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Boise eyeing stadium expansion as way forward

Posted on: November 10, 2010 3:49 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Boise State writers and fans want to know : why exactly is the TCU team that's virtually identical to the TCU team that lost to a Boise team that virtually identical to this year's Boise team in last year's Fiesta Bowl so widely considered to be better of the two teams? If the Broncos were better then, why are the Frogs better now?

It's a valid question. One answer, the simplest one, is that TCU owns both the better strength-of-schedule to date and the bigger win; as dominant as Boise has been and as valuable as a win over likely ACC champions Virginia Tech should prove to be, no win in the country is as impressive as TCU's dismantling of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Then again, part of the answer might also be that like it or not, in the minds of many poll voters Boise comes across as the mor e "mid-major" of the two mid-major programs. The Broncos are tucked away in one of the most remote parts of the continental U.S., while TCU is located in the middle of Texas in one of the nation's largest metro areas; the Broncos wear loud bright blue and orange uniforms and play on the notorious (and notoriously unique) blue turf while TCU stays with a muted purple-and-black color scheme; the Broncos play in a league where the biggest challengers are outsiders like Nevada , Hawaii , and Fresno State , whereas the Frogs get a former national champion in BYU and a team in Utah that has two BCS bowl wins this decade; Boise occasionally plays Tuesday night games against the likes of Louisiana Tech ; etc.

It's not fair --- it's not even close to fair -- but to say for certain those kinds of stereotypes don't have any effect on the perception of the two programs is to give poll voters the benefit of an awful lot of doubt. So it's no wonder that Boise is aggressively working to change that, first with their jump to the Mountain West and now with expansion and renovation plans for 33,500-seat Bronco Stadium :


Longtime Boise State donors Larry and Marianne Williams and Jerry and Muriel Caven have pledged a total of $5 million toward Bronco Stadium expansion — money that is earmarked to build the new football complex on the north end.

The football complex, 5,000 seats and the completion of Dona Larsen Park — where the track will be relocated — represent Phase I of the stadium master plan.

"We are at a significant disadvantage in supporting a nationally ranked team with half the number of seats to raise the revenue to pay for the program and thereby forcing us to raise ticket prices too often," Boise State president Bob Kustra said in a press release.

It's no secret that money is what makes the world of big-time college football go round as often as not; when Kustra cites the need to "pay for the program," he's not just talking about shoulder pads and cleats, he's discussing the need to pay for coach Chris Petersen , a larger recruiting budget, staff raises -- all the things that go into making a football program every bit as successful away from the field as the Broncos already are on it.

It will take more than a "stadium master plan" to erase all the skepticism regarding Boise (or even to hold on to Petersen if one of the sport's true heavyweights comes calling). But Broncos have to happy to have the school and its donors making the effort all the same.



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Posted on: November 11, 2010 12:04 pm

Boise eyeing stadium expansion as way forward

You say Utah was obviously overrated because they played a bunch of nobodies.

Here is what you can say about Utah. 

They played the likely winner of a AQ conference in a down year and beat them in a close game at the beginning by 3.  After that game, they really have not played anyone of note, but have destroyed pretty much everyone they played.  The did have one slip up against an in conference opponent and the game was closer than people expected, but it was a team that traditionally plays them close.

Funny.  You know what I see there.  The exact same paragraph could be written about Boise State. 

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Posted on: November 11, 2010 12:00 pm

Boise eyeing stadium expansion as way forward

Maybe they could spend the $5 mil on green turf and people might take them more seriously.

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Posted on: November 11, 2010 1:24 am

Boise eyeing stadium expansion as way forward

Congrats Boise St. on getting funded for stadium expansion. I am sure that more blue paint will have to be used to process the construction of the stadium additions. My point is this, I know that some higher division schools are not willing to schedule you in football because they might lose to you and in that regard you have earned that respect. Having said that have you considered the fact that even if you snare a USC, Arizona or a Big 12 school to schedule you on home and away schedule, that it would be not be in their best interest to them because of your remote location.  It is all about the bottom line. Please know that is not your problem, however that is the price you have to pay for not being able to play in the in the Big Boy's Championship Game and if you want to complain, blame it on the BCS system, because until we come to a viable option in creating a playoff system that incorporates and involves the bowl system as it exists today,then you will have to be 2nd fiddle in an orchestra that cries out for help in determining the national champion under the current BCS formula.

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Posted on: November 10, 2010 10:13 pm

Boise eyeing stadium expansion as way forward

TCU has a way harder schedule than Boise for one

Are you serious?  Please tell me how their schedule is "way" harder (or even harder for that matter) than Boise's.  The only team they have played worth mentioning all season is Utah and that's it.  Baylor flopped to Oklahoma State and will be dismantled by Oklahoma so that one is gone.  Air Force proved tough for half the season and has since started falling off.  We beat Oregon State by more and we beat Wyoming by more and we took our starters out at halftime.  TCU kept their starters in the entire game and still couldn't put up more points than Boise.

Colorado is absolutely horrible so they get no credibiltiy there.  UNLV is just as bad.  Who do they have next??  SDSU who does have a descent record (the same record held by both Hawaii and Nevada by the way) and New Mexico who lost to New Mexico State that Boise absolutely destroyed. 

We have the VT game who is leading the ACC and will more than likely be the conference champ and get into a BCS bowl game.  Say what you want about them losing to JMU all you want, the bottom line is they are going to be the champs of an AQ conference.  That says a lot more than a completely overrated Utah.  TCU jumped us for the first time by only 9 points and you had 2 more games under your belt than we did. 


The only reason you stayed ahead of us is because the computers didn't see an overrated Utah play all season, all they saw was the 5 in front of their name.  Every sports writer and analyst has already said how overrated Utah was when you played and they had no reason to be in the 5 spot to begin with.  Let's wait and see how the rest of the season plays out and we'll find out where everyone who actually watches the games put you guys in the rankings after you play your last 2 games to our 4.

Let's not forget that BSU just DESTROYED the no. 1 passing offense in the country.  Held a team that throws for over 350 yards a game to under 300 TOTAL offensive yards.  Our all star quarterback threw for more than 500 yards in 3 quarters.  The team put up more than 700 yards of total offense.  Don't even claim that TCU shedule is better or that they are even remotely close to being a better team.  They might be just AS good, but are in now way BETTER!  BSU has accomplished more in the last decade than you have, been to more BCS bowl games than you have, destroyed your no.1 defense last year in the fiesta bowl, and only lost to you in the Poinsettia Bowl because our kicker missed 3 field goals.  Our kicker missed 3 field goals and you still could only manage to beat us by 1 point.  BSU has far more talent across the board, will return more starters next year, and will still have our QB.  Wait and see what happens to your team when that red headed homer Andy Dalton is no longer taking the snaps next year.  The conversation will end after we destroy you guys in conference play next season.

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Posted on: November 10, 2010 9:27 pm

Boise eyeing stadium expansion as way forward

You can't seriously mean that.  TCU by the end of the year will not have played a tougher schedule, they're virtually even.  Baylor getting stomped by OK State removes that as a quality win.  Everyone is becoming aware that Utah was vastly overrated.  New Mexico was beaten by NM State.  BYU sucks, as does Colorado State, and UNLV.  So to say that TCU has a way harder schedule is a pipe dream.  Put down the pipe.  I can see why TCU would want to move to the Big East.  It may be their only chance of going to a BCS bowl after this year.

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Posted on: November 10, 2010 7:53 pm

Boise eyeing stadium expansion as way forward

TCU has a way harder schedule than Boise for one, so they actually earn abid to play, play someone for once BOise you guys schedule a bunch of roll overs and expect the be let in,

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Posted on: November 10, 2010 7:15 pm

Boise eyeing stadium expansion as way forward

Boise better do something if they want a little respect.Right now nothing is working. In fact, I would say just go away I'm tired of your story

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Posted on: November 10, 2010 6:27 pm

Boise eyeing stadium expansion as way forward

Tcu is seen as better because they play on channels that no one gets. They're the phantom team that scores a lot but nobody gets to judge there actual playing. And..I suppose beating undefeated Utah helps as well.

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