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Mountain West mulls expansion options

Posted on: December 2, 2010 4:18 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

BYU may have wanted out, Utah may have wanted out, TCU may have wanted out, but the continuing expansion drama surrounding the Mountain West Conference has proven that there's still plenty of schools that would be happy to be in. The Honolulu Star-Advertister reported yesterday that Hawaii officials were in Colorado this week, speaking with MWC commissioner Craig Thompson and ironing out the final details of what appears to be a done deal to bring the Warriors aboard as a football-only member. (UH's other sports will join the California-based Big West. )

But the MWC may not stop there. According to this AOL Fanhouse report , Utah State officials have also been making a face-to-face plea to Thompson and Co. this week, asking for a MWC invite and a lifeline out of the lame-duck WAC . The Aggies won't bring much to the table in terms of football pedigree, but at least they've taken steps forward in recent years under coach Gary Andersen (including beating BYU this season for the first time in 10 tries) and can claim a sterling men's basketball program and solid academics.

USU's interest gives the MWC several options when it comes to expansion. Running them down:

They could stand pat at 10 teams . There seems to be little downside to bringing Hawaii aboard, especially in football alone -- the travel costs of visiting the islands are easily offset by the NCAA provision allowing teams a 13th scheduled game if they travel to Hawaii -- so it seems unlikely the MWC will suddenly stiff-arm the Warriors and stay at 10 teams. But few other immediate options will do much to raise the league's football profile, and weaker members on the gridiron could put the league's dream of a BCS automatic bid in jeopardy.

They could expand to 12 teams and start a championship game . A title game could be an excellent carrot for the MWC to dangle when they start looking to finally get out of the less-than-lucrative current television contracts that drove BYU into football independence. Utah State might be the most obvious candidate, but Conference USA member SMU would bring the highly attractive Dallas media market back into the league after TCU's defection, and under June Jones the Mustangs have made major strides on the field as well. With C-USA's chances of ever snagging a BCS bid set at "nil," the Mustangs would likely jump at the chance. The same goes for Houston , which is an even more distant geographical fit but features an even-better established football program and a similarly-lucrative market.
Other potential WAC refugees like Idaho or New Mexico State would also be options, but probably only in the event the BCS bid was already off the table and SMU and Houston had turned the league down.

They could merge with C-USA. This seems like a terrible idea from the MWC's perspective, but nonetheless the Orlando Sentinel reported today that Thompson and C-USA commissioner Britton Banowsky have had prliminary discussions about "a variety of potential collaboration options." But it's hard to see what, other than potentially a push for a joint TV contract, the C-USA can offer the MWC; the latter is the stronger conference top-to-bottom, has more brand recognition (compare the profiles of Boise State and even, say, Fresno State to C-USA powers like East Carolina and Southern Miss ), and already has the BCS bid process underway. If the C-USA is looking to create a full merger, it would seem to eliminate any chance of the league being powerful enough to wrangle a BCS bid; if all they want is an end-of-year title tilt, that's likely just one more obstacle in the way of a Boise or, well, Boise and a BCS at-large berth.

Butit's on the table, along with a lot of other possibilities for the MWC. Thompson has some very big decisions to make, decisions that will help shape the future of college football in the West for years to come.

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Posted on: December 3, 2010 1:48 pm

Mountain West mulls expansion options

demrmike: saying the game was over three years ago and does not count is alittle silly. I seem to remember Boise St talking about the win over Oklahoma over and over and over and that was how long ago? and you still talk about it!Sorry you can not pick and choose a fact is a fact East Carolina BEAT your team HEAD to HEAD !

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Mountain West mulls expansion options

It doesn't count? Because your QB was a "choke master", as you say, the loss doesn't count? Well that's an interesting way of looking at things. How about I give it a try? My favorite team is and has always been Alabama. They lost to South Carolina this year, but Greg McElroy turned the ball over a few times, so that loss doesn't count. They also loast to LSU, but LSU needed some trickeration to win, so that doesn't count, either. Finally, we lost to Auburn, but that game was on a Friday, so it doesn't count. Well, there you have it, Alabama is now 12-0. That was easy. Tell me, did Boise's choke job against Nevada "count"? Or because of a couple of missed kicks (which had nothing to do with the defense's collapse), does that loss not "count", either? Has Boise ever lost a game that did "count"?

And how many games did that "choke master" Jared Zabransky win for you? I don't know the number, but it was a lot. So do the wins he got you "count"? Something tells me they do.

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Posted on: December 2, 2010 11:40 pm

Mountain West mulls expansion options

Yeah, that game was 3 years ago? When we had the Choke-Master Jared Zabransky as our QB. It doesn't count.

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Mountain West mulls expansion options

I would like to point out a fact here the writer compared the football profile of Boise St Vs East Carolina  I will grant you Boise St is much better known nationally but it should be stated the last time these teams played head to head East Carolina WON! This is in 2007 after Boise State became famous

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