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Denard Robinson is not a talented passer (yet)

Posted on: October 16, 2010 4:39 pm
Edited on: November 13, 2010 6:15 pm

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Out in Ann Arbor, Iowa has taken a 14-7 lead on the Michigan Wolverines. The Hawkeyes' second touchdown came on a short field, thanks to a Tyler Sash interception.

That interception came on a pretty terrible throw; Denard Robinson either screwed up the timing with his receiver or just overthrew him by about 15 yards. Either way, Robinson threw the ball directly to Sash, who returned the ball to Michigan's 49.

And that's kind of what to expect from Robinson. He's 8/11 on the day for 74 yards, and he's not a bad passer, but he's just far less dangerous as a thrower than as a runner. He showed that last season against Iowa, he showed it last week against Michigan State, and he's showing it today too.

But you know what? That's okay. He's a sophomore, first-year starter at quarterback, and Rich Rodriguez has shown to be a perfectly capable playcaller when it comes to limiting the amount of tough throws that Robinson needs to make. And he's still -- yes, still -- a legitimate Heisman contender. So he's not terrible. He's just not a talented thrower just yet.

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Since: Oct 16, 2010
Posted on: October 16, 2010 7:14 pm

Denard Robinson is not a talented passer (yet)

Re: Michigan Vs. Iowa Football Game Telecast

I can't believe the TV Broadcaster on ABC. referring to the Michigan QB and his skill-set, as that of a 'Water Bug.' That was a racist comment and he should be fired.

It reminds me of Fox News racist jab when they were talking about the FBI justification of pumping twenty-one (21) bullets into a Muslim man from Dearborn, Michigan because he shot first at what Fox called a 'Canine' Officer, a 'DOG.' This is how they (DOJ/Judges) were able to clear these civil servants who abused their powers, hiding behind their badges.

In essence, Fox News cleverly reported that this Muslim Black man was lower than a 'dog,' which means to Fox all black people are animals and not human beings, lower than dogs, in this case and overall we've arrived at being insects 'Water Bugs.'

All of these ignorant trait's seems to have surface because the person who now leads our Nation is a person of color (Black). It took a Canadian Journalist from the Toronto Star to voice this obvious fact. The only President in history who gets interrupted in the middle of his conversation or cut-off at mid sentence when answering someone's question, if they or those among them, don't like the response or the tone of the same.

They treat the 'Commander and Chief' like a second class citizen, which, at the very least, is better than others of the same race are treated. They can't bring themselves to give him, his due respect, the kind they have given past Presidents, even George W Bush..... 'Mr. President,' do we remember that salutation? Probably not, it's been a few years.

This racism (ignorance) must end now. Funny! it all seems to be those (older Adults) whom are supposed to be mature and ethical. Back in my day, it used to be my peers, who spewed this ignorance. It took my Social Studies teacher (Theta Chi) to bring to light that they were being taught this stupidity, by their parents at the dinner table. He confronted them, in my presence, some would turn 'beet red' and non-responsive, while others were dumb enough to admit such. Those that revealed this as fact, were told to tell their parents about this confrontation and deliver the teachers message of protest and invitation to discuss it , if they had a problem with anything that transpired. Being the cowards the teacher predicted they were from the on-set, none ever surfaced. I'll never forget this, a white man exposed this ameba of disease carried down from generation to generation; all you have to ask is one key question 'where did you hear or learn of this fallacy, where did you get that from? It was Ma, Dad, or Uncle, every time and that why this Water Bug messenger must go NOW!!!! He is polluting our society and airwaves, FCC are you reading this, just in case ABC/ESPN is not?

But, let's face it, in the land of the 'I/Me' where 'greed' permeates who cares, Civil Rights and EEOC agencies were watered down in the 'Bushed Era' along with DOJ in exchange for so-called 'Terrorism' being the focus.

Funny! They haven't figured out (refuse to classify) this is a form of Domestic Terrorism, post 1964 or are we back in the 1950's?

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