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Report: Celtics are shopping Rajon Rondo

Posted on: March 1, 2012 8:58 am
  Is Boston trying to move Rondo? Wait, we've heard that story before. (Getty Images)
Posted by Royce Young

The Boston Big Four could be on the brink of breaking up. (Alliteration!)

There's been a lot of talk of Danny Ainge making some sort of move with one, two or maybe even all of Boston's four core pieces before the trade deadline. The one with the most trade value would likely be 26-year-old point guard Rajon Rondo and the Celtics are shopping him around, according to ESPN Boston:
The Celtics find Rondo's personality to be too high-maintenance and his clashes with coach Doc Rivers remain an off-court distraction, sources told Broussard, and the front office is now actively pitching him to other teams. With the Celtics realizing they are no longer title contenders, they don't believe his point guard prowess is worth the headaches Rondo brings, sources say. And they do not want to build around him.

In December, the Celtics had discussions with Golden State about a Stephen Curry-for-Rondo deal, and one source says it was Golden State that decided against pulling the trigger. But Curry's recent ankle injuries, which have caused him several problems in his short career, have given the Celtics pause.

The potential trade is still being discussed by Boston's braintrust, but they aren't sure they want to go forward with it. It also isn't clear whether the Warriors would be willing to do it. Other players would have to be thrown in to make it work financially.

There was talk earlier in the season that the Celtics were pursuing a deal for Chris Paul involving Rondo, and another deal that would send Rondo to Indiana. So there's certainly some fire to all this smoke. Ainge is absolutely making phone calls involving his young point guard.

Whether they're just trying to move on, or they want to wash their hands of the headaches Rondo brings, Boston is actively looking to deal. Doesn't mean something is imminent, but it means that March 15 could be an interesting day for the Celtics.

Ainge tried to cover himself for shopping Rondo around earlier in the year saying in January there's a difference in trying to trade a player and trying to acquire one.

"I was not trying to trade Rajon Rondo," Ainge said. "There's a big difference between trying to acquire a player and trying to trade a player."

Potato, potahto.

Rondo is averaging a career-high 14.1 points per game to go along with 9.6 assists and 1.6 steals. It's not his best season in terms of overall production, but he's still an extremely productive All-Star point guard. And someone with a lot of value. If Rondo is indeed dealt, it would signal a change of process for the Celtics. They'd likely be going from a team looking to contend now, to a team looking at transitioning into a new era.

That roster has been built largely on great talent, but also a strong bond in chemistry. The Kendrick Perkins trade tested that, and the Celtics failed. Dealing Rondo would signal that it's a full on shakeup in Beantown.

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 9:41 pm

Report: Celtics are shopping Rajon Rondo

whether ainge realizes it or not rondo is the glue to this team.  a replacement will be tough if it ends up happening 

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 9:23 pm
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Report: Celtics are shopping Rajon Rondo

Doc says Rondo is going to remain a Celtic but I can feel anxious Danny Ainge wants and needs to make a move...It would not surprise me

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 6:33 pm

Report: Celtics are shopping Rajon Rondo

Jump on it LAKES!!! 

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 5:59 pm

Instant Contender - For Fantasy Basketball Maybe

The poor guy who made the comment that the Celtics could become instant contenders with one trading move is in for a big disappointment.  Celtic time is over for awhile.  They should be giving out canes instead of basketballs at practice.  Without Rondo, this team has an excellent chance of being passed for third place by Toronto.  They have no chance of matching up or catching the Knicks or 76ers.  It is a time for rebuilding, just like the Knicks did a few years ago.  The process normally takes about two to three years on average.  Allen is old and limited in range, Pierce is also aging and losing average minutes almost game by game.  Both are also injury prone.  Garnett will last longer than both of them because he has more native talent than either and he is less injury prone, but he cannot hold up the team by himself.  He is not getting any younger as well.  The Celtics got their ring and now the party is over and its time for everyone to go home (old age home).  Personally, I would keep Rondo and build around him with good young talent, then sign one or two big names.  Good luck.

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 4:34 pm

Report: Celtics are shopping Rajon Rondo

Celtics are not dealing Paul Pierce. Not now anyway. He's become an ALL TIME Celtic now and they're not moving him in the middle of the year. It may make sense all around, but I just don't see a way Pierce gets moved now. Very small chance.

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 4:27 pm
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Report: Celtics are shopping Rajon Rondo

MA chicken .. considering you're just a moronic TROLL that just opened up probably his 100th CBS ID yesterday ... i'm not concerned about what your small mind is thinking.   Sealed

The base trade  Rondo/Ray  for  Dudley/Nash is very reasonable  ... the rest is obviously wishful thinking, but logistically it could happen given the cap space the Celts would have, I guess you were too dumb to realize that.

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Report: Celtics are shopping Rajon Rondo

Lakers get Rajon Rondo Andre Iguodala Thad Young Lou Williams
76ers get Paul Pierce Celtics 1st round pick
Celtics get Pau Gasol Andrew Bynum

That's pretty's the first 3-team trade (proposed or real) that I've ever seen in any sport that makes all 3 teams worse. lol

The Celtics would be left without a PG and lose the only guy they have who can create his own shot, the Lakers would lose all their size (which is what won them their last championship) and the 76ers trade away 3 of their biggest contributors for an aging veteran who is far past his prime, wouldn't want to be there and would probably leave ASAP and a middle of the round draft pick that may be great, but probably wouldn't be.

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