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Report: Holgorsen to WV, promotion in 2012

Posted on: December 14, 2010 12:35 pm
Edited on: December 14, 2010 12:37 pm
Posted by Chip Patterson

First Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen was a leading candidate for the open position at Pittsburgh, then there were reports of discussions with West Virginia.  Engaged in discussions with bitter rivals, and only one head coaching position available, there was little clarity to Holgorsen's situation.  But according to the most recent reports from Morgantown, Bill Stewart does not have to worry about his coaching for his job like we may have thought.  

The Charleston Gazette is reporting Tuesday that Holgorsen will join the Mountaineers staff as offensive coordinator in 2011, and then take over Stewart's position as head coach heading into the 2012 season.  According to the report, current offensive coordinator Jeff Mullen, a candidate for the Kent State head coaching position, will be out whether he lands the job or not.  Defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel and the entire defensive staff will be retained.

So it appears as though the "coach-in-waiting" is not dead after all, just maybe put on a more definite timetable.  Holgorsen has put together an entertaining and high-powered offense at Oklahoma State, and he will have many of the same caliber athletes to work with at West Virginia.  One of the biggest disappointments of the Mountaineers' season was an offense that could not always capitalize on the play of their defense.  West Virginia finished second in the nation in scoring defense, only allowing 12.8 points per game.  But it was failing to score a second-half touchdown in back-to-back losses to Connecticut and Syracuse that prevented West Virginia from winning the Big East outright.  After four years of Pat White-led offenses, an inferior offensive unit was not something fans were used to seeing.

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Report: Holgorsen to WV, promotion in 2012

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Report: Holgorsen to WV, promotion in 2012

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Report: Holgorsen to WV, promotion in 2012


l-fbs.html Apparently you and your Pitt Media Guide "experts" are using the opinion of "Parke H. Davis Ratings" which the NCAA doesn't acknowledge. Chin up though, the NCAA did give you credit for a 1910 championship which your media guide didn't even have listed.

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Report: Holgorsen to WV, promotion in 2012 many fans to respond little time. Yes oscwahoo....people from Pittsburgh (that's Pittsburgh with a "g" in it)....can go to a school like Notre Dame. I know that's hard for you to comprehend even though it's your third year in seventh grade.

As for you WVSoldier.....Soldier????....who are you fighting....your see who gets first crack at your sister? Oh.....and that's Pittsburgh with a "h" on the end.

Mikey.....Research???? really......WVU's sleazy antics are all over the internet....who has to do any "research?" Yes ...let's hire a "coach in waiting" without telling our current coach the plan. And our offensive coordinator...the one still employed by the university....yeah we'll replace him too without firing him or asking for a resignation. What a classy organization!

And last but not least....liontime. slanderous vocabulary.....such big words for's seventh grade working out with oscwahoo?

If you MountainQueers insist on coming to a fight....come armed.

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Report: Holgorsen to WV, promotion in 2012

Anyone else hearing anything about Rich Rod going to Pitt?

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Report: Holgorsen to WV, promotion in 2012

What exactly has Pitt done in the past 30 years?  They haven't even won a Big East Championship outright, ever, for crying out loud.  You can't fill the seats of your borrowed stadium (weren't season tickets like $10 this year).  How many fans will go to the beef bowl?  10? 11?

I'm 30 years old, and Pitt has been a joke since the time I was born.  Hang your hats on the 2007 game, as it seems that miracle propelled you to.......well the same ole mediocrity the program has been at for the last 3 decades.


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Report: Holgorsen to WV, promotion in 2012


You are wrong and an idiot.  They have 9 championships... WVU - 0....  Major Harris blew it for them once and a terrible Pitt team spanked them in Morgantown a few years ago to stop Rich Rod for trying for the first.

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Report: Holgorsen to WV, promotion in 2012

Live in Pittsburh and went to Norte Dame! hahahahahahahahaha

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Report: Holgorsen to WV, promotion in 2012

Mongo, put that beer down and start considering demanding a refund from your university. Your lack of research reflects the same lack of research your university had when it hired a lying George O'leary. According to, Pitt has won 5 national championships. Four out of five occurred before WWII. (Whoopie)

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Report: Holgorsen to WV, promotion in 2012

Stew will be missed! He truly had WVU's best interest at heart. I believe we as fan have very high expectations and with the talent we have at WV, it didn't transform us back to the BCS teams Rich Rod use to fielded. I believe Stew knew of the change that was coming. I believe this is a good move for WVU. Holgerson will put us back into the BCS team WVU use to be. With Jeff Casteel running the defense we will be a force in the Big East. This move will also help recruiting, Holgerson will be able to recruit Texas. He knows Texas very well having coached at Houston, Texas Tech and Okla. St. Its also been reported he could be bringing the OC from Stephen F. Austin, it's a NAIA school with a serious offensive attack.

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