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LaMichael James on crutches after Cal game

Posted on: November 14, 2010 3:02 am
Edited on: November 14, 2010 3:06 am

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Oregon tailback (and surefire Heisman candidate) LaMichael James turned in a rather subdued performance in Oregon's 15-13 win over the California Golden Bears, rushing for only 91 yards on 29 carries. James also failed to reach the end zone for the first time all season, as the entire Oregon offense failed to kick into the high gear that we're accustomed to seeing. Still, James was a workhorse, and neither 29 rushes nor 91 yards are to be scoffed at.

Thus, it was a surprise to see James hobble off the field after the final gun, and using crutches when talking with reporters after the game on Saturday, but according to, the Oregon tailback insists he'll be fine.

Fortunately, the Ducks have a bye week next Saturday, so any recovery he needs for whatever injury he's got (forgive us if we await a more official statement than "I pulled my hamstring jumping up and down") has a full two weeks to take place.


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Thats Why Games are Played ? My New Out Look of

The Top Teams  Oregon Ducks , Tcu and Auburn then Wisconsin ,Stanford , Ohio State , Boise State , Michigan St , Arkansas and Nebraska Next Ten or so  : Mizzou , Oklahoma , Lsu , Nevada ,Texas A&M , Alabama , Va Tech, OKlahoma St,Utah,S Carolina , N Illinois , Florida St , Central Fla. , U Conn , West Va subject to change ? Jeff in Nebraska

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My Best Team in Conference of 2010

Wac  - Boise State Broncos ,  Mountain West - Tcu Hornfrogs , Pac Ten - Oregon Ducks ,Big Ten  Wiscosin Badgers , Big XII - Nebraska Cornhuskers,ACC - Va Tech ,Sec - So Carolina Gamecocks ,  Big East - Pittsburgh Panthers, Mac - Ohio Bobcats , Sun Belt - Troy  Trojans,Conf Usa - Sothern Miss Eagles ,  Independents Navy Midshipmen .  Jeff in Nebraska out take for what its worth

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Posted on: November 17, 2010 9:25 am

LaMichael James on crutches after Cal game

Neither was OJ....

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Posted on: November 16, 2010 5:50 pm

LaMichael James on crutches after Cal game

He was found not guilty in court.  SO...

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Posted on: November 15, 2010 7:25 pm

LaMichael James on crutches after Cal game

LeMichael James will rebound and prove why he is the best RB in the country and deserves to

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LaMichael James on crutches after Cal game

Not that I think beating up the weaker sex is a good idea, but holy shite, the women nowadays!! they know that they are women, so they think they can just say and do anything they want to a man and get away with it. well surprise b!t(he$ some guys dont play that stupid game. Better watch your ass and have some respect for humans that are full of testosterone and are bigger stronger and faster than you. If we all came from monkeys then we are just animals, so what do you expect from nature? You don't see a sheep talking smack and hitting a mountain lion do you? that said, Godly women and men are hard to find. You know the ones who know their roles and act on Gods word? GO DUCKS!!

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LaMichael James on crutches after Cal game

Yeah, cornhole, LaMichael James is a real stand up guy -- just ask his girlfriend -- she can show you every bruise where he stood her up and hit her down again! It's all right there in his arrest record!

There has been no proof in any of these allegations with Cam Newton just a lot of hearsay from a spurned coach (Mullen & co.) and a hack "journalist" who has a reputation for making this kind of stuff up (just ask Mack Brown)! 

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Posted on: November 14, 2010 9:24 pm

LaMichael James on crutches after Cal game

For what its worth I believe That  L.James is the front runner at the Heisman   2  K. Moore Bsu 3 D. Robinson Mich  4 Blackmon Oklahoma St. 5 then who ever tha comes on strong for last 3 or four gamess well ?  Alot of football is left ?  We will see . Jeff in Nebraska  Note :  I do not include Auburn / player , There is something wrong there ?  Not good , yes a good team and players but there are rules . No body is above that and there are good teams / players just as good maybe better ? So let the schoo;s and players earn it it ever who that maybe ? On the field / class room, rule , honesty , character and so forth......

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Posted on: November 14, 2010 9:03 pm

LaMichael James on crutches after Cal game

LaMichael James can by all means have one sub-par game he is human...The California Golden Bears just simply had a game plan not to give up the huge play.  He is still a top-tier Heisman Candidate and Oregon is still undefeated to say the least!!!  He will bounce back and have a huge game especially coming off a bye-week.  The young man has quickness, vision, balance and I could go on and on but Mr. James will be back...Let's go Ducks!!!  Although I am a Longhorns and Trojan Fan at least the Pac-10 is representing and doing its thing...and who said the Pac-10 was week...those boys is Yelloe & Green just keep going...they may have been slowed down but I can almost guarantee that they will start going again.

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