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Devin Ebanks or Trevor Ariza?

Posted on: July 11, 2010 6:51 am
When I was wacthing the Summer League game yesterday between the Lakers and Nuggets I was confused on who that was wearing #3 for the Lakers, Devin Ebanks or Trevor Ariza.  Now I'm not getting ahead of myself Fully, I know this kid was drafted 43rd and has not played a single NBA game yet but one must admit there is a striking similarity there besides just the uniform number.  They kinda actually look alike, Dervin being a bit taller.  Most of all is there game.  Both are good defenders that can step in front of a pass or poke a ball loose.  I saw that today when Ebanks did it a few times.  Also, both have good spot up trey strokes.  The likeness in their passing on the break are uncanny too.
Now I know what your thinking, Fatman how can you tell all this after 2 summer league games?  Well in addition to being a Lakers fan, I am from West Virginia and have seen all of Devin Ebanks college games for the last 2 years too in Big East country.  I am telling you this kid has the skills to make the Lakers squad.  I know Mitch and Phil Jackson are not big on rookies but believe this kid would be a good bench guy, plus we can sign him for the rookie minimum salary.
My Laker Brothers in Arms, I think this was a steal in the Draft and we be better signing him.  If you have not seen him play yet check out the summer league games on NBA TV, you will like what you see.
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