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Randall Cobb calls out Kentucky fans on Twitter

Posted on: October 17, 2010 6:05 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

So far a number of schools have decided to keep players off of Twitter.  Places like Boise State, Miami and North Carolina have all banned the social media site, and if you were wondering which school might be next, I have a pretty good idea.

Randall Cobb
played a pretty big role in Kentucky 's win over South Carolina on Saturday night, and while he no doubt enjoyed every minute of the Wildcats' victory, he also noticed what was going on in the stands in Lexington.  He then took to Twitter on Sunday afternoon to air out his frustrations with Kentucky fans.

Cobb sent out one long message to Kentucky football fans in three tweets.  I'll just get one large (SIC) out of the way now.

"To all the fans: Loved seein Yall come late, love hearin Yall tell us we suck during the game, love that we have to play against our own fans too!  Love that we can't pack the house against the #10 team in the nation.  It means that much more to me.  I love my team!  Brotherhood they got my back n I got they back.  The rest of Yall can get ready for bball season!"

To which Kentucky fans probably replied, "We have a football team?

The three seperate tweets have since been removed, though there are screenshots of each over at College Football Talk .  Oh, and Kentucky basketball season starts on November 1 against Pikeville.  It's only an exhibition game, but I'll bet Rupp Arena is packed.

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Posted on: October 19, 2010 6:20 pm

Randall Cobb calls out Kentucky fans on Twitter

Quackingcard: First off!  I was at the game on time.  This time of year is the 'Fall Meet' in Lexington!  It is 1 out of 2 times a year that Keeneland is open.  The other 10 months it is closed.  During football season Lexingtonians and even our opposing fans attend Keeneland to bet on Ponies and enjoy one of the most beautiful tracks in the country.  Combining Keeneland and UK football makes for one of the best Saturdays you will ever experience.  Like in most of the country, people have to work on Friday's which is why Saturday is so packed, and makes for crazy traffic.

Please do not try to relate the Vols to my Cats!  They have a little bit more football tradition then we, even though we are improving in the realm.  It does not make for an accurate comparison. Oh, and your 'maybe you show up to the game if the opponent is good' is such an inaccurate statement that it shows you are a Cards fan. We sell-out and pack Commonwealth every home game!  Shoot, we had that place packed for the Akron Zips!  Saying that 'there is no dedication to the program. Any sign of let down and fans leave the game', is another generalization that you are doing based on a tweet.  The facts of the matter is that UK was coming off a 3 game losing streak, was getting smacked in the mouth by a team in the 1st half for the 4th straight game, had a standing ovation when the basketball team was announced, and had the Keeneland crowd getting their a little bit late after kick-off.  You combine that with the .1% of our fans the talks crap when we are down big and you will have Randal Cobbs anger.  My point about the free tuition was not to Cobb, but the the previous poster when he was talking about the work they put in.  This is not some calling out!  I'm just enlightening the board to the real situation, so fans like you do not try and spin this into something, that it totally isn't!  Oh, and please tell me how I am calling him out?  Just because I do not agree with your entire program view based on one tweet analysis?  You would think that if this was such a glaring problem, this tweet would have come long ago!  Man, your insight is remarkable!

Oh and this isn't the first time football has had an issue at UK. Rich Brooks wouldn't have retired from UK if there was backing for football.  Dang!  Another point you are totally wrong in making.  Coach Brooks took over a lower level SEC program that had just been given NCAA infractions.  i do not know about you, but that makes it tough to get recruits! He took us through some tough years, and has slowly yet surely built the program.  He took us to 4 straight bowls (winning 3 of 4), and if it was up to the fans, he would have been given more time.  But, it wasn't!  Joker Phillips had been named the coach in waiting during Brooks previous contract extension.  Brooks felt it was time to hand over the program to Coach Phillips who had been with Brooks from the start, and was a former player at UK.  It was a sign of respect from Brooks to Joker, and not some force out.  But, thank you for posting your anti-UK generalizing drivel before actually knowing the facts.

An ESPN analyst on College Football Live said before the season started, that 'UK could go 6-6 and still get a bowl bid because we bring 50 to 60,000 people to what ever bowl city we get invited to.'  Now, for a National sports authority to say that, means they know a little more about UK's football culture then you my friend.  I do not know many fan-bases the size of ours that can go 7-5 year-in-year-out, lose to Florida, lose to Tennessee, not be in contention for the conference, and still send the amount of people we send to a bowl.

The one thing I am not doing is trying to defend the fans!  We do not need to.  The place was packed by the 2nd half.  If you do not believe me then watch the game again my friend.  I have it recorded and it is loaded to the gills.  There are older fans that leave earlier than some, but not at some huge level.  All I'm trying to do is enlighten non-UK fans to the reality of the situation, and that it is not something that defines football at UK.  It was a moment where everything accumulated into the perfect storm   Yet, I smell a Cards fan trying to make it into something much more!  But, they play in the Big East, which is almost like DII this year.  We are in the SEC where it is tough year-in-year-out

If you do not believe me, then come to a UK game and see for yourself.  Oh, I also brought a UL fan with me to the USC game because my father was in South Dakota pheasant hunting, and he said it was such a great experience.  Hot women, Great weather, Great tailgating, and SEC football makes for a beautiful time of the year.  There is no Spin on that.

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Posted on: October 19, 2010 1:28 pm

Randall Cobb calls out Kentucky fans on Twitter

Sorry, but the attempt to justify your reasons for getting there late from keeneland (dude it's a top ten sec east rival, leave the horsepark and go to the game early if the route sucks. Or better yet just go friday) is a joke.  And why are you bringing any other school into this. The hated UT Vols suck yet they show up and pack their stadium (oh and i forgot it holds 105k) so stop with the statistics of "we show up".  Yes, maybe you show up to the game if its an opponent is good, but leave early that's what Cobb is talking about. There is no dedication to the program. Any sign of let down and fans leave the game. Ya they were down, but then they came back and won against the team that beat bama.
 That is what cobb is calling out the fans for. And ya they go to school for free, due to the hard work and dedication they do week in and week out, not to mention the free walking advertising they are. Come on what is that? You trying to make an argument about going to school for free to the best player on the team. He is a competent individual that you are calling out, and you call yourself a fan? Oh and this isn't the first time football has had an issue at UK. Rich Brooks wouldn't have retired from UK if there was backing for football. It's the culture, not only will the establishment not back the program, the fans aren't die hard loyalist to the football program. Until the fans as A WHOLE (there are always  resilient fans in general who always attend and stay through the game) changes.
 They are having great success and could go where no other UK team has gone. There is renewed energy in the program with joker, but Cobb speaks the truth so you as a fan should stop trying to defend the fans. Fans should stay through the game and get there when the game starts. Sorry but its true that Rupp will be full against Pikeville, but the fans wont stay at a top ten football fan. Oh and to the top 150 players going to UK. That will happen when the fan base continues to show up and invests in the program. Then money will be invested in faciities and then recruits will look towards UK more frequently. Cobb keep doing what you're doing. The Cats are the Xfactor in the SEC East.

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Posted on: October 18, 2010 2:27 pm

Randall Cobb calls out Kentucky fans on Twitter

Guys its not like we only had 50,000 there!  We had a little above 66,000 at the start, and had it packed by the 2nd half.  It was one of those games in which people were having trouble getting from Keeneland to the stadium!  It is a shitty route!  Cobb is exaggerating a little bit, and was probably pissed about how bad they were playing in the 1st half, combined with the basketball team ovation, combined with the Keeneland crowd arrival.  For not having a crap load of success in football, we have one darn good football fan-base!  One that rivals many teams that actually do compete for conference titles.

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Posted on: October 18, 2010 2:09 pm

Randall Cobb calls out Kentucky fans on Twitter

  For sure UK fans have been long suffering but still go to games..Despite the record they have proven to be a good team and had some good comebacks..I despised OC Randy Sanders at UT but given free reign his play calling has been good and was a great pickup by UK..He looks like a genius compared to the Vols Clawsen and Chaney..If UK could recruit better on defense they would be fine..For sure the Vol streak is in jeopardy except they play in knoxville; where KY football teams go to die!!

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Posted on: October 18, 2010 1:54 pm

Randall Cobb calls out Kentucky fans on Twitter

bdishman:  First off, I graduated from UK and have had season tickets to the Cats for the last 8 seasons!  Yeah, they are getting up early and doing their thing, which is why they are going to the university for free.  They are there to play the game they love and get a free education!  Also, if you have ever seen a UK game you will be estonished at our fan base and the devotion they give.  We have had many bad years in Commonwealth, and still packed that place.  Hell no I don't boo them!  Am I disappointed in the team when we give up anything and everything in the 1st half of our last 4 games?  Yes! But, am I giving them shit? no!  I think he was really pissed off that the crowd roared when our basketball team was announced!  Plus, the added aggrivation that people were getting there a bit late due to the fact that Keeneland is going on!


Now if you compare us to the Louisville Birdnals fan-base, there is no comparison! I went to the Cincinnati game last week and had to drag many louisville fans to the game! They have their place barren by half time if they are ever losing big, plus they do not have the base to fill a stadium like ours, especially if they were losing in a tough conference like the SEC.  Good for them that they play in the weak Big East.

Oh! The 1000/1 ratio crap is the amount of people in the state that love these Cats and would love to be their if they could, when compared to the haters.  We do not have pro teams in the state, so the Cats are what we got!

  The reason we were not getting top 100 players in HS football is because that is extremely rare for many teams!  I do not know who your team is, but it must be Texas, Florida, tOSU, or Alabama if you are making that assertion.  It is especially hard to get the program going and recruit when former coach Howl Mummy put us under NCAA sanctions after 1999.  But, lately we have been getting some 4 stars (usually 2 or 3 a year) and are getting commitments much earlier.  With coach Phillips at the helm and T. Martin as our Receivers coach, our recruiting quality is starting to increase dramatically.  This year we have 1 ESPN top 150 player coming in so far!


If they do not want to play with the expectations, then some of our drunk fans will still boo them! Its football, and I do not know 1 fan base, especially one like ours that has been through so much, and asked for little in return.  We will travel extremely deep to a bowl for just going (7-5),while having no stake in the conference every year.  Oh, and ol' Randall Cobb was a 2 star recruit!  So I love how you make the assertion, that, that is what it takes to win.


Is funny that you take a tweet from Cobb about 1 game and generalize our fan base!  We ask for very little, and give everything.  You are a typical poster!

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Posted on: October 18, 2010 12:16 pm

Randall Cobb calls out Kentucky fans on Twitter

Well thats good packing 65 to 72,000 continue. Then Randall is not talking about you rational. So don't come up with this 1000/1 ratio sh-t.

Cobb is going to do his job along with his teamates. They are the ones that getting up 6AM on a summer working out running, lifting weights in 100 degree to please you and you won't too boo them when things goes wrong. Cobb have the right to speak the truth just like you have the right to boo. Because, you paid your money!   

      Randall keep your head up and keep your eye on the prize. They wonder why uk can't get the top 100 players in HS  football.  It start with the fans and not in the parking lot drinking that cheap liquor and beer.   

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Posted on: October 18, 2010 11:40 am

Randall Cobb calls out Kentucky fans on Twitter

All I'm going to say is that I heard that we were 3,000 under our normal!  If you have ever been to UK games you will notice that we have filled the place, and have done so for years.  During such time we have had some very bad teams!  But, we have always stuck by our Cats, let it be Basketball and Football.  I respect him being pissed off and expressing an opinion, because it might just get us rowed up!  But, I do not like the fact that he basically says we do not care about football.  We have drunk college fans throughout, and when UK's defense gets gashed by S.C.'s offense for anything and everything in the 1st, its hard for fans to stay positive, especially when it has happened 3 games in a row, resulting in 3 strait losses.  I mean, we will go 7-5 and still send +50 thousand to the bowl, even if it is to just party in the town.  We have always had resilient fans, even though our team has never been in contention for a title.

With the growth UK football has undergone the last 4 years, one can possess greater expectations!  With these expectations comes greater let down to the masses when it seems things are not going right.


We love Cobb for everything he has done for the Cats, but to act like we do not pay to come out and watch our Cats get drummed in the 1st half of every game is ridiculous.  Some fans were probably coming in late because they were trying to get hammered before they attempted to watch us play football in the 1st half.


Go Cats!!!!

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Posted on: October 18, 2010 10:28 am

Randall Cobb calls out Kentucky fans on Twitter

Talk like a country bumpkin. When someone call you out and speak the truth. Now, you won't him too transfer. Cobb is just speaking the truth and your country a$$ can not handle the truth.  Won't you go back in the hollow and yahoo with your moonshine. 

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Posted on: October 18, 2010 9:56 am

Randall Cobb calls out Kentucky fans on Twitter

I was at the game.  Cobb was partly right - many fans unfortunately did not show up until 2Q after Keeneland (horse track) closed, and the usual group of lousy fans left after 3Q to "beat traffic" which they do regardless of score.  I chose to go to the game instead of the track - I can go there anyday; I wish my fellow fans had chosen the same.  In any case I did not hear the fans booing the team, though we did get out voiced by the SC fans through much of the game.  It was easy to be too quiet; not much to cheer for until 4Q.  But the atmosphere was electric in the final minutes and it was pandemonium after Cobb's TD & 2 pt. conversion.  I think the Cats served notice to the fans to not miss a snap and never count them out, so hopefully the crowd will be there in force for UGA.  

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Posted on: October 18, 2010 7:34 am

Randall Cobb calls out Kentucky fans on Twitter

most of the players wouldnt be in college if it werent 4 football i mean have u heard some of these guys speak?

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