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What I learned from the SEC (Oct. 23)

Posted on: October 24, 2010 1:01 am
Posted by Tom Fornelli

1. Cam Newton is the greatest thing to happen to college football since Denard Robinson.   So this isn't exactly breaking news, but OMG CAM NEWTON IS FREAKING AWESOME.  I knew going into Saturday's game that the only way LSU could beat Auburn would be if they stopped Cam Newton, but I also knew that stopping Cam Newton is like trying to stop the Earth from spinning.  Unless Les Miles had control over a meteor -- and he might -- it just wasn't going to happen.  We're only 8 weeks into the season and Newton has already set the single-season rushing mark for a quarterback in the SEC with 1,077 yards.  If he keeps playing like this he should be allowed to take any laptop he wants.  Hell, he can have mine.

2. Nick Fairley is pretty special too.
  I said it during the game on Saturday, and I'll say it again here.  Nick Fairley just isn't going to stop until he has the head of every quarterback in the SEC mounted on his wall.  As great as Newton played on Saturday, the reason Auburn won was because every time LSU dropped back to pass, Nick Fairley was in the back field flinging people around like bean bags.

3. LSU only has so much "luck."
  I knew it was going to be hard for LSU to survive the entire season without a loss with a passing attack that works more like a retreat, and it came to a head on Saturday in Auburn.  Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson were only able to complete 15-of-28 passes for 89 yards.  That's 3.2 yards per attempt.  Against an Auburn secondary that was absolutely torched by Kentucky and Arkansas over the last two weeks.

4. South Carolina really needs Marcus Lattimore. 
We saw South Carolina struggle without Marcus Lattimore last week, succumbing to Kentucky and blowing an 18-point lead in the second half, and the Gamecocks struggled again against Vanderbilt without Lattimore this week.  Yes, South Carolina won the game, but it had a lot harder time handling Vandy than it should have.  The Gamecocks were only able to manage 2.9 yards per carry, and had to rely on Stephen Garcia.   That may work against Vanderbilt, but trust me, having to rely on Stephen Garcia to win games is rarely a good idea.

5. Georgia may just win the SEC East.  It's hard to believe that the Bulldogs are still alive, but they are, and they're dangerous.  They hung 40 points on an SEC opponent for the third straight week and thanks to four Kentucky turnovers, only needed 290 yards of offense to do it.  Oh, and if Washaun Ealey scores five touchdowns in every game, Georgia is going to be tough to beat.

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Posted on: October 25, 2010 12:03 pm

What I learned from the SEC (Oct. 23)

I watched the game, but still do not understand how LSU stayed so close to Auburn, and even had a chance to win.  Auburn dominated the game from an offensive and defensive standpoint, but could not put my Tigers away.  LSU could not tackle Newton or block Fairly, but still there we were with seven and a half minutes to go, and still with a shot to win.  The special teams from LSU played well, but that is just not enough.  The thing is, we knew our offense was not good, but we thought LSU had a very good defense.  They sure did not look very good on this day.  Best of luck to Auburn the rest of the way.

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Posted on: October 24, 2010 3:09 am

What I learned from the SEC (Oct. 23)

Isn't it about damn time to drop the "take a laptop" schtick? I mean really. Newton was never even accused of "taking" a laptop, and the charges were dropped, and he wasn't dismissed from the UF team or expelled from the university. So why keep on? I know you think it somehow cute or original, but please, by now you must know that it isn't. Let it go.

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