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Sixers - Hawks Highlights

Posted on: December 3, 2010 10:58 pm
The best part of the game is I slept through most of it.  I can honestly say it was the  most I enjoyed a Sixers game all year.

They finally started Jodie Meeks and sat Evan Turner.  Must have been the right move, it made EVAN play a lot better at least from a stat line.  Let that be a lesson for you young people, sometimes when you are overmatched a little, admitting it and taking a step back can improve your performance.  Meeks only scored 9 but it was clear that he gave them a real outside threat for the other team's D to think about which is more then we have gotten out of the Shooting Guard spot all year.

Jrue Holiday had a great stat line for the game 4 pts 1 R 5 Assists.  ugh.  Thank goodness the Sixers are selling me him on potential.

Doug Collins has come to the decision that Battie is only playing the end of the game to provide some veteran leadership for closing out games.  Finally the new coach does something that appears to be well thought out.

The first time I woke up during the game it was close late in the 1st.  Just that fact is a major accomplishment.

The second time I woke up furing the game was late in the third and it was close with the Sixers in front.  Just that fact is a major accomplishment.

I wasn't really awake for good till the last minute of the game where I was informed the Sixers managed to blow a 16 point lead.

Then I saw a single Hawks player get a rebound off a Hawks free throw in a 1 on 4 situation, 4 Sixers and the 1 Hawks player gets the rebound that was the play that lost the game.

Then the Sixers bumbled fumble their way about giving away the ball and that was the play that REALLY lost the game.

I did get to see Doug Collins scratch the back of his head in patented Evan Turner style.  Was nice to see Evan teaching his signature move.

I did get to see a shot of Evan Turner.  I don't know whether its just the shape of his face, the wide open eyes, the youth, but wow a lot of times he just looks lost judging by his face.  On the plus side at least he looked lost on the bench, and hey can't blame this loss on him he was effective coming off the bench judging by the stats.

Oh I listened for one minute and got to hear Eric Snow's enlightening commentary of, "Hey sometimes you miss one, and then miss another one." Although it sounded a lot dumber when he said it.  I will give him credit he is getting easier to hear every game, this guy is getting some serious coaching about his speach.  SO that is a plus at least Eric can learn, now if we can just do something about our players.  Unfortunately the more coaching he gets the more his voice seems to keep getting lower another two weeks like this and he will sound like "Fat Albert".  Eric Snow gave me lots of fine memories as a player, me along with most of the city loved him I just wish he would have left it at that.

I did get to hear Zumov whine, its so bad when he whines.  If he is going to find a reason to whine at the end of a Sixers loss all season long I may need to break my TV.  Ooooooooooh Nooooooooo.

Well that's it Sixers fans, if you did like me the game was great, cause I slept through it.  Was nice to get the night off.

OH One last parting thought, if the only thing Maurice Speights can do better then Spencer Hawes is jump, then maybe we should let him do the jump ball at the begining of the game.

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Posted on: December 4, 2010 2:26 am

Sixers - Hawks Highlights

Looks like another lottery pick for the Sixers. I just hope that they don't go on runs and end up screwing themselves out of a no.1 overall pick (which is what they need). I honestly don't know, really, what it's going to take to make this team decent. I mean, ever since 2005-06, they've just mediocre to downright AWFUL. They definitely need a big man that can be a presence in the paint...maybe trade Iggy and get what you can for him and then make a run at Carmelo Anthony...i don't know. The Sixers are run by bad management so they'll probably find a way to screw things up.

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