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Resigning D-Fish is important

Posted on: July 11, 2010 4:40 am
When I read today that Derek Fisher was meeting with the Miami Heat officials, I got a lump in my throat.  I thought to myself, :Oh no here we go again".  The last time Fisher left was after the Kobe-Shaq fallout, he signed with the Warriors then moved onto the Jazz before returning.  I remember those years without Fisher were turmoil to say the least.  Kobe Bryant was a scoring machine and we made the playoffs two times losing to the Phoenix Suns.  There was something missing during that time, a floor general, a calming voice, a inspirational leader, a voice of reasoning, and even a guy who could take that one shot when Kobe had to jack up shot being tripled teamed.  Those were all the things Derek Fisher was to the Lakers.
The Lakers management must not make the same mistake twice, you listening Mitch, Magic, and Dr. Buss?  I know Fish is getting older, but we may have not....we would have not won these Last 2 Finals without #2.  DF's clutch treys in 2009 to his great performance in game 3 this year in versus the Celtics.  Lakers step up to the plate and bring back Derek to the family, not only for what he does on the court but also on the sidelines and locker room...Make a Difference.
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