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Backyard Brawl more of a staring contest

Posted on: November 26, 2010 1:40 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

If you were to just look at the numbers from the first half of the Backyard Brawl, you would have to assume that Pitt was leading West Virginia.  Just look at these things.

Pitt has outgained WVU 130 yards to 59.  The Panthers have 12 first downs to West Virginia's two.  On third down, the Panthers are 8-of-12 converting. The Mountaineers?  1-of-4.

So what's the score?  It's 14-7...West Virginia.

As is usually the case in games like this, it's turnovers that are deciding the outcome.  Pitt has turned it over three times and West Virginia hasn't. Two of those turnovers led to all 14 Mountaineers points.

On West Virginia's two scoring drives in the first half, they've run a total of 4 plays.

So, on one hand, if you're Dave Wannstedt you have to be somewhat pleased with your team today.  After all, a win keeps your team in line for a BCS berth, and they have outplayed West Virginia through the first thirty minutes.  On the other hand, you were probably hoping that the dumb mistakes and turnovers that had plagued your team through the first ten games of the season had been fixed, and it's clear that they just haven't been.

Still, Pitt is only down seven points.  If it can manage to hold on to the ball in the second half, and keep playing the way it has been, the Panthers should leave this game with a win.

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Posted on: November 28, 2010 8:26 pm

Backyard Brawl more of a staring contest

Pitt is a big disappointment as usual.  Same for WVU, they both lost to unworthy opponents.  Save two fumbles in the red zone by Clark, WVU goes 10 and 1 or 11 and 0.  From all the games I have watched the WVU squad appears to have the best talent, but not the best coaching.  If they are to succeed they need a new OC as well as a OLC.  Neither are making the cut in my book.  As for PITT, they need a new coach.  Wannstedt should have been fired in 07 but his win against WVU saved his job.  It's time to do what needed to be done years ago, and move on for PITT.  UCONN, on the other hand, has a great coach but needs more of a supporting staff.  USF is on the right track with Holtz as coach.  They will become a power given time.  What can be said about the rest of the BE?  Nothing.  They are all in trouble.

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