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Lakers Quietly Get MUCH Better This Offseason...

Posted on: July 23, 2010 10:34 am
With all the fanfare and pandemonium sorrounding the Miami Heat many fans have forgotten that the team in Los Angeles is still the defending champs.  Dont look now, but this team just got a whole lot better this offseason.  UH OH!!  Coming into the offseason a huge concern of mine was the bench.  We saw the bench blow several leads this past season forcing pau and kobe to come back into games that should have been over to finish them out.  We also saw Pau and Kobe KILL themselves in the postseason by playing huge minutes due to the Lack of Depth off the bench.  Well, that has all changed.  With just a couple strokes of the pen and the attraction of winning a title in hollywood the Lakers have added some great role players who have taken the Lakers bench from shallow to deep. 

First came the signing of Steve Blake.  Some Laker fans were not real happy with this signing.  I loved it.  Why?  Because Blake is exactly what the Lakers need in a back up PG.  Hes a solid 3 point shooter, hes a good passer and hes smart.  The problem I had with Farmar and the reason I was never big on him is because he simply is not a good floor general.  He made way too many risky passes in big moments that lead to crippling turnovers.  Jordan to me was more of an undersized SG than a true PG.  Anyway, I digress.  It looked as if the Lakers would have to move on from the offseason with Blake as the only signing after Raja Bell skipped a dinner meeting with Kobe to discuss coming to the Lakers.  But in a matter of hours on a Thursday night, that all changed.  The Lakers signed Matt Barnes and Theo Ratliff

I LOVE the signing of Barnes.  This guy is hard nosed, tough, a good defender and a quality 3 point shooter who will get plenty of open looks in the Laker offense.  He will be an instant fan favorite because of his hustle plays and his heart.  Barnes was very high on my wish list this offseason and im psyched that the Lakers got this guy.  Then the Lakers shored up their depth issues C and PF by signing Theo Ratliff.  Dont be fooled by this signing, its not some insignificant additon.  I think its a great one.  Theo is a quality shot blocker and rebounder and is a worker in the post.  He will prove to be important if Andrew is injured again.  Hes a definate upgrade over D.J.  The Lakers have wisely addressed their biggest need this postseason, they got a quality bench which is what this team had been lacking.  Lets compare the benches.

Last years bench:

Odom, Sasha, Farmar, Brown, D.J. Josh Powell

This years:

Odom, Blake, Barnes, Sasha, Ratliff, Brown(possibly).

Much better this year, so much for this blog being quiet!! Too much news to Discuss!!!  GO LAKERS!! RETURN OF THE BENCH MOB!!!
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Posted on: July 24, 2010 1:43 am

Lakers Quietly Get MUCH Better This Offseason...

With brown + sasha + blake backing up the guard positions the lakers look great there, Barnes will play SF behind Artest i am expecting, and Ratliff, Odom along with the starters will play big.

Sounds great, the Lakers adressed there biggest and only issue, depth, Barnes is a hustle player as u mentioned and he can hit a three. Blake can take the load off Fisher and give him much needed rest, and unlike farmar he can actually hit a three and make decent passes. Ratliff adds a veteran to the team and he'll give them tough play if Odom ever goes soft, nice pick up.

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