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What I learned from the Big 12 (Oct. 16)

Posted on: October 16, 2010 11:02 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

1. T-Magic has a lot of tricks left to learn.   Seems somebody left their top hat and magic wand back in the dorm room this morning, because Taylor Martinez had no answer for the Texas defense in Lincoln on Saturday.  Martinez only had 21 yards on 13 carries and had completed 4-of-12 passes for 63 yards before getting yanked by Bo Pelini in favor of Zac Lee.  The good news for Martinez is that Lee didn't exactly do anything to take away his starting job. 

2. Texas' defense is still pretty good, the offense, however, is not.
  Hey, listen, the way things have gone for the Longhorns this season, they have no reason not to be thrilled after picking up a big win on the road against Nebraska.   That being said, unless they start picking things up on offense, whatever slim hopes they have of winning the Big 12 are nothing more than a pipe dream.  The good news is that the 'Horns finally found some semblance of a running game, as they did gash a stout Nebraska defense for 209 yards on the ground.  The biggest surprise being Garrett Gilbert 's 71 yards and two touchdowns.  Still, that 4-of-16 passes for 62 yards needs a lot of work.

3. I still don't know what to make of Missouri.   I made a comment about this on Twitter on Saturday afternoon, and caught a lot of flak from Missouri fans over it.  Listen, I don't think Missouri is a bad football team, it's just I don't know how good they are.  I'm sorry, but beating Texas A&M just doesn't impress me all that much because the Aggies are horrible.  So far the Tigers most impressive win is against an Illinois team that is 3-3.  Other than that it's wins against teams like McNeese State, San Diego State and Miami (OH).   Next week's date with Oklahoma will give us all a better idea of how good this Missouri team actually is.

4. Jerrod Johnson just isn't working.
  It's time for a quarterback change in College Station.  I don't care what Johnson has done in the past, or what everybody thought he'd do this season, the fact is the kid has played horribly.  Maybe Mike Sherman is just worried about losing his job and doesn't want to give the ball to another quarterback at this point in the season, but trust me, staying with Johnson at this point is only going to help ensure he's out of work at the end of the season.

5. More people need to learn about Justin Blackmon.  The Oklahoma State wide receiver has been a monster this season, and his name should be thrown out there when it comes to Heisman talk.  He has 48 catches for 748 yards and 11 touchdowns this season, including a 10-reception 207-yard performance against Texas Tech on Saturday.  His worst game of the season (yardage wise) came in the Cowboys' opener.  Blackmon only had 8 catches for 125 yards and 3 touchdowns that day.

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Posted on: October 18, 2010 10:31 pm

What I learned from the Big 12 (Oct. 16)

I dont see how these writers want to blame Taylor Martinez for the Texas game. He cant throw and catch for them at the same time. A QB cant do much more than hit you in the hands with a pass. 3 dropped TDs are not a QB's fault.

As for running the ball the QB cant block for himself if he is the ball carrier. If they want to blame people thats fine but blame the right people. The receving corp for Nebraska and the O-line are why they lost not the QB.

 I dont think these writers even watched the game they just lookd at a box score after the game watched a few highlights on ESPN and then broke out their pens (computers) to start talking without really understanding what had happend.

 I am waiting to see the real breakdown of the game with one of these so called sports writers who actully understand football and watch the games they write about.

 Oh and the Headling "texas shocks Nebraska" is a bit misleading as well. Everyone knew this was a tuff game and Nebraska could very well lose. When Nebraska lost to Iowa ST at home last year that was a SHOCKER, losing to Texas again is not a shocker in the least in fact it has ben par for course.

 This is why pepole hate sports writers and media types. Get it right you hacks.

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Posted on: October 18, 2010 1:18 am

What I learned from the Big 12 (Oct. 16)

So we have a tough schedule but no one to talk about?  Perhaps that proves my point - you don't evaluate a team's talent - just its reputation.

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Posted on: October 17, 2010 11:27 pm

What I learned from the Big 12 (Oct. 16)

Maybe you (Ashland) should leave the thinking to people who have the ability to. Your streangth of schedule id based on ALL of the games. So while your schedule might be tough, you havn't played anyone worth talking about yet. Dur dur dur.

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Posted on: October 17, 2010 10:33 pm

What I learned from the Big 12 (Oct. 16)

Maybe you should evaluate teams instead of reputations.  Missouri's strength of schedule was 26 - fourth best among the top 15 in the BCS.

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Posted on: October 17, 2010 5:30 pm

What I learned from the Big 12 (Oct. 16)

You deserve every ounce of flack you're getting from Mizzou fans and then some. You boneheaded sportswriters bought into the Nebraska's back and Tray-Mart for Heisman hype before Nebraska had played a single quality opponent. You had NU ranked top 10 to start the season, meanwhile Mizzou had to earn its way into the polls AGAIN. Based on what? Their lack of a starting QB?

You jokers got caught with your pants down yesterday in Lincoln, and you should be as embarrassed as Pelini. Mizzou smoked aTm at College Station, meanwhile NU got a Brazilian in Lincoln in what was supposed to be their ultimate revenge game. Right now, there's only ONE dominant defense in the Big 12 North, and they don't have an N on their helmets.

Do you even look at the scores and polls before you write this drivel? You morons keep citing Mizzou's weak schedule. Did you notice how mediocre San Diego State just knocked off No. 23 Air Force? Do you get a Sunday paper? Check the sports section. Answer one simple question: Name one quality team that Nebraska has beaten this year? Name one. Don't think the Huskies really count, do you?

What does Mizzou have to do to earn an ounce of respect from boneheads like you? Change their name to Texas? Have a record of 3-3 in the SEC?

Seriously, Nebraska's D gave up 209 yards on the ground, and you still call them stout? U-Dub's mediocre running game was gashing them for 8 yars are carry in that mismatch.

Wake up and do your jobs. Report the actual facts and not the hype. Wake up!

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Posted on: October 17, 2010 10:35 am

What I learned from the Big 12 (Oct. 16)

You are right, you are going to get flak as your logic ceases to amaze me. You mention San Diego State is bad even though they are 4-2 with a win against Air Force last night, a rank team. Earlier your experts predict A&M win and is a good team since they barely loss to rank teams and have a good offense. Now you contradict yourself by saying they aren't good. Earlier in the year you guys said Illinois isn't good, now you say they are a good team. To be honest, posts from people like you shows your hypocrisy and idiocy for bias towards certain teams. For example, if you are 4-2, you shouldn't be rank as you aren't a good team, and now with Florida's third loss, lets hope that finally gets through your love affair with Urban Meyer as gods gift to coaching is finally ending for a bit. I wouldn't be surprise if you kept voting Florida in the top 25 because you probably based it on potential like ESPN does with Brett Farve and the Vikings by keep rating them high in the power rankings for they crappy play. 

Also in regards to Martinez, why would Pelini bench him??? He is a rookie, and will struggle once a while as he doesn't have the a lot of experience of top level football yet. Good god, he is amazing on the ground. Tom Osborne has even said he is one of the fastest football players he has seen! Tom Osborne, one of the greatest college coaches ever! Are you really that out of touch with reality by not realizing who is really good or bad?!?!?

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Posted on: October 17, 2010 3:01 am

What I learned from the Big 12 (Oct. 16)

[quote]Still, that 4-of-16 passes for 62 yards needs a lot of work.[/quote]

He's no Colt, but he had 2 well-thrown TD passes dropped (although was one was a tough catch just b/c of the play call to the corner of the endzone on a fly, the pass was still perfect), 1 where he was hit while throwing and 3 others were throw-aways when nobody was open b/ Nebraska's secondary is just that good.

Several other incompletes were bad passes, so yeah, he still needs a lot of work, but his poise is great for a first-year starter and his decision-making is great too - didn't force throws, found the open men, ran when he needed to and stayed back in the pocket when he needed to, threw it away when he had to, etc.   Hopefully the touch will come with time.   For now, I'm more worried about our WRs and TEs and even the OL (although it did unusually well today, it was horrid vs UCLA and OU) than about Gilbert.

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Posted on: October 16, 2010 11:28 pm

What you didn't learn about the Big 12

Illinois and Texas A&M have 4 losses aside from Missouri, but all were to ranked teams and were closer than what Missouri did today. A&M had the number 14 offense in the country and Missouri silenced them on Kyle Field. And before you lump San Diego State with McNeese State, the Aztecs just beat Air Force, a top 25 team.

I guess I just don't see how you can get halfway through a season and not have an opinion. I'm guessing the reaction if Missouri loses to OU will be "see, they're not that great" and if Missouri wins it'll be "well, OU was overrated, we need to see what Missouri does at Nebraska."

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