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Brady Hoke inks new deal with San Diego State

Posted on: December 6, 2010 12:32 pm
Edited on: December 6, 2010 12:35 pm
Posted by Chip Patterson

When news broke that Minnesota had found their man with Jerry Kill, the happiest fans may have been at San Diego State.  The Aztecs were in jeopardy of losing head coach Brady Hoke to the Golden Gophers, and they will express their gratitude for his return.

It's the kind of expression that all of us enjoy - the one with commas.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that San Diego State will announce a new contract for Hoke at a press conference on Monday.  The deal is expected to include two more years on his current contract, as well as an increase from his current $700,000 salary.  Hoke is currently in year two of his original five-year contract.  

San Diego State had already claimed they were willing to fight for Hoke when his name was being discussed at Minnesota and also with the open position at Indiana.  Athletic director Jim Sterk said last week that an unidentified donor had pledged $5 million to support the football program, which includes retaining the head coach.  

The Aztecs finished 8-4 this season, and will play against Navy in the San Diego Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl on December 23.  The game, played in Qualcomm Stadium, will basically be a home game for San Diego State.  It is the first bowl game for the program since the Las Vegas Bowl in 1998, a 20-13 loss to North Carolina.

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Posted on: December 6, 2010 9:42 pm

Brady Hoke inks new deal with San Diego State

fanatic: Who are you kidding? MN won 8 games only twie in 40 years! FORTY YEARS.  Look, I don't hate 'em or anything. Seriously, best of luck with Jerry Kill. But an objective observer would note that Wisconsin has actually won the Big 10. Ever. And they weren't ever as hapless as MN is. Just look back through the records. I'm just seeing Nebraska added to the conference and seeing MN falling further down the recruiting choice list. Meanwhile, SDSU's prospects have probably improved with the loss of Utah, BYU and TCU from their conference. SDSu will likely look better than tehy are, even if they aren't as good as MN in the big picture. Plus, Hoke can live in Pacific Beach.

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Posted on: December 6, 2010 5:24 pm

Brady Hoke inks new deal with San Diego State

People are very short-minded and/or close-minded. Where do you get that the Minnesota program is SO horrible other than the past four years? Remember back to the 90's and where Wisconsin football was then and fast forward to the success they have had in post-2000. Insert Minnesota's football program into that same scenario with Jerry Kill taking over the program. Kill will have the Gopher program contending year in and year out with great respectability. He was the right hire for the program.

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Posted on: December 6, 2010 3:24 pm

Brady Hoke inks new deal with San Diego State

Only thing he probably has an increased buyout clause, too. Of course, if those schools call, they can pay the buyout. Still, I would keep the SDSU job if I think I can go 8-5 every year. In fact, I think Jerry Kill made a mistake. He's gonna get beat bad there and lose his momentum. I don't care if its Big Ten, I wouldn't want that Minnesota job over almost anything.

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Posted on: December 6, 2010 3:01 pm

Brady Hoke inks new deal with San Diego State

Biding his time until either Purdue, Illinois, or even Michigan open up after next season?

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