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Players or Owners more Greedy?

Posted on: August 17, 2010 7:31 pm
<h4 style="margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; font-style: italic; color: #828282;">Buy a bicycle or a ticket to THE game? Score: 185August 17, 2010 2:25 am
The question was who was more greedy, the Qwners or the Players?  It always blows my mind that I used to think that foronly $12,000 I had the best 2 seats at Dodger Stadium until thought about what that meant to me and how "sucked" in I was to THINK what those dollars cost me in TIME and ENERGY, and what was that equivalent to in the REAL world of purchasing goods and services.Is the cup half empty or half full?  They are both driving the price of toothpaste to $10 a tube.  How far have we come to worship these American hero's?  How much did it cost me to see Mickey Mantle or Sandy Koufax play baseball?  Elgin Baylor or Wilt or Dr. J in basketball, Jimmy Connors or Chris Everett in tennis, Jack or Arnie at golf, etc.?  I took my dad to Dodger Stadium to see the Giants-Dodgers play in 1963.  Mays, McCovey, Marichal, Koufax, Wills, Drysdale, etc.  I was 13 years old and paid for everything from my paper route; the parking, tickets, his beer and our hot dogs (love those Dodger Dogs) and my coke and favorite frozen malt.  I had a great paper route, cleared $85 a month.  After the game we got home and I counted that I still had over $50 left over!  Can you do that now without owning the newspaper itself (maybe not, print isn't selling is it?)?   When someone like A-Rod, LaBron, Kobe, etc. pulls down a +-MILLION dollars every 2 weeks you begin to wonder why "going back to school" clothes are costing the VAULT.  Tennis shoes: $120?  4 kids?  Did you know the MINIMUM MLB salary is?  Poor guys only pull in a paltry $400.000 or twice what the President of the United States makes.  I almost made that one year but I had 35 employees laying thousands of tons of asphalt and concrete and could have lost that much in ONE bad or unlucky job (mother nature).  I also worked 51 weeks at over 80 hours a week.  These guys make that if they play or not, and they are the LOWEST on the $ tot-um pole.  I used to think of going to the movies with my allowance before my route.  Ticket, candy, pop corn and coke (a real treat going to the movies back then).  FOUR BUCKS! and had money for the week left.  I don't think that made Walt Disney or Paul Newman poor then (owner and player, right?)!  Ball game or the "flicks" don't mean the same any more, todays kid's even want to go to their prom in a limo.  Foreclosures, empty seats at Stadiums, millions out of work and we continue to pay for the rising price of putting "OUR" HARD EARNED MONEY in THEIR pockets when they are already overflowed with OUR greenbacks.  It costs more than a bicycle to go to a game now, how absurd is that?  For a night at out at the park a family of 4 could spend the weekend at my tiny paradise Pacific Coast beach resort in Nicaragua in an ocean front room.  see:  Just perspective folks, especially after hearing Jerry West speak of going to the Rome Olympics and had to sleep in non air-conditioned rooms in the Summer with $1 per diem for food.It is our fault that we keep smaller and smaller % of our income for our use instead of donating to their fabulous life styles, but soon or later you are going to have to take a look and decide what is "disposable income" and what is family needs.  Capitalistic society exists pretty well when the gap between have and have nots don't get too wide, only we can decide when the employment check isn't enough to buy a tube of toothpaste or a ticket to a ball game.
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