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Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

Posted on: September 9, 2010 9:10 pm

Posted by Adam Jacobi

It's pretty well-known that Boise State has historically struggled to fill its schedule with enough legitimate teams to beef the season's strength of schedule to the point of respectability. Sure, there's Oregon last year, Virginia Tech last weekend, but by and large, it's slim pickings. But if the report from the Omaha World-Herald today is true, it sure sounds like Boise's not really putting in a good-faith effort:


Nebraska called. Nebraska tried.

In the past year, NU tried to put together a series with BSU; two-for-one, home-and-home, one-way trip to Lincoln. Whatever. It ended up fizzling out. Why?

Because, according to NU Assistant Athletic Director Jeff Jamrog, Boise wanted a minimum $1 million to play in Lincoln.

This, of course, is insanity. Nebraska has zero incentive to agree to a deal like that; while the athletic program would still make money off of the game even after handing over seven figures to their esteemed guests, they'd make a lot more by hosting any number of other programs instead. Moreover, for BCS teams, non-conference strength of schedule doesn't really matter. Or, if you demand more nuance, SOS does matter, but not nearly to the extent that it would offset the negative effect of taking a loss should Nebraska lose that game (easily possible).

But if that's the way Boise wants to play it, by all means, let them. Just keep stories like these in mind the next time a BSU fan complains about the consequences of the cupcake schedule they face every year.

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 12:24 am

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

Well when you put it that way, you really take the wind out of my sails.  You're no fun!

I understand where Boise is coming from, and financially that seems to make sense for them.  However, when someone asks why a team would rather pay less money for a guaranteed win than more money for a much tougher matchup, they forget that as long as we have BCS ranking system, and you already play tough in-conference games, an out-of-conference loss can be the difference between the Fiesta Bowl and the Holiday Bowl (if Nebraska beats VT last year, maybe they get an at-large bid to the BCS on their Big 12 Championship Game goodwill).  If you were going to have to put up money, with the guarantee of a return on your investment, to get in the ring and fight somebody, would you rather pay $100 to be matched up against someone you have the reach and size advantage against, or pay $200 to fight Mike Tyson??  Even if you're not afraid of being pummeled by Iron Mike, just having your face dismantled is going to have long term effects, just like losing an out-of-conference game.  Losing out on a higher bowl bid is effectively losing money, and that's what anything that has a television contract is really all about.

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 12:14 am

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

The only reason that a Nebraska Assistant Director would discuss "money" related to a potential series is that Nebraska was getting poor press.  The original press release was not denied by either school which was Nebraska wanted to play 2 games at home in exchange for Boise State getting one home game.  Boise State wanted to play on equal terms which would be consistent with deals it has had in the past with other BCS Schools.  If Nebraska did not want to play on those terms then just drop the conversation between the school.  What would be a plausible scenario pertaining to the 1 Million dollar request from Boise State would be if you want 2 out of 3 games at Nebraska then we would request to be paid 1 million dollars in exchange for that extra game.  The mathematical equation from Boise State's perspective if economic would be revenue lost from a home game from the sale of tickets and concession plus the costs associated with going to play at nebraska.  What we have is a Nebraska Assistant Athletic Director providing one possibility of a lengthy necotiation in an attempt to make it look like Nebraska was not afraid to play Boise State on equal terms.  We all know already the Nebraska will not play Boise State with a 2 game home and away schedule.  From Boise State's perspective, as a Top 10 team the last three years,  why should they have to succumb to inequitable demands of  BCS Schools as Boise State has earned the right to play home and away games with any school.

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 12:09 am

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

The part I don't buy is the home and home.  I can't honestly believe Nebraska would come to Boise to play as no one else of any caliber east of the Rockies ever has. 

Truth of the matter is, I don't blame Boise for asking for a mill.  How else are they supposed to compete with the bigger universities like Texas that have alumni that can throw millions of dollars into the football program?  If they get the jack, then by all means do it.

College football has gotten to the point where it is like pro baseball.  You have your rich teams that are able to buy the best players, get on television all the time and have their own cable networks, then have your lower teams that have to struggle to get any recognition and will never have a legitimate chance to play for a league title.  I just hope it doesn't become as unwatchable as the boys of summer have become.

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 12:06 am

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

Just pretend your someone else and read your post. No one would even have to comment on your post. unless you sign the contracts, you shouldn't offer BSU to anyone for free.

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 12:04 am

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

lol, doubtful...

Boise State is a joke.

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 12:03 am

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

Boo Hoo Hoo - why is everybody picking on poor Boise State?  I'm sure its all lies because it came from the Nebraska assistant AD.  Why would we pay Boise that much for a visit when we can get a different 1-AA school for less???

Stop telling us how great you are and how little respect you get.  And stop bringing up the OU game.  If you have to go back 4 years to put together a handful of respectable wins, that should tell you something right there.  2009 Alabama only has to go back 30 days - thats the difference between a champion and a pretender like Boise State.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:55 pm

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

this is interesting! You all sit and say that 1 mill dollars is unreasonable for them to ask for but yet, UN is willing to pay U of Idaho 800k?? Let me ask you...... what  makes more sense and gives more crediblity to UN..... Play and pay 800k to a unranked team and win where you will get no respect..... or pay the extra 200k, play BSU a top 20 program and if you win (that is a big IF) you gain instant credibilty for beating them and you become the favorite grogram in the country for knocking them out and shutting them up?

To me UN fans and admin look like they are trying to come off as some big player here who say. "see we offered them and they said no" when in fact you are dodging them. Pony up the extra 200k and fly a top 20 program to your field and let the game speak for itself.

Seem suspicious that you pay Idaho 800k for a guaranteed win but wont pay 1 mill for a worthy opponent.... So are most of you posters saying that BSU should take 500k to play UN?? Why would a top 20 program and a worthy opponent take less than an unranked, unworthy opponent?

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:52 pm

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

If I understand correctly, BSU was not willing to essentially play a 1 and 1, then offered a road game for $1 Million appearance fee.

It would be a stretch for BSU to get a 1 and 1 with a notable team (though not a big brand like Nebraska).

A $1 Million appearance fee for 1 game is very reasonable... I am just not certain Nebraska can foot that bill right now (has to take a big financial hit for leaving the Big12, won't be getting their Big Ten check that fast).

Asking for both is definitely asking for far more than BSUs market value.  I suspect they were asking for both (2 and 1 plus $1 Million) because they wouldn't have difficulties finding notable opponents to pay them $1 Million for a road game.

Apparently BSU is content with their current schedule.
Looks like the offer to play big names in a 2 and 1 is bogus.

Lets see if they continue to be content with the well deserved criticism of playing a schedule that has at least 9 or 10 opponents the fans of the big dogs would consider fluff on their team's schedule.

After the OU-BSU Fiesta Bowl, I became curious about the Harlem-Globetrotters of NCAAF.Now this is funny!  5 stars.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:49 pm

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

It's well past the point of becoming pathetic when it comes to all of these anti BSU stories. The fact is that nobody outside of those that were directly involved knows for sure why the talks between BSU and Nebraska broke down. Whether it's a million dollars for playing or Nebraska not ever wanting to visit Boise, what difference does it make?. They're not playing each other in the regular season any time soon so it's a moot point. The media puts it's spin on every story out there to illicit some type of reaction and every day millions of people believe every word like it's gospel. It's almost like claiming that the University of Nebraska is overly greedy, upset that Texas receives more revenue than they do and have decided to leave their current conference for a more lucrative deal with another. Oh wait, I think that just happened. Maybe the real reason(sarcasm intended) Nebraska is leaving the conference is because they're scared to play OU or Texas again. Since we're living in a fantasy world now, how about they print tomorrow that BSU wanted royalties on the proceeds from Nebraska jumping to the Big 10 and that's why they're not playing each other.  The bottom line is it's all about who walks away with the most money, and that's what makes these deals happen. What will give the fans the most entertaining match ups week to week has absolutely nothing to do with how the schedule is determined.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:49 pm

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

Nice post and you know this because?   For free?  Yeah right and nice rebuttal saying Nebraska will ge ttheir asses handed to them. Get your facts straight and come back and see me!

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