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Jacory Harris' status up in the air

Posted on: November 1, 2010 12:01 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

Seriously, seeing that hit again leaves me feeling woozy.  Jacory Harris suffered a concussion on Saturday on that very play, which leaves his status for this week a bit up in the air.  Obviously, my philosophy -- one I've stated here around 5,000 times already -- with concussions is that any player who suffers one should sit out at least a week, maybe more depending on the severity.  Unfortunately, I don't have any actual say in the matter, and even if I did, I'd be too scared to tell Randy Shannon because Randy Shannon could beat me up.

Still, considering how the hit looked, I think it's more than likely that Harris will be not be starting for Miami when it takes on Maryland this weekend.  As for whether or not he'll miss any more time than that, Shannon isn't sure.

"Too early to tell," Shannon told the Miami Herald. "Our medical staff does such a wonderful job evaluating the whole big picture. It wasn't, `Let's check his head.' They did a thorough exam of everything: neck, head, shoulder, back, hip, arms -- everything. Anytime you have a hit like that, safety is the most important thing.''

Shannon went on to say that if Harris can't play this weekend, Stephen Morris will get the start in his place. Morris replaced Spencer Whipple on Saturday after Whipple struggled in place of Harris.  Shannon also said that should Morris have to start against Maryland, he'll be working with a stripped-down playbook.


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Posted on: November 1, 2010 1:01 pm

Jacory Harris' status up in the air

Even as a lineman in high scholl, I suffered a concussion for my first out of 3-4 times [one we're not sure of--?!]. Sometimes I wonder if the newer lighter "better" equipment doesn't need to take a step back. Seems like with everyone getting bigger, faster & stronger, we're neglecting them in head protection. Of course, my personal feeling on Jacory is that, even though he's quite talented he might just be a bit too small & frail for D1 football. That looked like a clean shot he took so I just have to wonder if 1AA [FCS] or DII wouldn't have been a better fit for him until/if he "beefs up" some. I remember in around 1970 when our new helmets went from a leather like webbing in them to some kind of "airbag" like insides. Something to contemplate? I think so! Undecided How 'bout you???

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