard!  anyone, ANYONE, who takes 18 shots a game could average close to 20 a game.  is he making the team better?  doubt it.  send him back to europe if he wants out of milwaukee

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Jennings already discussing leaving Milwaukee

I would have thought Jennings would want to play in LA. The Knicks will not be able to sign anyone of significance unless they trade one of their big 3. The Lakers are in need of a point guard, and are willing to go over the cap to get one. I thought Jennings was from Compton as well?

Well, I'm actually gonna call Jennings bluff on this one. A guy that wanted to make money so badly that he went to Europe instead of college to play basketball will not be able to turn down the type of contract Milwaukee will offer. Jennings is not, and I don't think will ever be a max guy, but I'd say in a couple of years after salaries continue to inflate, he'll be a $10-$12M guy in Rajon Rondo's salary range.

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