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Running Out of Ballot Space

Posted on: September 26, 2010 6:21 pm
Edited on: October 18, 2010 8:49 am



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Let’s start out with hearty congratulations to
Nevada who earned their first AP Ranking (No. 25) since they climbed as high as No. 10 in 1948!  They also sit at No. 25 in the Coaches’ Poll.  Nevada deserves it for reaching 4-0 while beating teams like California and BYU.  Meanwhile, with its third loss, it looks like BYU picked the wrong week to go independent.

So much for the computer’s high expectations of Texas.  Last week two of them had Texas pegged as No.  1.  After their stunning home loss to UCLA, the Longhorns have dropped this week as low as No. 28 in the Colley Matrix.  That isn’t much worse than the AP, who dropped Texas all the way from No. 7 last week to No. 21.  Fourteen spots is an exceptionally large single-week drop.  Of course, it still doesn’t compare to Michigan’s infamous 2007 drop from No. 5 to unranked after the Appalachian State loss.

There are still lots of undefeated and once-beaten (or more) teams out there with top-25 potential.  There are 36 teams getting votes in the AP this week, but there’s only room for 25 on a single ballot.  Typically the teams that voters made room for this week were Nevada and North Carolina State.  Therefore, voters also needed to drop a team or two, and that lead to some tough choices.

For example, Desmond Conner of the Hartford Courant has undefeated Arizona unranked, but has a team they beat, Iowa, at No. 15.  In place of the Wildcats, Conner gives one-loss Houston their only vote.   Of course, that loss came from a now impressive looking UCLA team.

Ray Ratto is the only voter to leave either Iowa or Miami off his ballot, let alone leaving them both off.   Ratto not only made room for Nevada and N.C. State, he also added Kansas State to his ballot.

Rob Long was the only voter to drop Arkansas off his ballot after the Razorbacks nearly pulled the upset over No. 1, Alabama.  Bob Condotta and Mark Anderson dropped South Carolina after their loss to Auburn.

Scott Wolf and Jon Wilner left out both Michigan and Wisconsin.  Wilner was one of three to also drop USC, and in his case, replace the Trojans with Kansas State, Oregon State, Air Force,  Missouri or UCLA.  If you couldn’t tell already, Pollstalker tagged Wilner as the most-extreme voter of the week.  It is odd that the top-three most extreme voters are the three from California.  Does the Golden State have a Conventional Voting Tax to go along with their Junk Food Tax?

In the Coaches’ Poll, Big 12 members, Missouri and Oklahoma State take the place of USC and N.C. State in the top 25.

Head-to-Head lines:

There are still 8 people voting Iowa over Arizona.  That’s down from ten last week, even though the Wildcats had a very narrow escape against unranked Cal.  As long as Arizona can keep winning, that trend should continue it its favor.  However, even a one-loss Arizona team should be ranked over Iowa except under extenuating circumstances.  As mentioned previously, Desmond Conner has the biggest gap in favor of the Hawkeyes.



Two-loss UCLA didn’t receive many votes, even after their upset of Texas.  However, most everybody who did cast a vote for the Bruins, remembered that Kansas State beat them in week one.  The only exception is Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News, who ranked UCLA highest at No. 22, but didn’t rank undefeated Kansas State.

Solomon and Jon Wilner were also the only voters to rank UCLA over Texas.  It’s hard to argue with that considering the game was at Texas and the outcome was decisive.  Also, Texas hasn’t had a signature win yet (although Texas Tech may turn out to be a ranked team down the road).  However, Pollspeak is generally an advocate of using head-to-head results when the winning team has the same or better record than the losing team.  In this case, Texas has one loss and UCLA has two.  So we also don’t begrudge any voters who rank Texas higher.

Note:  When the ballots were released on Sunday, Greg Archuleta's ballot was exactly the same this week as last week.  The AP reported that this was a technical glitch, and have since corrected it.


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Posted on: September 28, 2010 6:34 pm

Running Out of Ballot Space

Someone mentioned that the Pac-10 should not be playing games so late that it is 3am on the east coast when they end.

I think the latest starting Pac-10 games start at 730pm. There is a reason Arizona and Arizona State play at night. It is 100-120 degrees outside during the day.
This is not so much for the teams but for the fans and bands etcs.

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Posted on: September 28, 2010 4:53 pm

Running Out of Ballot Space

Iowa over Arizona is stupid, but at least semi-understandable.

4-0 KSU ranked behind a 2-2 UCLA team that they beat should result in forfeiture of poll voting rights forever.

Since: Sep 12, 2006
Posted on: September 28, 2010 2:12 pm

Running Out of Ballot Space

getting tired of seeing CBS bash the Hawks, I don't have any doubt that Arizona should be ranked ahead of the hawks, and yes, people should be questioned about there voting. but you look at the game and Arizona capitalized on early mistakes by Iowa. A good team will do that. A great team wouldn't have let Iowa come back and nearly win it. Depending on the loss would be what dictates if Arizona should be ahead of Iowa. Lose to Oregon, sure. Lose to Washington State. no.

I wouldn't mind so much if CBS was doing this last year when PSU was ranked over Iowa when Iowa won in Happy Valley by double digits, but I don't believe they did, in fact they were bashing Iowa last year dispite being ranked #1 in computer polls and only having the 2nd most injuries to any team in the Nation (Oklahoma had the most).

All that being said, the polls dont matter anything yet. they are still crap right now and likely will be for another 2 or 3 weeks.

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Posted on: September 28, 2010 1:27 pm

Running Out of Ballot Space

You know this is a good reason we need a playoff. Not just because my horns got dropped they got stomped so why wouldn't they it was UCLA for god sakes they deserve to be dropped. Win or shut up I always say thats how it is until they get a playoff but they won't do that as the chosen would loose control. And with a playoff it would shut up all the BS between conferences and all it WAC, PAC, and MAC get a playoff and play and I'll admitt SEC teams would have an advantage at first, they play tougher teams in conference weekin week out. Big 12 south is getting there but well see Tech and Okie-state looked to have dropped back a bit and yes I know TEXAS lost, enjoy, it won't last long.

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Posted on: September 28, 2010 12:06 pm

Running Out of Ballot Space

Why dont you cry us all a river goiowa. You lost, oh well, and as for october schedules, Florida plays number one alabama on the road then number 10 LSU the very next week. You did this same crying last year about iowa getting screwed, even though the won almost all thier games on comebacks, then lost to penn state, ohio state is gonna crush you guys, and youll be lucky to eascape with three losses. Stop whining, if florida loses at number one alabama, i expect the gators to fall to around 10th or so....even if its a close loss, blowout would be more in the 13-15 range....not gonna cry about it though.

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Posted on: September 28, 2010 11:10 am

Running Out of Ballot Space

Who gives a flying rat turd where Iowa ranks in total defense?  The teams they shut down were Eastern Illinois, Iowa State, and Ball State.  The one good team they played, Arizona, dropped 34 points on them.  Usually I try to be respectful but are you being intentionally stupid?  Because as an Iowa fan you believe that your loss was a "freak result" do you expect anyone else in the nation to buy that load of bull?  What would you think if a Texas fan said that?  You are incredibly disconnected from reality.  Arizona beat Iowa, the seaon is only four games old.  Arizona has a better record than Iowa.  Arizona needs to outrank Iowa.  Just be thankful those media apes still have the balls to rank Iowa at all as you ride a high early ranking and a soft schedule.

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Posted on: September 28, 2010 10:35 am

Running Out of Ballot Space

Texas is where they should be. No reason to drop them lower than 16 after looking at the teams that are under them. The Red River Shootout could change things, though. Hook 'Em!

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Posted on: September 28, 2010 10:21 am

Running Out of Ballot Space

My, my, the Iowa fan base is as articulate as their Hawkeye team is impressive, you need to clean up your language or get off the board.  Get a life and get a perspective.  Iowa lost to Arizona, no amount of excuses can or will change that fact for 2010 season, period! 

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Posted on: September 28, 2010 5:45 am

Running Out of Ballot Space

After an "embarrassing" loss to unranked, two-loss UCLA, Texas is still ranked ahead of Iowa and Miami.

In college football the importance of the polls is paramount and well documented. After all, they decide who plays in the most coveted game of the season, the BCS National Championship.

Coaches like Urban Meyer, Bo Pelini, Paul Rhoads, and Ron Zook make up the 2010 USA Today Board of Coaches. Along with 55 other FBS head coaches, they rank the top 25 teams each week in the USA Today Coaches poll.

This week they demonstrated some flawed logic – something all too common in the polls, whether coaches or AP, each season.

Yesterday Texas lost to unranked, two-loss UCLA 38-12 in Austin. UCLA had not beaten a ranked opponent on the road in nearly 10 years. It was a blowout. Texas head coach Mac Brown called it a “rear-end kicking” and "embarrassing." He even went on to say that the final score should have been “a lot worse” than it was. Texas was ranked No. 4 going into the loss.

The result in the subsequent USA Today coach’s poll: Texas fell to No. 16.

The week before, Iowa lost to 18th ranked, undefeated Arizona 34-27 in Tucson. The Hawkeye's battled back after falling behind by 20 points in the first half to tie the game with 8 minutes left only to have Arizona QB Nick Foles lead a game-winning drive on the next possession. Iowa was ranked No. 10 going into the loss. 

The result in the subsequent USA Today coach’s poll: Iowa fell to No. 18.

How does getting pummeled at home by a team with a losing record warrant a higher ranking than a road loss to an undefeated team ranked in the Top 20?

Come on. Really? Where’s the logic? 

Unfortunately, that logic currently has the ability to be far too influential in college football today, as the polls make up two-thirds of the BCS formula. Although a team’s ranking in the fourth week doesn’t determine their post season placement, it undoubtedly has an effect.

Until there is a change in the formula, the flawed logic will continue to rear its ugly head, whether in the coaches or the AP poll, each and every season. Parts of the flaws have their roots in perception.

Look no further than Texas. ESPN’s Pat Forde recently chronicled six days in the life of Texas football coach Mack Brown. Although the piece was a unique inside look at a premier college football program, Forde mentioned on more than one occasion that the Texas Longhorns were arguably the most powerful brand in college football. 

Should that matter when it comes to ranking teams each week? Does it have anything to do with how the team actually played on any given Saturday?

Regardless of whether or not it should, it clearly does. There is no other reasonable explanation for Texas to be ranked ahead of Iowa. This week’s poll is yet another example that coaches and writers are affected by perception and a programs “brand” at the expense of the teams who are actually putting on superior performances on the field. 

This is yet another reason that there should be a playoff in college football – so everyone and everything except the teams are only allowed to determine so much. The fairest way to determine a champion, or a championship game for that matter, is on the field.

If your favorite team hasn’t been slighted yet, it’s only a matter of time.

LSU at 10? 

10. LSU, 11. auburn, 12. utah.   thats just a joke!   college football should be embarrassed for the idiot coaches thinking we are that stupid and believe those 3 teams are anywhere near the top ten.  the media and coaches who voted this should have to watch every lst play of all of their game and then get in front of a camera and tell us they believe these 3 teams are worthy of this high of a vote 
i hate to tell you but you can say every single team is more solid on paper. you can sure say that about alabama and nebraska. after iowa demolished georgia tech (for which they were branded for weeks by the media as having NO CHANCE against this 3 headed monster and went to completely destroy them) and returned almost their entire team minus an offensive lineman or two and a one or two defensive players. iowa held ball state (yes its just ball state but we watched a slew of ranked teams ahead of iowa play crap and they gave up 3 touchdowns to even worse teams) to 56 total yards passing. thats not paper stats. in fact it the 2nd lowest total in kirk ferentz's 11 years at iowa.   its more than paper stats
then we see nebraska get embarrassed by south dakota state. no that wasnt on paper either. they looked HIDIOUS on offense and they stay the same at 6. this team plays NOBODY and i mean nobody in their conf. while iowa is getting features by espn and this idiot site as having the easiest schedule to the bsc so they take the big fall after losing a game (for which them came by to tie and should have led) in a riotous atmosphere with their ex alum coach mike stoops playing his superbowl game for revenge).
Iowa plays four ranked teams in October. The Hawks play No. 22 Penn State this weekend in Iowa City. Iowa then travels to No. 21 Michigan before ending the month hosting No. 10 Wisconsin and No. 24 Michigan State on consecutive weekends.

i dare compare anybodys else's october schedule and EASY? is not the word i would pick. if they win every game of this VERY TOUGH schedule then this team better be in the top 10 and higher than that

will they ??  of course not. they are too busy voting name teams who has done nothing to warrent  deserved ratings because its all about the name! 

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Posted on: September 28, 2010 1:52 am

Running Out of Ballot Space

The opponents record of UCLA is 14-2 and UCLA kicked Texas.

If you ignore the games UCLA played in, the UCLA opponents record is 12-0.

UCLA should be ranked above Texas.

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