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Potential lockout could keep Green at UGA

Posted on: November 18, 2010 11:52 am
Edited on: November 18, 2010 11:53 am
Posted by Chip Patterson

Georgia wide receiver standout A.J. Green has been widely assumed to be as good as gone after the completion of the 2010 season with the Bulldogs.  Green is considered the the top wide receiver in the potential draft pool by most scouts, and among the top ten overall selections on most draft boards.  However, Green says that the looming NFL lockout could play a role in his decision to declare for the draft or return to Athens for his Senior year.  

“That’s really gonna play a big part in my decision,” Green said in regards to the draft and the potential lockout. “Because if they’re talking about a lockout, there’s really no point in me leaving.”

Green also made a point earlier in the season to mention that he felt like he owed something to the Georgia fans for missing the first four games of the season due to NCAA suspension.  Green is 20 academic hours away from getting his degree, something he says has been a goal of his since setting foot on campus.  But Green also admitted that playing the NFL has been a life-long dream, and acknowledges his final game in a Bulldog uniform may be coming soon.  He will not make a decision either way until after Georgia's bowl game, should they make the postseason.

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Posted on: November 19, 2010 7:38 pm

Potential lockout could keep Green at UGA

I don't think there is anyway in the world that the NFL (or the players) will scrub a season.  There is just too much money that would be lost to everybody, owners and players alike.  That being said, I've learned it's not a good idea to overestimate people's intelligence and good judgment, nor to underestimate their greed.  I figure there is a 90% chance they'll come to terms and play the games!  Good luck in the pros, AJ.

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Posted on: November 19, 2010 4:17 pm

Potential lockout could keep Green at UGA

Aj, you don't owe us anything, but we will love you even more if you do stay one more year. Either way we wish you the best. GO DAWGS

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Posted on: November 18, 2010 8:34 pm

Potential lockout could keep Green at UGA

He may become even better yet by staying for his senior year. As for the NFL lockout, what a bunch of crybabies. They get paid as much as they do and they wanna cry over nothing. Alot of top senior players could really be hurt with the potential lockout. Sad times in sports today.

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Posted on: November 18, 2010 8:13 pm

Green Stay Because You Can Take UGA To The Top

 Green did let the everyone down himself, his team mates, the fans, his family, his friends, and his coaches. But i want him to want to come back knowing that with the D having a year under its belt with the new scheme. Then you have Aaron having another year under his belt.  I think if the players can stay out of trouble that UGA along with USC would be fighting it out for the SEC. Not just the east.

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Posted on: November 18, 2010 6:47 pm

Potential lockout could keep Green at UGA

As a Dawg fan, I definately wouldn't be sad to see him stay one more year, but Georgia does need to learn to put some trust in their other receivers. We have some great talent out there in the forms of Orson Charles, Tavarres King, and Marlon Brown; all we need to do is put them more and more into the game plan each week.

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