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Sugar Bowl pushed OSU to keep players eligible

Posted on: December 29, 2010 11:31 am
Posted by Tom Fornelli

On Tuesday the six Ohio State players who were suspended for five games next season sat down in front of the television cameras and assembled media and told they world they were sorry for what they'd done.  Of course, just because the Suspended Six took responsibility for their actions, that doesn't mean that the world will just forgive them, nor accept the punishment they've received.

In fact, plenty of college football fans have expressed anger about the fact that the players are all suspended for five games next season yet get to play in the Sugar Bowl.  There had been talk of the team and Jim Tressel benching the players in the game on its own, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen.  Why? Well, because it's doubtful that Ohio State would sit those players for the Sugar Bowl after the Sugar Bowl spent so much time telling them to lobby as hard as they could to keep the players eligible for the game.

On Tuesday, after the apologies, Sugar Bowl CEO Paul Hoolahan had no problem letting everybody know that he pressured Ohio State to fight as hard as it could to keep the players eligible for the game, and have the suspensions put off until next season.  Apparently Hoolahan first heard about the suspensions on December 7, a full two weeks before they became public.

"I made the point that anything that could be done to preserve the integrity of this year's game, we would greatly appreciate it," Hoolahan told The Columbus Dispatch. "That appeal did not fall on deaf ears, and I'm extremely excited about it, that the Buckeyes are coming in at full strength and with no dilution."

So, just in case you were wondering who really runs this sport, now you know.  Hoolahan also went on to say that while he understands why some Ohio State fans would want the players suspended for the bowl game, he "probably thinking of this from a selfish perspective."

I know, I'm shocked to hear that a bowl game would be thinking of itself and not the players, schools or fans too.

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Sugar Bowl pushed OSU to keep players eligible

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Sugar Bowl pushed OSU to keep players eligible

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Sugar Bowl pushed OSU to keep players eligible

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Sugar Bowl pushed OSU to keep players eligible

Mr Lizard, what you fail to see is that the NCAA is trying to adjudicate over all NCAA sports, not just football.  Football has the most exposure, and hence money swirling around it.  However, other sports under its realm have the same rules that kids do follow.  Because football is such a moneymaker, all you see is the revenue stream from this single sport.  However, football finances most other sports on campus.  We need the NCAA to enact rules that can be adhered to in the revenue sports.  Those are the sports where agents and money are most corrupting the athlete. 
You have to have some structure around the school, sport, and athlete.  If the rules are not strong enough, change them.  But we can't say football players should have different rules just becasue they are a revenue sport.

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Posted on: December 30, 2010 11:53 am

Sugar Bowl pushed OSU to keep players eligible

This is the year that the NCAA offically lost their integrity.  To sum it up...I guess the corporate sponsorship of the BCS Championship and Sugar bowls decided they need Newton and Pryor, but the corporate sponsors of the rest of the bowl games do not care who plays and will not "lobby hard" for these kids who violated rules.  Now I'm not saying this is what freed Cam Newton, but I would bet the house that if you did some snooping around it would form a story much like this.  I'm sorry but college football has become a joke.  All this story tell me is just how similar it is when these corporate bozos pay off our Congress. 

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Posted on: December 30, 2010 11:51 am

Sugar Bowl pushed OSU to keep players eligible

To the headline --- DUH!  The NCAA is spineless

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Posted on: December 30, 2010 9:46 am

Sugar Bowl pushed OSU to keep players eligible

Ok, I'm not done yet....
Someone has to devise a legal strategy that likens college football participation to the interview process for other professions.  The NCAA can't pass rules that limit a players ability to make a living.  Whether that 'living' is during college life or after.

The NCAA has never helped a student athlete.  All they do is take from the schools and athletes.  Sometimes (as in this case) they take too much.

No, I'm not an OSU fan.  Just honest.

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Posted on: December 30, 2010 9:39 am

Sugar Bowl pushed OSU to keep players eligible

Too bad the author missed the point.  Instead of questioning a system and rules that outlaw trading your old bowl game jersey for a tattoo, this moron questions the bowl game for protecting it's financial interest. 
What a complete loser.

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Posted on: December 30, 2010 8:08 am

Sugar Bowl pushed OSU to keep players eligible

Tony "The Tool" Montana, You don't have a clue, first and foremost, these kids don't live like paupers, get that through your heads. Anytime a Sr. can live off campus with his girlfriend and kid and still make enough money to feed them and play football for a team, then they are doing good I would say. It's idiots like you that say these kids are poor when in reality, they have there own dining facility that caters to them, the best workout facilities and then they do get a stipend for playing, granted it's not a million dollars, but then again, this isn't the pros, this is colllege. If you want to make the big money, then skipp college and go to try out as a walk-on. Until then, shut up. These "kids" need to realize that college is a interview process, and what you do there is build a reputation, these kids would not make it in the real world, so they rely on football to make it. The reason why no one would hire them is character, you have to have some and being a fraud usually get's you fired from a "real" job. Heres to all you guys out there busting your ass 365 days a year just to put food on your family's table.

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Posted on: December 30, 2010 3:08 am

Sugar Bowl pushed OSU to keep players eligible

The bottom line here is that tOSU knuckled under to the Sugar Bowl...and the SB guy has the gall to talk about the "integrity of the game"?  What a laugh THAT is...he wouldn't know what integrity was if it bit him the behind, and clearly, neither would Coach Tressel or any of the other low-lifes that run Ohio State.  Sad.  It must suck to be an ohio state alum today...I'd be humiliated if my school handled a situation like this so clumsily and in such an embarrassing way.  I can only hope to God the Bucks lose the damn game.  I think I'll have a lot of everyone who doesn't drink the scarlet kool-aid.  No wonder everyone hate Ohio State.

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