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Sarkisian: Bush 'looks like an idiot again'

Posted on: September 18, 2010 11:35 am
Posted by Tom Fornelli

Steve Sarkisian and the Washington Huskies are getting ready for a big game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers today, but earlier in the week Sarkisian was busy talking about Reggie Bush forfeiting his Heisman Trophy on Tuesday, and then saying on Thursday that it wasn't an "admission of guilt."

It turns out that Sarkisian seems to have a lot in common with our own Adam Jacobi when it comes to his interpretation of Bush's claims that he's not admitting any wrongdoing by returning the trophy.  Though at least Jacobi was kind enough not to call Bush an idiot.

"He had a chance to apologize, look like the good guy," Sarkisian told ESPN's Shelley Smith. "But in giving it back and not apologizing, he just looks like an idiot again."

How do you really feel, coach?

Sarkisian, of course, was a member of the 2005 USC coaching staff when Reggie Bush was busy electrifying the country en route to his Heisman.  Odds are that the's not the only member of that Trojans team who feels this way about Bush right now, but for the moment, he's the only one saying it publicly.

Which is a shame, really, because Sarkisian is right.  If Bush forfeiting his Heisman isn't an admission of guilt then what exactly is it?  Bush made the right move by giving the trophy back, but by not admitting his part in the whole mess he's just taking one step forward to take another two back.

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Posted on: September 20, 2010 2:54 pm

Sarkisian: Bush 'looks like an idiot again'

Well, was Bush and idiot when Sarkisian and Bush were both with USC? ... I doubt it ... it amazes me how holier than thou folks get another's expense ... while Bush clearly knew the NCAA rules and apparently the NCAA has determined he violoated those rules, what difference does it make if he admits guilt? ... he has reaped the immediate benefits of the Heisman, won a NFL championship, and will most likely continue to sign decent contracts for the next 10 years (if he stayshealthy and keep playing well) ... I agree, because of the rules, he should return the trophy, yet does it diminish his performance that year? ... I do believe his play speaks for itself, and I don't think those othe teams just voluntarily allowed him to run ramshod alll over them ... I am by no means a USC or Reggie Bush fan, but I am however fed up with the silliness of the NCAA rules on these student athletes (especially football) ... expecially the premier univesities and conmferences, whom both make millions of dollars off these athletes, but think it's wrong for the athletes to get money for playing ... why are you charging fans to come see them play then ... maybe no one should be earning money from these college football games ... I am in favor of authorizing a "stipend" for these athletes, but of course that has not gone over well when discussed in years past ... so until then, each player, coach, school administrator, booster or anyone associated with college athletes need to follow the rules ... and let's be real, I'm sure Reggie Bush is not the only one that was with USC that knew some NCAA rules were being violated ... I'm not defending Bush, but is Sarkisian silky clean himself? ...

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Posted on: September 19, 2010 9:23 pm

Sarkisian: Bush 'looks like an idiot again'

Washington could have tried to get ready for two weeks and still would have gotten their butts kicked. Nebraska is just a really, really good team. Oh, and he is right - Bush is a huge idiot.

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Posted on: September 19, 2010 1:48 am

Sarkisian: Bush 'looks like an idiot again'

Sarkasin looks like the idiot tome.  With Bush he won a bunch of games, when he talks about Bush he gets beat by what 35 points.  Steve, better stick to coaching unless you want to commentate for the rest of yor life.   Preparation is key to victory.  You flapped your gums about Bush and forgot to get ready for a home game!

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Posted on: September 19, 2010 12:26 am

Sarkisian: Bush 'looks like an idiot again'

Too bad Sarkisian spent so much time analyzing and calling Reggie Bush an idiot. His team could of used the extra "coaching" time. Instead, the Washington Huskies had their backsides handed to them in an ugly way, thank you Nebraska.

You know it's really a shame Steve Sarkisian now has to amend his resume to delete all those "phantom" USC Trojan accolades. Guess he's pissed because he thinks he's going to need the padding on it when he starts looking for his next job.

What a "Johnny-come-lately" piece of work he turned out to be.

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