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Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

Posted on: September 9, 2010 9:10 pm

Posted by Adam Jacobi

It's pretty well-known that Boise State has historically struggled to fill its schedule with enough legitimate teams to beef the season's strength of schedule to the point of respectability. Sure, there's Oregon last year, Virginia Tech last weekend, but by and large, it's slim pickings. But if the report from the Omaha World-Herald today is true, it sure sounds like Boise's not really putting in a good-faith effort:


Nebraska called. Nebraska tried.

In the past year, NU tried to put together a series with BSU; two-for-one, home-and-home, one-way trip to Lincoln. Whatever. It ended up fizzling out. Why?

Because, according to NU Assistant Athletic Director Jeff Jamrog, Boise wanted a minimum $1 million to play in Lincoln.

This, of course, is insanity. Nebraska has zero incentive to agree to a deal like that; while the athletic program would still make money off of the game even after handing over seven figures to their esteemed guests, they'd make a lot more by hosting any number of other programs instead. Moreover, for BCS teams, non-conference strength of schedule doesn't really matter. Or, if you demand more nuance, SOS does matter, but not nearly to the extent that it would offset the negative effect of taking a loss should Nebraska lose that game (easily possible).

But if that's the way Boise wants to play it, by all means, let them. Just keep stories like these in mind the next time a BSU fan complains about the consequences of the cupcake schedule they face every year.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:44 pm

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

This isn't the first time this has happened in Negotiations with boise. No other school gets paid for Home and home series, but boise wants a lot of cash for it, so it just looks like they flirted with big schools

Look, you can't blame boise. They leak reports that they want to schedule plenty of big games, then it doesnt happen and they can complain nobody wants to play them. Why is this a huge deal?

BCS is all about politics and apperance, Boise can keep and easy schedule and still say big boys wont play them. Dont hate the player, hate the game. Boise is being smart about it.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:40 pm

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

The first two letters of BSU say it all. Fresno State doesn't have any problem playing the Big Boys. Boise State is just a little too vocal about its Poor Me status. Maybe the $1 million is true, maybe it's not. But if Boise State is truly serious about being open to playing anybody, it can be done. 

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:39 pm

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

Since when does Nebraska need Boise at all?? Nebraska plays Oklahoma and Texas, and next year they'll be playing OSU, Penn St, Michigan, Iowa, etc... Who is Boise St playing? C'mon man, you're drinking too much of the Koolade. This will end badly for Boise St.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:37 pm

BSU wanted $1 million to play Nebraska? Surprise!

After the OU-BSU Fiesta Bowl, I became curious about the Harlem-Globetrotters of NCAAF.

Read a bunch of stuff about them supposedly being shut out from scheduling games with BCS schools.  That didn't make any sense to me.  Then, I read about their aggressive AD, who picked out the blue turf for marketing reasons, and etc.  

I found a BSU blogger complaining about his own school.  He had links to various articles.   Before they ever played that great 2006 season, they were asking for a Home-and-Home series plus $300K PER GAME!  So, they have been asking for this large amount of money, even before the 4th down and 50 Hook-n-Ladder or the Statue of Liberty gimic plays!

I understand and agree with what BSU is trying to do, afterall they are now more than relevant (at least with the AP pollsters).  Why would they want to play Nebraska?  That would have been 3 loses for BSU (in BSU's own opinion), but they would have gotten paid!

Again, some schools in their conference (San Jose St., and Utah St.) took less than $300K to play this past weekend.  It is a huge recruiting tool to those types of schools.  They say, "we are going to play in front of 85K+ fans," at least once every year.

Every other small football program like BSU is doing this same exact thing.  HOWEVER, the 2010 BSU team has 20 of 22 actual starters returning from a previously undefeated team (2009).  So, it seems like they COULD be a legitimate threat to any BCS team, but they have an ILLEGITIMATE schedule and conference.

BSU, a sheep in wolf's clothing?  Thats what everyone is thinking.  Their own scheduling practices show that they don't even believe they are legitimate.  I think they are making a mistake, because there is no way that an undefeated BSU gets into the Championship game over a 1 loss BIG XII, 1 loss BIG 10, or a 1 loss SEC team.

So, here's to stupid preseason polls!  Lets rank BSU and TCU as #1 and #2, for the whole season...then drop them to #3 and #4 for the last BCS poll!  College football is something!

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:34 pm

Nebraska on bended knee begged BSU to play them?

I don't believe this for a second.  Mainly because, at this time, Nebraska needs Boise more than Boise needs Nebraska.

And since this is coming from a Nebraska news source, it sounds like they're trying to wrangle away some of the goodwill Boise has cultivated the past year or two with fans.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:30 pm

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

1 million for 2 games sounds fine to me why wouldn't them gayhuskers agree to a home and home and a home and home. they scared to lose all four games?

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:24 pm

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

One question then, fellas.  Why does Oregon, Oregon State, and now Virginia Tech sign up to play them then???  Don't bother looking up my favorite teams, I am a diehard Cornhusker fan.  Boise State CAN'T line up top guys OOC.  The big dogs don't want to play them, period.  Too much to lose and not enough to gain.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:22 pm

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

I didn't even read your post because it was posted in bold.  Only stupid people hungry for attention do this here.  Stop if you want your article read by anyone over the age of 10.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:16 pm

Boise State wanted $1 million to play Nebraska?

Agree 100% with bama rain dog. BSU's coaches, administrators, fans and apologists fall all over themselves to whip out the whole "it's not our fault our schedule sucks, nobody will play us" card every chance they get....but their true colors are shining through. Not a bad plan, actually. Behind closed doors, they make such unreasonable demands that no big-time BCS school will ever agree, then they walk to the first reporter they see and say, "See, they won't play us. They're afraid of us.". When, in reality, if the roles were reversed, Boise wouldn't agree to those draconian terms, either. Why would anyone? Why pay Boise $1m for a tough, loseable game when you could pay Western Carolina a little over half that for a cakewalk? BSU and their fans are quickly becoming intolerable little brats that need their a$$es spanked.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:10 pm

Cornhuskers cannot be trusted...

I do not believe this for one second.

This is just Nebraska's way of trying to justify why they
chose not to play the Broncos.

Boise State will play Nebraska any where & any time. For free.

Good luck in the Big Ten next year Nebraska. You'll have your asses
handed to you weekly!

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