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Doug Flutie talks playoff, Boise State and more

Posted on: October 27, 2010 12:21 pm
Edited on: October 27, 2010 12:22 pm

Former Heisman trophy winner Doug Flutie joined Adam Aizer and J. Darin Darst yesterday to talk about many of the hot topics in college football.

Flutie is promoting the Capital One Cup, which is awarded annually to each of the top men's and women's Division I college athletics programs in the country, but he had time to discuss the college football season, Boise State, the Heisman and of course, a playoff system.

Flutie thinks a playoff will eventually come, but feels the Rose Bowl is the "thorn in the side" to the playoff talk. He also feels if Boise State is undefeated it deserves a shot in the national title game.

Listen to the interview here:


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Posted on: October 28, 2010 11:43 am

Doug Flutie talks playoff, Boise State and more

Playoffs for the college football season should be in play. There are so many weeks between the end of the regular season until the end of the "Bowl" season. If the major Bowls are so concerned about the $$$ (and we all know that is what is really driving it. Gotta love the hypocritical NCAA), they should do a rotation of 6 of the major bowls, Rose, Sugar, Orange, Cotton, Fiesta, Gator, and then have the BCS game at the end. Prior to that, there are plenty of other un-important bowls that could make up the first round of 16 teams to get to the 8 teams in the second round.
Doing it this way allows for all of the final 6 bowl games to reap the $$$ rewards. Or, since the Rose and Sugar always seem to be the biggies, let them be the semi's every year, with the Orange, Cotton, Fiesta, & Gator being the lead ins from the different areas of the country.

College football needs playoffs!!! Imagine the fun and interest of a team like Boise St, battling to the end like a Gonzaga, Villanova, or Butler to win it all. That, my friends, would be worth the price of admission. Plus, are you ready, imagine the money the NCAA could make on all of that!!!
Money mouth

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Posted on: October 28, 2010 12:02 am

Doug Flutie talks playoff, Boise State and more

I love when people still fill us in on their ways to make a playoff work. Thanks for the breakthrough Copernicus, we understand how to make a 4 team playoff bracket as does everyone involved in college football. The problem lies with money, politics, etc....not because they cant figure out how to draw a 4 team bracket.

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 8:02 pm

Doug Flutie talks playoff, Boise State and more

I think a playoff will never be considered as long as there are FBS conferences that are considered 2nd tier to the BCS conferences.  So what's the answer?  Either give equal consideration to all Division IA teams and conferences or create another sub-division.

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 5:53 pm

Doug Flutie talks playoff, Boise State and more

Simple for now, 4 teams, 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3. The same bowls can be involved, just rotate the host bowls.

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 1:49 pm

Doug Flutie talks playoff, Boise State and more

Even if he's right, its still a ways away. BCS just re-upped for more years of frustration.
I'm gonna chime in on the side that I DON'T want a playoff. I also DON'T like the BCS. I do like a bowl system that has conference tie-ins and I don't mind the whole "split national champs" that sparked this system in the first place. Didn't think that was bad for college football at all, on the rare occasions that it happened. There was no money involved in that mythical form of championship anyway. Now that money is directly tied to the STILL mythical champions, I feel that it is more corrupt.

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 1:01 pm

Doug Flutie talks playoff, Boise State and more

Flutie is absolutely correct. The Pasadena Rose Bowl has thwarted (along with others) from allowing the NCAA (or, other private group?) from sanctioning an inclusive playoff system like what is practiced in every other collegiate sport in all divisions.

We are not, and can’t remain in 1955 forever!

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