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Report: FBI probe connected to Auburn booster

Posted on: November 17, 2010 4:18 pm
Edited on: November 17, 2010 4:19 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

The Cam Newton saga continues at Auburn, as the NCAA continues to investigate the circumstances of the Heisman front-runner's recruitment after he left Florida.  Things have gotten so serious that the FBI is now involved, and that is never a good thing for anybody.  For the FBI to be involved there has to be something going on behind all this that isn't just limited to college football.

And now we may have an idea in why the FBI cares about Cam Newton.

According to a report on TMZ, the FBI's investigation has now branched out towards an Auburn booster who has given over $1 million to the school and was recently arrested in a bribery sting.
According to sources connected to the probe ... FBI agents looking into the Newton recruiting controversy are also asking about Milton McGregor -- a dog track owner arrested last month for allegedly bribing Alabama politicians to vote pro gambling.

We're told agents asked someone connected to the Newton case if he was familiar with McGregor or the bribery scandal. 

It's unclear what, if any, direct connection McGregor has to Newton. Back in 2008, McGregor did donate a million bucks toward construction of a new arena at Auburn.

While it's unclear what connection that McGregor could have to Newton, it's not exactly all that difficult to do the math.  McGregor has given money to Auburn in the past.  Cecil Newton allegedly was trying to sell his son to the highest bidder.  I'm not saying, but I'm just saying.

Whatever the case, this isn't good news for Auburn or Cam Newton.

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Posted on: November 18, 2010 10:43 am

Report: FBI probe connected to Auburn booster

LOL!  Bribes in this country don't matter as long as you're not bucking the system or are outside the system.   ALL of our politicians take bribes...its called political campaign donations and funding.

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Posted on: November 17, 2010 9:57 pm

Report: FBI probe connected to Auburn booster

Recent report alledge Fornelli has a small dingie....I'm not saying, but I'm just saying...something definitely stinks here but at least TMZ stopped at indicating McGregor is now connected to the probe and didn't wink wink that McGregor is connected with Newton....can't anyone wait for real facts instead of daily reporting. Everyone knows the story is out there....just wait for confirmation before bogus speculating.

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Posted on: November 17, 2010 4:34 pm
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