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LSU escapes Rebels as Miles outclocks Nutt

Posted on: November 20, 2010 7:51 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Maybe it's fitting that Les Miles ' best job of clock management in ages -- maybe ever -- came against Ole Miss today in his Tigers' 43-36 win . After all, it was the spike-with-one-second fiasco against the Rebels last season that took the "Miles can't manage the clock" meme from the ravings of embittered LSU fans to an accepted mainstream fact.

But not today. Today it was Miles whose team took over on their own 49 with 4:57 to play, down 36-35, and cooly drove the ball into the endzone and -- just as importantly in a game that at times resembled a ping-pong match as much as football -- the clock under 35 seconds as the Rebels watched helplessly. Why helplessly? Because Houston Nutt 's charges had wasted two timeouts comiong out of the huddle slowly earlier in the half. Combine that with some hard running from Jordan Jefferson , Michael Ford , and Stevan Ridley , and the outcome of the drive (and the game) was a foregone conclusion from the minute LSU crossed the Rebel 20.

Yes, advancing that far was made a much more manageable goal by the questionable unsportsmanlike flag on the Rebels' Markeith Summers , who had been penalized for somersaulting into the end zone despite the fact he was being pursued by an LSU defender. (How exactly it's Summers responsibility to know precisely how far behind him the defender was, we're not sure.) But the flag only hastened the inevitable; the way the game had been going and as tired as the Rebels' defense had to have been, LSU was putting points on the board there.
Those points keep LSU in the dead middle of the hunt for a Sugar Bowl berth, one they'll all but clinch if Arkansas lose to Mississippi State tonight. But even if it comes down to Razorbacks vs. Tigers next week, LSU can sleep a little better knowing their coach has started to put some of his biggest past mistakes behind him.

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Posted on: November 20, 2010 9:23 pm

LSU escapes Rebels as Miles outclocks Nutt

I am not challenging the rightness or wrongness of LSU going to a BCS bowl, but can someone please explain to me how LSU clinches a bid to the Sugar Bowl with either a win next week or an Arkansas loss tonight?  Last time I checked, Auburn still has to play Alabama -- lets just for fun say they win that game.  What happens if they lose the following week to South Caroilina.  Is it really likely or probable that LSU would be taken above Auburn for the Sugar Bowl when Auburn beat them during the regular season?  Furthermore, South Carolina would have to go as part of the Championship winner, but I always thought there was a two team limit in the BCS for any Conference.  Am I missing something or has CBS decided that more rules don't apply to the SEC? 

For even more fun, what happens if Alabama beats Auburn and then Auburn barely -- even say controversially -- beats South Carolina...What happens then?  It seems very premature to say that LSU would definitively be in the game (all but as the author puts it) with lots of SEC games left to play....Moreover, what happens if Arkansas loses tonight and then beats LSU next week - not an out of the question situation.  This entire article seems to be from the journalism school that brought us the reporting on the Donovan McNabb contract that was not exactly as CBS initially reported as....

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