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Want to kick for Michigan?

Posted on: September 23, 2010 11:31 am
Posted by Tom Fornelli

The Michigan Wolverines may be 3-0 but that doesn't mean Rich Rodriguez is happy with his team right now.  While Denard Robinson has made The Most Interesting Man In The World seem boring by comparison, there are a lot of other facets of the Wolverines team that are keeping Rodriguez up at night.  There's the defense that gave up 37 points against UMass, and then there are the kickers who are currently 1-for-5 on field goal attempts this season.

Well, you can't replace an entire defense in a week, you can only try to improve the unit.  You can replace a kicker, though, and Rodriguez is open to the idea.  Which is why he's holding open auditions for the job this week in practice.

Rodriguez said several students have been at practice and are attempting to make the team as kickers. Before Rodriguez's weekly news conference Monday, he said he was approached in the parking lot by a student who inquired about the kicking job.

"We have to check on the grades and check on the physicals," Rodriguez said, laughing at the situation. "One youngster showed up (Tuesday), but he was actually in graduate school so his eligibility has exhausted.

"We've got the whole gamut of interesting inquiries into that. The guy from the parking lot has not been cleared yet so I don't know if he hasn't gotten his physical yet or if there's an issue with his eligibility. We check all that out so we're not wasting everybody's time. Quite a few have shown up. It's been interesting."

Rodriguez did go on to say that none of the students who have tried out have performed better than either Brendan Gibbons or Seth Broekhuizen, but that could just be because you haven't tried out yet.  Though I do wonder if Rodriguez has checked out the Michigan women's soccer team.  If the movie Necessary Roughness has taught me anything -- and it has taught me a lot -- it's that most schools have supermodel female soccer players that can more than capably handle the job of placekicker.

If for some reason she doesn't exist in Ann Arbor, then I think it's obvious what the next logical step is.  Let Denard Robinson kick.  He's doing everything else anyway.
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