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Report: Williams told Mavs he wants to join

Posted on: February 26, 2012 11:02 am
Deron Williams could be considering Dallas in free agency. (Getty Images)
By Matt Moore 

Hold on, let me barricade this post against the Nets fans hordes who freak out when you talk about any scenario other than Dwight Howard going to Brooklyn. There. Everything has been all quiet on the Dwight Howard front this weekend at All-Star Weekend. No trade rumors, no trade demands, no explosive quotes, no late night meetings between general managers and Howard. But the New York Daily Newsreports of an indication that seems to be gaining steam with a lot of experts, including's David Aldridge, among others, that the Mavericks are very much in the heart and mind of Deron Williams. From the Daily News (emphasis mine): 
The ultimate disaster for New Jersey would be if Williams and Howard end up playing together, but not in Brooklyn. With some roster alterations that are doable, including using their one amnesty move on Brendan Haywood, the Mavs could be set up, cap-wise, to accommodate both players.
“The Mavs want to do what Miami did and put together their own big three,’’ said another GM. “That’s their goal.”

Williams privately told members of the Mavs last June during their Finals celebration that he would love to go back home and be a part of team with Dirk Nowitzki. But he said Friday he wants to continue to be a Net. So until further notice, the Nets think they still have a good shot to move into Brooklyn with Williams and Howard.
via Dwight Howard center of attention in Orlando as March 15 deadline to ship Magic Superstar looms - NY Daily News.

You'll remember that Ken Berger of reported last year during All-Star Weekend that Williams had told people close to him he wanted to play in a bigger market. He denied the reports. Then he was traded a few weeks later to the Nets. Williams was indeed in the locker room during the Finals, and his body language certainly indicated a warmth and desire to be a part of the Mavericks.

Know why? They were in the Finals. It could have been Washington Generals and he would have wanted to be a part of it. The Bobcats would look good after taking a lead in the Finals 3-2. 

Williams is from Dallas, that's where all this starts. A return home would make sense. It would also make sense for Dwight Howard, who wants a big market, to compete for a title, supporting stars, and warm weather. (Howard grew up in Georgia and has played in Florida his whole life; you ever tried randomly trying to adjust from that kind of weather to anything north of the Mason-Dixon? It's a nightmare.) So to review, the Mavericks offer:

A super-active owner who often acts as GM and who has shown a committment not only to spending, but spending wisely.

A Hall of Fame power forward scoring machine who should be able to keep playing for three-to-four more years at a high level.

A large market that attracts a lot of attention from sponsors and benefits as the economic center of a state which is essentially its own country.

A favorable tax situation.

Warm weather.

A return home for Deron Williams.

An organization that has won a championship in the past 14 months.

That's a pretty solid package.

And yet, the Nets remain in the lead for the services of both. It comes down to convenience. The Nets have movable pieces. Even if their trade assets aren't as impressive as some, they can still move them. The Mavericks' are all older players and unproven guys. They have no prime components to send Orlando. Howard is willing to wait till this summer to make his decision. But if he gets it settled sooner, all the better as long as it's the right decision. The Nets have the best chance at getting him between now and the trade deadline, and they believe they have the deal.

But if this thing goes to the summer, if it's a free ageny tour between Brooklyn and Dallas for both players, things could get very interesting. The Nets would do well to make sure Mr. Cuban doesn't get a shot in the competition.


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Posted on: February 26, 2012 8:50 pm

Report: Williams told Mavs he wants to join

Nowhere have I seen it written that the Nets have any plans to trade Williams - in fact it has been written that they are "all in" on getting Howard by trade or free agency. Williams for his part has played it very close to the vest, saying all the right things about the Nets franchise while stating he needs better players around him. I do have a sneaking suspicion that an under the table deal has already been made between Williams and Howard for 2012 in Brooklyn, and everything else is a smokescreen. If that is the case and you're Howard, you don't want the Nets making a trade and giving up assets, you want to go in free agency and have Marshon Brooks and the Nets #1 pick playing with you when you get there. Which would explain his "wavering" on staying in Orlando.

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Posted on: February 26, 2012 8:00 pm

Report: Williams told Mavs he wants to join

This is EXACTLY why the NBA is a complete joke. Backroom conversations between a contracted player from one organization talking about wanting to play with a particular player from another team. Basically saying, "I want out of here". Player's not giving it all because their not happy with management or because this GM won't bring in his buddies to play with them. What qualifies these player's as GM's? Player's like Melo and Howard and Williams and on and on and on! This tells me that teams that are lower market will never stand a chance. How about you act like are all Professional athletes that get paid millions of dollars? Is that possible? I mean, you are under contract because you all agreed to sign on to where you are at. Idiots! To be honest, the NHL is the ONLY league where you truely don't hear anything about contract disputes. I wonder why that is. Maybe because whether you get paid the league minimum or are Crosby and get paid the Max, player's appretiate the fact that they are getting paid to play a FREAKIN' GAME!!!

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Posted on: February 26, 2012 7:26 pm

Report: Williams told Mavs he wants to join

Wow, how can a reported item(s) from last summer get so many people caught up.

Everywhere in this "news item" the words last year, last summer and last June. Moore has looped together several old reports that alone say little. But twisted together , it almost seems like news.

It's not.

Williams took in some games during the playoffs last year. Players do that. They are often fans of basketball and just like to watch. Stunning, right? He grew up watching Jason Kidd and would love to gain Kidd's level of respect. Deron knows several Dallas players but he is not very close to any of them. You think anyone would not like to win a title in their hometown?

Deron told friends last summer after gettng to see Mavs take down the Heat that he would like to be a part of a championship. And of course, he has told those same friends from high school that he would like to come home and be able to hang out with them. What else would you tell guys you are hanging out with?

This is the same story with fewer names that was pushed about when Cuban would not resign Chandler and role players to long term deals at the start of this season. Chris Paul Deron William, Dwight Howard or ANY TOP free agent in the summer of 2012 are his targets. He tried to make a run at several top FAs before the last season. He failed and ended up with a championship anyway.

But nowhere does it say the Mavs could trade for either of those players. Everyone already knew that BEFORE the season started.

The Nets knew when the traded for Williams they would have to improve the team to resign him. Larger market would not be enough. That is part of the reason they went after Howard, besides the fact he is the best center in the NBA.

If the Nets can get Howard in trade and keep Brooks, Deron would resign in a heartbeat. But if they can't, he still would wait to see which team can be closer to a top level unit. Mavs, Nets, Lakers or ANY other team in a large market that needs a PG. He want to win a title and be sure that is more important than going home.

Nothing has changed from last summer. No steam. No smoke. No news.

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Posted on: February 26, 2012 7:19 pm

Report: Williams told Mavs he wants to join

These players are delusional. The Heats were the last time 3 big stars will be allowed to get on one time...Mavs may get Williams or Howard but in the end they will be w/o a championship team because no team can afford a ton of high price stars unless you are NY or LA...time will run out on Howard and Williams and they will age and no ring

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Posted on: February 26, 2012 7:07 pm

Report: Williams told Mavs he wants to join

as a lakers fan, this would be sad for us but since LA isn't a contender this yr and for the nxt 2 yrs i would love to see both deron & howard to any team just to stop the arrogant miami heat from winning the championship....

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Posted on: February 26, 2012 6:53 pm

Report: Williams told Mavs he wants to join


Why all the hate against Los Angeles? What did the people of Los Angeles do to you? The Lakers have been good on the NBA stage because they have had very good general managers and an excellent owner for the past decade or so.

I hope you get over the hate and “Can we just all get along?”

There are so many rumors going around that any heard now are just the latest gossip reported by unknown sources that eventually that normally turn out to be bloggers.

Who know where Howard and Williams would be going? I am sure there might be lots and lots of behind the scene talking going on, there always is. A general manager that is on his toes always have his ear to the latest talk among other general managers and things about potential trades, free agents and other team moves before they become public.

Even though I might be in a minority, I would like to keep Bynum as the center for the Lakers. I think he has more upside than Dwight Howard. I also like the idea of Keeping Pau Gasol. I think that once everyone get on the same page this core group has a chance of getting another NBA championship this season or perhaps next. We do need a genuine PG since our current crop of PG are not paying dividends. We don’t need old washed up PG with baggage and attitude. I would rather go through the season without that discord in the dressing room. It might take a couple of years to get over that type disaster.

After that the Lakers would be in a position of reloading for the next 5 year run at NBA titles.


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Posted on: February 26, 2012 6:15 pm

Report: Williams told Mavs he wants to join

Williams would fit in any roster.
He carried the flying Illini on his back for many a game and won with pure willpower.
He is a natural leader and teams would be wise to listen.
Would be a potant addition to the NBA champs and increase their chances of a repeat!

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Posted on: February 26, 2012 5:48 pm

Report: Williams told Mavs he wants to join

Well its not like Deron chose to go to the Nets, they were just the highest bidders and Deron still had a year and a half on his contract so at the time the Nets didn't have to worry about him resigning right away.

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Posted on: February 26, 2012 5:46 pm

Report: Williams told Mavs he wants to join

The guy should hav never left Utah,now he want to bounce around the league, ays alot about the legacy you want to leave.

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Posted on: February 26, 2012 5:41 pm

Report: Williams told Mavs he wants to join

Mavs are not gonna get both DWIll and Howard, possibly one of them, but more realistically neither of them. They have no good trade pieces to offer up, so neither will go to Dallas by trade. The Nets have already said the only way they hang on to Williamsl is if he agrees to sign an extension with them by the trade deadline or if they can land Howard. So if these 2 don't end up together in NJ this March they most likely won't end up together at all anywhere. Orlando is gonna give Howard up to the highest bidder which is either the Nets or Lakers. No other team is in the picture.

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