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Report: Lakers considering offensive mutiny

Posted on: March 8, 2012 9:32 am
Edited on: March 8, 2012 9:39 am
The Lakers are facing serious problems on the road. (Getty Images)
By Matt Moore

The Lakers' loss to the lowly Wizards isn't causing panic. But it's definitely got the Nation of Lakerland in an uproar, inside and out. The Lakers' inability to win on the road where they are now 6-14 on the season is a huge black mark on their championship-caliber record. It makes two losses in two nights to lottery teams, with the Wizards truly one of the league's worst teams. It involved a 21-point blown-lead, a dagger from Nick Young, and Kobe Bryant shooting 31 times. Thirty-one-times for thirty points. 

So in this time of trouble, Mother Laker has of course came to them, speaking words of wisdom: "throw your coach under the bus and try and run the offense you want on your own." From 
Bynum publicly invited the bulk of the responsibility for the Lakers' second straight loss to a lottery-bound straggler from the Eastern Conference, but sources told this week that there is growing concern among some Lakers players as to whether first-year coach Mike Brown and his staff have the X-and-O wherewithal to fix a Lakers offense that is averaging its lowest per-game point total (94) since before the advent of the 24-second shot clock in 1954-55.

Brown's effect on the Lakers' defense has been undeniable, but sources say the team's ongoing struggles on the road -- with L.A. dropping to 6-14 away from Staples Center following a loss in Detroit and blowing a 21-point lead to the undisciplined Wizards -- have some veterans longing for a return to the trusty Triangle offense preferred by Brown's predecessor, Phil Jackson.
via Sources: Los Angeles Lakers players have concerns over coach Mike Brown's X's and O's - ESPN Los Angeles.

The report goes on to say:  
Sources told that multiple players have continued to meet privately since the initial team meeting to discuss running elements of the Triangle offense again.

"The players want to unify," one source with knowledge of the situation said. "They know how to win, and they want to fix this. I don't know if they can, though. "
via Sources: Los Angeles Lakers players have concerns over coach Mike Brown's X's and O's - ESPN Los Angeles.

Yes, because clearly, when I think about who should be organizing an offense behind their coach's back, I think of Matt Barnes, Metta World Peace, Andrew Bynum, and Steve Blake.

If the report's on target, that's an abject disaster for Brown and Lakers' management. Players considering overthrowing a coach's offense in favor of what they want to do, which happens to be one of the most complex offenses to run? It should be noted that no coach outside of Phil Jackson, with either Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant in his prime, or Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, have been successful with the system. So basically this is a terrible idea.

This kind of talks is what comprises a coach losing his team, so the report's pretty volatile. It's been less than a full season for Brown and with the players unrest showing in both their effort and talks like this, the Lakers' most drama-filled season since Kobe Bryant's trade demand in 2007 is threatening to break apart one of the most dominant teams of the last half-decade.

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Posted on: March 8, 2012 6:58 pm

Report: Lakers considering offensive mutiny

There are several factors involved in this scenario.

The team has a new coach running a different system. The old system (Triangle) got this team to the finals where they won two NBA championship titles

Now they have a new offense that no one really had a chance on work on because there was little if basketball camp and little if any pre-season games to completely install the new system. The players do not understand the system and would want to rebel because the old system was a success.

The other problems that arise it the method in which the new coach solve game time situations and team personal problems. This team is having a problem with the coaching change. They might not want to rebel, but old habits are tough to alter and adopt new ones especially when the old one produced the desired results. Now there is a trust problem among the players and coaching staff.

As far as turmoil in the front office with management and team personal, I find that might be a communication problem that did not exist under Dr Buss, previous General Managers and Head coaches. It appeared as though communication was a give and take both up and down.

In my opinion, Kobe does take too many shots and dribble the ball between his legs and might need to pass the ball into Bynum or Pau. If in fact they are doubled teamed as one poster indicated they would make a determination as to whom the open person was and pass the ball out to that person. The ball would need to pass the ball inside at least twice before an outside shot is attempted or time make it necessary for a hurried shot.   

 With establishing the low post, Kobe would still get his shots and the team might be able to correct the road loses. Taking 30 shots per game for one individual is not a game plan it is an individual plan.

I could understand Coach Brown telling Kobe to take care of the offense side while he would take care of the defense.

It would not make sense to continue doing the same thing and failing as oppose to taking corrective action that might fix the problem. This might work out.

The problem with the proposal Brown has spoken to Kobe about would be giving coaching authority to Kobe, thus putting Kobe in a position of being a coach, calling plays that might not be the same as those the head coach. Also selecting the players and rotating them in at his discretion.  


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Posted on: March 8, 2012 6:54 pm

Report: Lakers considering offensive mutiny

What did Laker Nation really expect by bringing this clown Brown in to "coach" this team? I hear the"Mutiny in the Staples" is a possible big instant classic this April.

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Posted on: March 8, 2012 6:54 pm

Report: Lakers considering offensive mutiny

Kobe is a great offensive talent, but with a poor offensive mind.  Until he passes, creates mismatches, and takes better shots, NO offensive scheme will run properly.  In Kobe's hands the triangle never ran close to the way it was supposed to run.  With the size advantage the Lakers have in nearly every game, Kobe should never be going one-on-two or one-on-three.  I have yet to see any offensive scheme designed around that sort of solo play. 

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Posted on: March 8, 2012 6:25 pm

Report: Lakers considering offensive mutiny

Cowboy, the stats you gave about Kobe only averaging .5 more turnovers then last year is bogus. It's obvious your a Kobite. You see there are Laker fans...and then there are Kobites. Laker fans care about the welfare of the team as a whole. Kobites, (much like their mentor) only care about Kobe individually doing well and making highlight moves or plays. Kobe is selfish, refuses to go inside to the big men consistantly and he has made Mike Brown his lap dog like Labron James made Brown his lap dog. The Lakers are last in the league in fastbreak points meaning that they can't afford to turn the ball over because they don't get easy baskets in transition.

As usual, Kobe is refusing to play with a dominant Big Man and something will ultimately have to give. But this time, Kobe doesn't have youth on his side. Youth has to be served at some point. Kobe better be careful. Because unlike 2005, HE is the old man now like Shaq was in 2005. How'd that turn out?

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Posted on: March 8, 2012 6:22 pm

Report: Lakers considering offensive mutiny

I like the meat and potatoes of your statement except for the fact of feeding the post more. Because of the lack of point guard and small forward, there must be some sort of perimeter game in order to open up the middle. Against Detroit, the Lakers failed to establish an outside presence which allowed the Pistons to crowd the middle and force many turnovers. The same happenned last night but could have been overcome with legit point guard play. Sessions and Beasley are not the answers at all for the Lakers but if they could somehow get their hands on Lowery from Houston who can shoot, penetrate defenses and run the show, that could very well get them over the hump in the post season. The current point guards are not able to stand up to the defensive pressure on the perimeter that is needed to succeed in the playoffs.

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Posted on: March 8, 2012 6:10 pm

Report: Lakers considering offensive mutiny


 I am sure white cat is speaking of the current head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers Byron Scott.

At least that is who I consider him as speaking of.


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Posted on: March 8, 2012 6:00 pm

Report: Lakers considering offensive mutiny

This kind of talks is what comprises a coach losing his team, so the report's pretty volatile.
'This kind of talks is what comprises'? No offense, but this phrase makes no sense. Perhaps 'kind of talk' would be okay, but it seems like the word you want is 'connotes', not 'comprises'. 'Comprises' means 'consists of'.

the Lakers' most drama-filled season since Kobe Bryant's trade demand in 2007 is threatening to break apart one of the most dominant teams of the last half-decade.
Speaking of drama, it would be hard to write a more hyperbolic sentence than this. 'One of the most dominant teams of the last decade'? I don't follow your writing, but you sound like a Celtics fan.
What is this, Cambridge online?  I think we understood what he was going for and could have gone w/out the deleterious diatribe.

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Posted on: March 8, 2012 5:54 pm

Report: Lakers considering offensive mutiny

Heaping the blame on Mike Brown as a coach is not the reason the Lakers are in trouble this year. Kobe is not feeding the ball to the low post enough and while Brown deserves some of the blame for not demanding Kobe to feed the post, anyone who has followed the Lakers for Kobe's 16 years with the team will tell you it is not as easy as it sounds. Brown did not have a training camp to teach his system to a collection of veterans who have run a specific triangle offense for most of their career's. Also, the Lakers do not have a point guard on their entire team, which is the fault of the NBA's king, David Stearn who pulled the plug on the Paul trade. Browns "system" relies on a point guard that can get out and facilitate an offense for at least a few easy baskets each game and the Lakers do not have this type of player. The Lakers also do not have a small forward, they have a guy in World Peace that is respectable on defense, however, is shooting less that 40% from the floor and less that 20% from 3 point range. How many teams would be over .500 with the Lakers point guard and small forward with a brand new coach and a brand new system and no bench? Brown is not a top 5 coach in the league, no doubt, but the guy is not to blame for what is going on right now with the Lakers. Kobe was 9-31 last night and they barely lost this game. If Kobe does not lose his mind and continued to feed the post and recognize the biggest advantage the Lakers have with 2 skilled 7 footers, the Lakers win both those games. The only chance the Lakers have to do anything in the post season is if they are willing to take on some salary, trade their 2 first round picks for Michael Beasley and Ramon Sessions, otherwise, kiss the season goodbye.

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Posted on: March 8, 2012 5:52 pm

Report: Lakers considering offensive mutiny

Ok #1 Cowboys, I never said Magic was an employee or part owner of the Lakers. For goodness sake he is "Magic"!!! You don't think he has "behind the closed door" inside information on whats going on with the team. If you had read his twitter this morning you would have known he said "Trade, Trade, Trade"!!! I'm sorry but you are just not going to get a quality pg and the big three stay in tact, it's just not going to happen. And Kobe is forced to take those bad shots because his second rate, choke teamates can't make an open jumper especially on the road.

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Posted on: March 8, 2012 5:44 pm

Report: Lakers considering offensive mutiny

Kobe is one of the league leaders in turnovers because he's not the same Kobe he was 5 years ago
You're right, Kobe isn't the player he was 5 years ago. In 2011/2012 he's averaging 3.8 turnovers per game; 2009/2010 he averaged 3.2 turnovers per game; in 2002/2003 he averaged 3.5 turnovers per game.  His turnovers are up barely .3 turnovers a game from 9 years ago.  For the last 12 years Kobe has played in the triangle offense that doesn't really need a point guard.  But this year he is being forced to play the PG position (by default) in an offense that is horrible.  But yet he's 4th in the NBA in turnovers per game, and the 3 guys who turn the ball over more are Deron Williams, John Wall and Russell Westbrook.  Pretty good company...and they all play less minutes per game than Kobe.

Did you see Bynum last night? Bynum had 3 turnovers in a row and 7 on the night.  He handles the ball far fewer times during a game than Kobe but still averages 2.4 turnovers a game.

Comparing last year to this year....Kobe's FG% is down, FT% is down, and Turnovers are up; Gasol's FG% is down, FT% is down; Turnovers are up; Bynum's FG% is down, FT% is down, Turnovers are up.  

Since the Big 3 are all worse this year this year in these categories, do you think it could possibly be the offense??????

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